Chapter 55 - Biding His Time

    Chapter 55 - Biding His Time

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "I've always heard that young master Qin of Acropolis City's 4 Princes was always a high-profile person who acts arrogantly and condescendingly. Apparently he doesn't even put the other 3 Princes in his eyes, and does whatever he wants. Before, this old man thought that you were just trying to be different, but it seems that you're just a frog in a well, who doesn't know that there are mountains beyond mountains, and people beyond people."

    "Really, now?" Qin Feng suddenly started to coldly laugh, wondering if all old people spoke so much. He impatiently said, "If you want to be arrogant, you need to have the strength to be arrogant; this young man would have been dead a long time ago if he didn't have the strength. I'm a simple person - if I'm not happy with you, I'll kill you, and if you're not happy with me, then come and kill me. However, I'm just worried that you don't possess the strength, and you'll die before killing me."

    "Hmph, as expected from a hairless brat. It's time for your death, and yet you're still acting so arrogantly. Your elder's going to let you know that even within the Acropolis City, there are people who dare to kill you."

    Uncle Feng was now well and truly angry. The pressure he was emitting from his body suddenly increased, which made the air around his body gently ripple.

    A punch that hid an astonishing amount of strength came sweeping towards Qin Feng's abdomen.

    As he punched out, Uncle Feng also roared out like a wild beast. Even the spectators who were far away could feel a light gust of wind from that roar, which made it seem like it could travel thousands of kilometres.

    The punch was simply too fast, and mercilessly smashed into Qin Feng's stomach. A look of shock flashed in Qin Feng's eyes - he didn't even have time to react as he flew out and heavily fell onto the ground. Despite trying to hold it back, he still coughed up a mouthful of blood.

    Fast! This old man was simply too fast!

    That was what Qin Feng was thinking inwardly. While he was still spectating from the third floor, he had been continuously observing Uncle Feng. Even then, he could barely see his movements, which indicated that this old man's strength was his speed.

    However, personally standing in the arena, he found that this old man's speed was far faster than he had expected. Moreover, that incredibly thin body hid a great amount of power.

    The system announcement had told him that Uncle Feng was a Stage 4 expert, and it was the first time Qin Feng had encountered such a strong person before. With his Stage 1 strength, as well as the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists, he could punch out with five times a normal person's strength, which might be enough to cope with Uncle Feng.

    However, after going into the arena, Qin Feng found that he had been too naïve. Normally, a Stage 4 expert had 5 times a normal person's strength, and was 1.4 times faster than a normal person. Evidently, Uncle Feng was much faster than this, making it almost impossible for Qin Feng to even hit him.

    Despite having the Flying Dragon Armour, after taking a direct hit, Qin Feng found it difficult to even stand from the pain.


    Yet another lightning-like and domineering punch was sent his way.

    The spectators fell into a momentary silence before being sent into a frenzy. This old man, who looked incredibly weak, but was in fact ridiculously strong, ignited their blood. Some of them were so excited, as if they were on drugs, that they almost jumped down from the second floor.

    Standing on the third floor, a look of worry hung on Han Ying Ying's face. Her heart felt as if it was hanging in the air after seeing Qin Feng sent flying by a punch.

    She didn't know why she suddenly cared so much about Qin Feng, but she just wanted him to be fine.

    "Haha, brat, do you still dare to be arrogant to your elder?" Qin Feng wasn't even able to defend himself before he was sent flying; this brat was a weakling of weaklings to Uncle Feng. As such, he didn't even place him in his eyes, and arrogantly stood over him, as if he was looking down at an ant that he would soon squash.

    "Ha, do you think your punches are that strong?" After spitting out the blood in his mouth, Qin Feng coldly laughed, "You're not ashamed to stand there and act all high and mighty? I mean, you're already so old, so when are you coming out to give massages? Even if you want to give massages, can't you put some strength into it? Didn't you eat tonight?"

    Qin Feng mocked Uncle Feng on purpose. Although he had been beaten up quite pitifully, he found that every cell in his body seemed to be trembling with excitement and were rapidly absorbing the Strength Potion in his body.

    He knew that he was about to break through his limits - last time when he was fighting Yu Wen Xiang, he had experienced this feeling, and had broken through to Stage 1.

    If Qin Feng could continue like this and break through to Stage 2, he would receive 500 Hedonist Points, which was enough to buy a Gold Sore Medicine to save Zhang Biao. Moreover, he would have the strength to defeat Uncle Feng.

    As expected, Uncle Feng was enraged by Qin Feng's words. His eyes widened, as if they were going to explode, and he glared at Qin Feng and said, "Hmph, I never thought that you would be as courageous as that muscular man. It's a pity that in this society, the victors are the kings. Simply having courage is not enough."

    As he spoke, Uncle Feng suddenly raised his foot and forcefully stepped down on Qin Feng's hands. A crack sounded out as his wrists were snapped. Although the pain tore at his heart, Qin Feng gritted his teeth and endured it.


    This time, as Uncle Feng's feet landed, Qin Feng's legs were broken.

    Despite being so old, Uncle Feng's methods were incredibly vicious, causing the spectators to suck in a breath of cold air. The cheering also died down.

    The arena fell into a strange silence, to the point that one could hear a pin drop.

    "Don't fight anymore, Qin Feng, just give up... if you keep going, you'll die." Seeing this scene, Han Ying Ying almost cried as she yelled out to Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng could hear that Han Ying Ying was genuinely worried about him, and he felt a slight warmth in his heart. He could feel his body's absorption of the Strength Potion reaching a bottle neck. If he could give it one more push, he would be able to step into Stage 2.

    As such, he looked at the vicious old man without even a hint of fear or pleading as he roared, "Rotten old man, this young master will say it again. If you want to give a massage, then put in some effort. Otherwise, piss off!"

    "Fudge, since you want to die so badly, your elder will fulfil that wish of yours!"

    Uncle Feng was completely furious at this point, and his old face became red. He gathered all of his strength into his feet as he kicked Qin Feng's chest.

    "Go die!!"
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