Chapter 57 - Incredibly Domineering

    Chapter 57 - Incredibly Domineering

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Hao Yun and the other 2 Princes were all completely dumbfounded. They had all known Qin Feng for a long time, but today was the first time they had realised how powerful he was. Han Ying Ying's delight was also mixed with much shock. She never knew that Qin Feng was such a powerful external expert either.

    "Young master Yun, your dog's been taken care of, so you're next!" Killing Uncle Feng wasn't Qin Feng's ultimate goal. Tonight, Hao Yun had completely enraged him. If it wasn't for the fact that he had been close to breaking through to Stage 2, the one who died would have been him.

    This time, Qin Feng decided that he was sick of being on the defensive. Who cared who this young master Yun was - anyone who dared to act against this young master like this would have to die.

    Hearing this roar, Hao Yun's legs gave out and he fell to the ground. He didn't know when, but Qin Feng had already arrived from the arena and was standing right in front of him.

    He was simply as fast as a gust of wind!

    "Qin Feng... w-what are you going to do?" Seeing the humourless smile on Qin Feng's face, Hao Yun was so scared that he started to tremble.

    "What am I doing? You can't tell? Of course I'm sending you to reincarnate so you can be a good person in your next life." As he spoke, Qin Feng slowly walked towards Hao Yun. The pressure he released made it difficult for the people around him to even breathe.

    Hao Yun was so scared that all colour disappeared from his face, and he stared at Qin Feng in fear and shock. He scrambled backwards until his body was firmly pressed against the railings of the third floor.

    There was nowhere left to run.

    "Qin Feng, please let me go, and we'll cancel out all the grievances between us. I'll never make trouble for you again, alright?"

    The strength Qin Feng displayed completely shocked Hao Yun. He never thought that Qin Feng would be able to defeat even Uncle Feng. Even if he was given the opportunity, he would never dare to oppose Qin Feng again.

    "It's too late to say all that," Qin Feng said as he continued to walk forwards.

    Sima Tu suddenly stood up as his expression became serious. "Qin Feng, you've already killed Uncle Feng, so you'd better control yourself and not make things too big. Give me, Sima Tu, some face, and stop here for tonight. How about that?"

    Compared to Hao Yun and Zhou Kai who were scared witless, Sima Tu seemed much calmer. His family had existed since ancient times, and almost all of China had the Sima family's shadow over it.

    After seeing how powerful Qin Feng was, he wasn't scared, but had instead stood up and asked him to stop.

    "What if I said that in front of this young master, your face is worth less than a shoe insole?" Qin Feng blandly said without even looking at Sima Tu.

    "Qin Feng, don't act too extravagantly..." Seeing that Qin Feng wasn't planning on giving him any face at all, Sima Tu's face darkened. He was just about to threaten Qin Feng some more when Qin Feng suddenly acted.

    He suddenly kicked towards Hao Yun!

    Qin Feng used quite a bit of strength in this kick, as if he was kicking a feral dog.

    The strength behind the kick sent Hao Yun flying, and the silver railings behind him also shattered, causing him to fall.

    His body flew in a long arc, then finally hit the concrete floor heavily.

    Hao Yun had fallen 7-8 metres onto a concrete floor. Even if he wasn't dead, he would definitely be crippled!

    The sound of Hao Yun hitting the ground was quite loud, sounding like violent thunder in everyone's hearts. The things that had happened tonight were simply too shocking, and exceeded all of the spectators' imaginations.

    Zhang Biao woke up soon after being fed an Elementary Gold Sore Medicine by Qin Feng. He had seen Qin Feng courageously battling Uncle Feng, then watched as Qin Feng kicked Hao Yun down from the third floor.

    He knew very clearly that Qin Feng did all of this for him. He felt incredibly blessed to follow a young master like this, and looking at Hao Yun, who was lying in a puddle of blood, a look of resolution flashed in his eyes.

    He pulled out a dagger from his clothes and unhesitatingly came over to Hao Yun. He lifted the dagger, then plunged it into Hao Yun's chest.


    Hao Yun's head tilted, and his body trembled before he died.

    After killing Hao Yun, Zhang Biao did not look scared at all. Instead, he looked quite happy as he yelled out, "Everyone, look closely. This young master Yun was killed by me, Zhang Biao, and his death had nothing to do with young master Qin."

    Qin Feng looked down at Zhang Biao from the third floor, and felt a wave of warmth in his heart. It seemed that he had chosen a good subordinate, and the risk he had taken to save Zhang Biao was worth it.

    "No one move! Put your hands on your head and squat on the ground!"

    At this moment, a squad of police officers rushed onto the scene. However, the entire situation had fallen into complete chaos, and no one wanted to listen to the police officers and be caught. As such, many of the spectators began to flee.

    However, when they reached the exit, they found that the arena's 2 back doors and main entrance were already surrounded by police. Only then did they obediently squat on the ground and give in.

    When the arena settled down, a devastatingly beautiful woman walked in.

    She was wearing tall, black boots, which clicked as she walked on the concrete. Her uniform bulged at her chest, but there was not a shred of emotion on the policewoman's face. Her face was as cold as ice that had been frozen for 10,000 years, and anyone who looked at her shivered.

    She calmly glanced around at the people around her, then went up to the third floor. She stood in front of Qin Feng and the others as she looked down from the platform on the third floor.

    She immediately saw Hao Yun lying in a pool of blood, which caused her to deeply frown.

    "Can anyone tell me what happened here?" Qin Feng had met this policewoman before. She was the one who had been at Yun Xiao's district, Liu Bing Bing.

    Qin Feng didn't give Sima Tu face just then, and he had been quite displeased about it. Now that he had an opportunity to take revenge, Sima Tu hurriedly answered Liu Bing Bing's question, "Beautiful police officer, I saw that man next to you kill the person down there."

    Liu Bing Bing's gaze fell on Qin Feng, and the look in her eyes became even colder. She still remembered that Qin Feng was the rich young master who had destroyed a luxury car in public.

    Liu Bing Bing completely hated this sort of hedonistic young master.

    "Police officer, this matter's unrelated to young master Qin. Everyone here saw that it was me who stabbed that brat to death. That brat has done countless evil deeds, and loved to oppress everyone he saw. I couldn't stand him, so I decided to get rid of him," Zhang Biao hurriedly shouted up towards the third floor, trying to take the crimes on himself.

    However, what he said wasn't wrong - Hao Yun was normally strung through and filled with evil, and had an extremely bad reputation within the Acropolis City.
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