Chapter 58 - Arrested

    Chapter 58 - Arrested

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Liu Bing Bing had just been transferred over from the capital and wasn't very familiar with the powers in the Acropolis City. She didn't know who Qin Feng was, or any of the other Princes. She only knew that there was an illegal fighting arena here, and that 2 people had died.

    When she saw Uncle Feng, who was still on the cage and had been burnt to crisp, Liu Bing Bing's body shot out an icy aura. Such a thing had happened in the region she was in charge of - she was truly furious.

    "Hmph... don't bother arguing with me. Take them all away. I'll interrogate you all one by one and learn what the truth is."

    As the Deputy Police Director of the Northern Region, she had received information from someone on the inside that there was an illegal fighting arena within the Amethyst Dragon Palace. As such, she had immediately brought over a police squad. As she waved her hand, a drove of police officers rushed in and started preparing to transport the people here to detention.

    Because there were so many people to detain, many of the police officers who were standing by the entrances and exits were now gone. There were only two police officers standing at the door, which caused Qin Feng's eyes to light up as he tried to think of a way for Zhang Biao to escape.

    If Qin Feng was caught, he would be released very soon as he had the Acropolis City's Qin family's power behind him. However, Zhang Biao was different - he already had a criminal history and had killed 2 people for Qin Feng. If he was caught, he was done for.

    "Master, there are 20 there are 20 elite police officers here. According to the system's calculations, if master tries to take Zhang Biao and flee, both of you will be shot and killed within 8 seconds." Just as Qin Feng was about to move, he heard the little pig's voice echo in his mind.

    This scared Qin Feng into standing incredibly still.

    The little pig continued to speak, "Master, my recommendation is that you buy a Super Smoke Bomb to instantly fill the room with smoke. That way, master will be able to help Zhang Biao quickly escape."

    "Little pig, are you dumb? If I threw out a smoke bomb, I wouldn't be able to see anything either."

    "Master, you're the dumb one. When buying a Super Smoke Bomb, the system also gives a pair of goggles that allows the wearer to see normally, in spite of the smoke," the little pig proudly said.

    Qin Feng didn't know how to respond. He could only swallow his frustration and spend 200 Hedonist Points to buy a Super Smoke Bomb. Why were those things so goddamn expensive?

    "Master, if you can't understand how high-tech the system's items are, then don't complain. The Super Smoke bombs are much more advanced than your world's smoke bombs. Moreover, the smoke they release is completely harmless, so even if you breathe in a lot, you'll be completely fine. Be satisfied already, master."

    Ever since the little pig had destroyed Liang Sheng's corpse using its fireball skill, it had become more and more conceited. However, Qin Feng couldn't retaliate at all. After all, the little guy could spit out fireballs.

    He didn't bother to continue complaining to the little pig and quickly activated the Super Smoke Bomb, then threw it next to Zhang Biao.

    Immediately, clumps of smoke began to rise up with Zhang Biao at the centre. In less than 5 seconds, the entire room was filled with smoke.

    Qin Feng immediately put on the smoke goggles and rushed over to Zhang Biao, his body still feeling incredibly light after unequipping the Flying Dragon Armour. In just a few breaths of time, he arrived by Zhang Biao's side.

    "Zhang Biao, be quiet and follow me," Qin Feng quietly spoke, as he pulled Zhang Biao towards one of the back exits.

    "No one move! Squat down where you are! Squad 2, hurry and open the windows and doors to clear this smoke," Liu Bing Bing's icily commanded. Anyone would be able to tell how furious she was just from the sound of her voice.

    Qin Feng moved incredibly quickly as the police officers opened all of the doors. He ran towards the back exit closest to him and successfully made it out with Zhang Biao.

    "Zhang Biao, you go first. Take this card; it'll be enough to last you for a while. When everything settles down, I'll contact you." Qin Feng threw a bank card to Zhang Biao, then quickly ran back into the rom.

    Zhang Biao had to escape, but he couldn't. Who didn't recognise his face in the Acropolis City? It would be pointless even if he did run.

    Zhang Biao watched Qin Feng disappear. The muscular and incredibly tough man secretly wiped away a tear in his eyes as he determinately also ran off.

    The smoke had spread quite quickly, but it was also easy to clear. Not long after Qin Feng arrived back at the third floor, the room became clearer and everyone could see again.

    However, there was someone missing - the muscular man who had claimed to have killed Hao Yun.

    "Where's the man who was standing there? Hurry up and look for him; don't let him escape." As soon as the smoke cleared, Liu Bing Bing discovered that Zhang Biao was gone, and immediately sent people to look for him. She suddenly turned to look at Qin Feng, her beautiful eyes threatening to pierce through him.

    "Did you throw that smoke bomb?"

    "What smoke bomb? I thought you guys threw it in to scare us. That really gave me a great fright!" Qin Feng said, feigning ignorance.

    Liu Bing Bing stared into Qin Feng's eyes. When the smoke bomb had activated, she felt a gust of wind blow by her, as though Qin Feng had run past.

    "Hmph, all of you are coming back to the police station with you. I'll interrogate each one of you and get the information I need."

    Liu Bing Bing's beautiful face caused Sima Tu and Zhou Kai to lust after her, but the aura she gave off was simply too cold. Although they had their desires, neither of them dared to try and get closer to her.

    The order within the room settled down, and most of the police were busy detaining and transporting the spectators. There were three police vans filled with people, and Liu Bing Bing had to phone for more vehicles.

    Qin Feng, Han Ying Ying, Sima Tu and Zhou Kai were driven in Liu Bing Bing's police car.  Liu Bing Bing looked extremely displeased as she drove, and the temperature within the car fell a few degrees because of her. No one dared to say anything, but Han Ying Ying, who was sitting in the passenger seat, would occasionally look at Qin Feng through the rear-view mirror with a worried gaze.

    The car arrived at the North Distric's Sub-Bureau and the 4 passengers got out. After getting out, Sima Tu and Zhou Kai started to make phone calls to arrange for people to take care of the matter. Qin Feng also took out his phone to call Uncle Fu, but as soon as he pulled it out, it was confiscated by Liu Bing Bing.

    "What are you pulling out your phone for? You're coming with me to the interrogation room. You can call whoever you want after telling me everything."

    Liu Bing Bing had already been quite displeased with this young master because of the incident with the luxury car, and now, she had caught him in the illegal fighting arena.

    As such, she dragged Qin Feng into the interrogation room first.

    When she saw this, Han Ying Ying felt a little anxious. She took out her phone and prepared to find people to take care of this.

    It was completely dark within the police station's interrogation room number 3.

    Qin Feng sat on a wooden chair, as Liu Bing Bing suddenly turned on the desk lamp and pointed it towards him. The blindingly bright light made it difficult for Qin Feng to even open his eyes, making him wonder if this policewoman was a demoness.


    Liu Bing Bing's piercingly cold voice rang out, devoid of any emotion.

    She had only been transferred here from the capital a week ago, and as soon as she arrived, she had vowed to take down the forces of evil in the Acropolis City. She was an extremely righteous and cold policewoman.

    "Qin Feng." Through the gaps in his fingers, he could see Liu Bing Bing's pretty face, and he smiled, saying, "Of course, you can also call me the Seducer Sage, young master Qin."

    Although he had been taken to the police station, Qin Feng did not feel nervous at all. Zhang Biao had taken Hao Yun's death on himself, so with the Qin family's power, it wouldn't be long before he could leave.

    "If you don't want to be beaten, act seriously."

    Liu Bing Bing glared at Qin Feng as she continued to ask, "Age."

    "The perfect age for thinking about marriage. Miss Beautiful, do you want to consider it? My family's quite rich."

    Liu Bing Bing was so angry that the icy aura around her became even colder, and her chest heaved under her uniform, making Qin Feng not want to leave anymore.

    "I'll warn you one last time. If you continue to spout nonsense, I'll cripple you." Liu Bing Bing realised that Qin Feng was one of those annoying types, so she stopped bothering with the basic questions and started asking the important ones.

    "Tonight, you illegally fought in the Amethyst Dragon Palace and killed two people. Go through the events of the night."

    The frivolous expression on Qin Feng's face was swept away as he looked at Liu Bing Bing with great interest. This woman was quite smart - she could tell that Zhang Biao was trying to take Hao Yun's death on himself, so she directly blamed Qin Feng for both Hao Yun and Uncle Feng's deaths. She was quite vicious.

    Combined with Liu Bing Bing's cold and beautiful appearance, any normal person would fall into this trap.

    "Beautiful policewoman, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Yes, I fought illegally, but I didn't kill anyone. The person who killed people already escaped; you should be capturing him. You can't just put the blame on me," Qin Feng said with a serious expression.

    Seeing that Qin Feng hadn't fallen for it, Liu Bing Bing's voice became stricter. "You'd best tell the truth. Was the person who escaped your accomplice? Were you the one who helped him get away?" she asked.

    Qin Feng had a look of great injustice on his face as he replied, "Aiyo, beautiful policewoman, don't lump me in with someone like that. He killed two people by himself - how could I have such a friend?"

    Liu Bing Bing couldn't hold in her anger anymore. When she saw Qin Feng for the first time, she immediately knew that he was a useless young master who only knew how to play and enjoy himself. She wanted to use force to make him submit.
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