Chapter 60 - So They Were Dancing

    Chapter 60 - So They Were Dancing

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    When he saw the scene before him, Xiao Liu was so shocked that he dropped the documents in his hands. His mouth was opened so wide that a goose egg would be able to fit in it.

    He had expected to see Qin Feng bloodied and bruised when he returned, to the point that he was unrecognisable. However, the incredibly strange scene in front of him was completely different to what he had expected.

    Why was the number one cold beauty of the North District Sub-Bureau hugging this loose and dissolute young master Qin? Had she been tempted by the Qin family's power and wealth? If that was so, he had wrongly judged this Director Liu.

    Xiao Liu was feeling quite annoyed. Liu Bing Bing was a goddess to all males in the entire sub-bureau, so he wished that he could replace Qin Feng when he saw her intimately hugging him so tightly.

    Liu Bing Bing snapped back to her senses when Xiao Liu entered and immediately shoved Qin Feng away. Her expression became furious to the extreme, and if Xiao Liu wasn't present, she probably would have executed Qin Feng on the spot.

    "D-Director Liu, s-something important came up." Xiao Liu was in a great hurry. Otherwise, he wouldn't have barged in like this.

    "Hurry up and spit it out!" Liu Bing Bing squeezed each word through her teeth.

    "Director Liu, the Head Bureau's Director Ma just called. He told you not to act recklessly and that he's heading over right now. He'll make the decision when he arrives."

    Xiao Liu wiped off some cold sweat from his forehead. He never thought that the Qin family was so powerful - Qin Feng had been here for less than 10 minutes and yet, there were already major officials calling.

    "There's also Mayor Niu. He just called to tell us that he would be here immediately, and not to do anything extreme.

    "There's also Secretary Wang. He's overseas at the moment, but he said that his assistant would be here soon, and that we need to comply with the orders from the higher-ups.


    "Alright, enough, you can leave." Xiao Liu hadn't finished speaking, but Liu Bing Bing didn't want to hear it anymore. After chasing Xiao Liu out, she glared at Qin Feng and said, "Looks like you have powerful backers. Otherwise, you wouldn't have acted so arrogantly. However, let me tell you that I, Liu Bing Bing, am an incredibly righteous person. I can't stand you useless and hedonistic young masters. No matter what sort of backing you have, I'll still beat you until you submit if you're in my territory."

    Qin Feng wondered if Liu Bing Bing had watched too many female warrior shows when she was younger. However, when he saw  her lock the door to the interrogation room, he couldn't help but start to feel nervous.

    Could there be some sort of unwritten rules in this police station?

    "Director Liu, it's only the first time we've met. Don't you think that this development is a bit too fast?" Qin Feng smiled as he looked at Liu Bing Bing. She almost wanted to cough up blood and didn't waste any words as her slim, beautiful leg swept towards him.

    Although her legs were long and slim, they made a cleaving sound as they flew through the air. Luckily, Qin Feng was able to react quickly and he twisted his body. Liu Bing Bing's foot landed on the chair that Qin Feng had been sitting on, splitting it in two.

    "Holy fudge, you want me to turn this fiery-tempered policewoman into a gentle and obedient little lamb? Can I spend Hedonist Points to get rid of this quest? I'll give as many as you want."

    When he looked at the destroyed chair, Qin Feng felt incredibly shocked. Luckily, he had reacted quickly, otherwise, his bones probably would have been broken.

    "Director Liu, are you inside? Hurry and open the door! Director Ma, Mayor Niu and Secretary Wang's assistant are outside." Xiao Liu's voice came from outside the door. Hearing that reinforcements had arrived, Qin Feng hurriedly went over to open the door.

    But how could Liu Bing Bing allow Qin Feng to do as he wished? She stood with her back against the door and chillingly declared, "Qin Feng, if I don't break your dog legs today, my name isn't Liu Bing Bing!"

    "Aiya, so you don't like your name. How about you change your surname to mine, and become my wife? Qin Bing Bing, eh? Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad." Realising that this fiery-tempered policewoman wasn't going to let him go, Qin Feng stopped dodging around and decided to fight her head on. It would be a good opportunity for him to break into Stage 3.

    "You're still spouting nonsense with death staring you in the face. Take this!" Liu Bing Bing was so angry that the whites in her eyes were showing, and she once again sprang at Qin Feng.

    This time, she was much faster, and the pressure she was emitting was much stronger. Although her fists were quite small, they were filled with power and were not to be underestimated.

    Qin Feng countered with his own punch, but didn't use his full strength. He could tell that Liu Bing Bing was a Stage 2 expert, so he only used three times a normal person's strength.

    However, Liu Bing Bing was unable to defend against a top-grade external technique like the Thunder Tiger Fists. She stumbled back, hitting the corner of the table, and was about to fall to the ground.

    Qin Feng shook his head. How could he allow such a beautiful policewoman to fall? His figure flashed as he arrived beside her and caught her with his arm around her waist.

    Both of their movements were quite elegant, as if they were dancing a waltz. Qin Feng had an evil smile as he looked down at Liu Bing Bing. Her face was flushed and her chest heaved. Killing Qin Feng 100 times wouldn't be enough to relieve the anger that she felt.

    At this moment, the interrogation room's door was broken door. The two police officers who had shoulder-charged the door fell through, as a large group of young men wearing official-looking uniforms walked in. They were all important figures from various government departments within the Acropolis City.

    If anyone saw this scene, they would probably feel blinded. The number of officials gathered here made it seem like there was an important meeting going on.

    All of them were dumbfounded, and they all looked at Qin Feng and Liu Bing Bing strangely.

    From the outside, they could hear the sounds of fighting, so they thought that the violent Liu Bing Bing was torturing Qin Feng. As such, they had decided to break down the door, but after entering, they saw Qin Feng intimately holding Liu Bing Bing.

    They were dancing!

    "Feng'Er, are you alright?" Qin Huang rushed in. However, after seeing Qin Feng, all of his worries disappeared.

    With so many people now at the scene, Qin Feng couldn't continue to take advantage of Liu Bing Bing. He let go of her waist as he replied, "Dad, don't worry; I'm completely fine."

    After the father and son talked for a bit, a few other officials walked over. Qin Feng saw Han Ying Ying and the other two Princes walking with them.

    Han Ying Ying looked incredibly worried, while Zhou Kai and Sima Tu looked quite displeased.

    "Director Liu, you don't need to look into this matter anymore. It was a misunderstanding. You can let them go now." As the Director of the Head Bureau, Director Ma had been worried for the entire night.

    Ten minutes ago, he had received calls from two Senior Officials from the capital regarding the Acropolis City's Qin family. Under this sort of pressure, he didn't dare to make any mistakes.

    "Let this brat go?" Evidently, Liu Bing Bing didn't care about the hierarchy. She maintained her cold and arrogant demeanour as she said, "Director Ma, I have two pieces of evidence that are enough to make Qin Feng sit in jail for the rest of his life. How can we just let him go?"

    Director Ma's face almost started to turn green. However, this hot-tempered little policewoman in front of him wasn't someone to be trifled with. Everyone felt that Liu Bing Bing's background was quite mysterious, but didn't know who was backing her.

    However, Director Ma knew that she was from the capital's Liu family. The Liu family was a powerful family whose mysteriousness made him feel incredibly small in comparison.

    "Director Liu, I have the say in this matter, so don't interfere anymore." Under the pressure from various sides, Director Ma decided to side with the Qin family. After all, he simply couldn't afford to offend those two Senior Officials - they could remove him in a matter of minutes.

    Liu Bing Bing was so angry that her face seemed to be covered with frost. She was about to continue arguing when another group of well-dressed men walked into the interrogation room.

    The relatively-spacious room was now filled with a crowd of important figures.

    "Who said that we can just let this matter go? Two people died; can you just let that go?" The new group of people was led by a white-haired old man. He was the senior figure in the Acropolis City's Hao family, Hao Long Tian.

    He had erupted in rage when he heard that his beloved grandson had been killed by Qin Feng, and decided to use all of the Hao family's power to deal with him.

    A battle between two large families had quietly begun.

    After looking around, Hao Long Tian's gaze fell on Qin Feng and his eyes burned with fire. If he could, he would have personally killed Qin Feng on the spot. "A life for a life; that's what justice is. Even if it's the Qin family's boy, he won't be able to escape the judgment of the law."

    The people that the Hao family had brought were all important figures, and apart from the officials from the Acropolis City, there were also some officials from the neighbouring cities. In fact, there were even some people from the Capital.

    This sort of line-up didn't lose out at all to the people the Qin family had brought.

    When they this wave of people come in, Sima Tu and Zhou Kai's eyes lit up with excitement. Half of these people had been invited by the Sima and Zhou families.

    There were four big families in the Acropolis City, and it seemed that two of them were about to start fighting. The Sima family and Zhou family could simply stand by and watch, but had decided to help the weaker Hao family. They were all hoping that the Qin and Hao families would suffer great losses, and that they would reap the benefits.

    If that happened, they would each control half of the Acropolis City!

    "Department Head Zhao, why have you come?" When he saw that even the Department Head Zhao from the capital had arrived, Director Ma felt that he was on the verge of collapse. He knew that in a battle between two large families, many different powers would be dragged in.

    "Hmph... if I didn't come, you'd be releasing a murderer. Director Ma, do you even know how to do your job? It seems that I need to report your behaviour today to the higher-ups." Department Head Zhao threatened as he glared at Director Ma.
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