Chapter 61 - Educating The Newbie

    Chapter 61 - Educating The Newbie

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Director Ma felt torn. Although he wanted to comply with the two Senior Officials' wishes and help the Qin family, Department Head Zhao greatly outranked him. It was simply too difficult to defend Qin Feng.

    In an instant, the situation greatly changed and swung in the Hao family's favour.

    "There's nothing left to say. That little bastard Qin Feng killed my grandson Hao Yun, and there's enough evidence to prove he did it. I say we sentence him now; it'll definitely be the death sentence."

    The room quickly fell silent, as though Qin Feng had really been given the death sentence. The only sound that could be heard was heavy breathing, and even Qin Huang wasn't able to defend Qin Feng.

    A lazy and unhappy sound cut through the silence.

    "Since you disrespected me first by calling me a little bastard, I won't give you face either. Oi... rotten old man, what right do you have to sentence me to death? And when did you see me kill your grandson? That guy was killed by a muscular and bearded man, who has already escaped. You should be hunting him down now."

    "You... what did you just call me?" Hao Yun's grandfather suddenly coughed as his face twisted. He pointed at Qin Feng and roared, "You little bastard, even if you didn't kill Hao Yun, you definitely killed an old man. An evildoer like you, who would kill a defenceless old man who didn't even have the strength to truss up a chicken, deserves a hundred death sentences!"

    Qin Feng was quite displeased that Hao Yun's grandfather was still calling him a little bastard. "Rotten old man, don't try to play dumb. That dead old man was a top-notch expert; don't try to make him sound pitiful. If you ask me, I'd say he was probably a murderer escapee," he replied.

    Qin Feng wasn't speaking nonsense. He simply didn't believe that Uncle Feng had never killed anyone before. It was likely that he had killed people in the past and that he was seeking refuge. As such, he had found a backer to hide him as he evaded the police.

    "Don't you dare slander him. That old man was my family's old butler. He was a kind soul and had no family. He was in terrible health and would be coughing and wheezing after walking only a few steps. I simply don't know how you were able to bring yourself to kill him."  A look of shock flashed across Hao Yun's grandfather's face, but an angry gaze quickly replaced it.

    He had lied so confidently that even Qin Feng was impressed.

    Qin Huang silently stood at the side, observing everything. When Qin Feng mentioned that the old man was a murderer, Hao Yun's grandfather had appeared flustered for a split-second, which didn't escape Qin Huang's notice. He immediately whispered to Uncle Fu next to him, and Uncle Fu disappeared like a gust of wind.

    "It's very clear that Qin Feng killed 2 people. There's no need to defend him anymore."

    Department Head Zhao finally spoke, "Director Liu, lock this person up in your North District Sub-Bureau while I report this evil matter to the higher-ups. We'll sentence him tomorrow. I hope you'll keep an eye on him during this time."

    He could tell that Liu Bing Bing vehemently hated Qin Feng, which was perfect for him. He could rest assured with Qin Feng locked up here.

    With the matter decided, Hao Yun's grandfather left with the people he had brought. Qin Huang and the people he had brought all looked quite distressed.

    "Feng'Er, don't worry. I've already asked Uncle Fu to investigate that old man's identity; we'll try to get you out as soon as possible. It'll be hard on you tonight." Qin Huang still couldn't understand how Qin Feng could have killed Hao Yun.

    However, the situation was too urgent and he had no time to ask. He comforted Qin Feng for a while before taking the people he had brought and left.

    The battle between the Acropolis City's Qin family and Hao family had begun. Qin Huang had many things that he needed to prepare.

    The two groups of people had come and left quickly. Only Liu Bing Bing and Qin Feng remained in the empty interrogation room.

    "Director Liu, I was quite enjoying our dance just then, but it was ruined by all those people rushing in. Do you want to continue?" Evidently, Qin Feng did not seem worried about his situation at all. After all, Zhang Biao had taken Hao Yun's death onto himself, and the old man definitely had a dark past. Once his father did some investigating, he would be let out.

    As such, he happily flirted with Liu Bing Bing.

    After all, Qin Feng had no choice. If he didn't start to lay some groundwork now for his quest to train Liu Bing Bing, when would he start?

    "When you're sentenced tomorrow, I'll personally shoot you to death." Liu Bing Bing had become accustomed to Qin Feng's frivolous and hedonistic personality. She coldly glared at him as she took him to the Sub-Bureau's dark and damp underground jail.

    Steel bars surrounded every cell, and each cell was only 20 square metres in area. They were even smaller than Qin Feng's home's toilets.

    "Get in and wait for your death." Liu Bing Bing pushed Qin Feng into the innermost cell, then locked the door and left. She didn't want to spend even an extra second with Qin Feng.

    When she thought about him forcefully hugging her, she felt disgusted.

    It was completely dark in the cell, and Qin Feng stood at the door for a while as he waited for his vision to adjust.

    There were six other men squatting in this cell. They were all bare-chested and three of them had tattoos on their bodies. They all looked over at Qin Feng.

    When the tattooed men saw Qin Feng, a look of amusement appeared on their faces.

    "Oi, newbie brat, do you know the rules here?" the long-haired, tattooed man coldly laughed as he asked Qin Feng.

    "Nope." Qin Feng shook his head.

    "Haha, I didn't expect you to. Your granddaddy will personally educate you on the rules here." The long-haired man's smile grew wider as he walked towards Qin Feng.

    There hadn't been a newbie in this cell for a long time and the long-haired man was bored to death. After all, there had been no one to toy with.

    The three tattooed men had long since taken care of the other three men.

    "Brat, from the way you're dressed, you're probably some family's young master, eh?" The long-haired man felt the clothes Qin Feng was wearing and found that they were incredibly soft and comfortable. It was the first time he had touched such clothes before, and he knew that Qin Feng was definitely a rich young master.

    "Haha, it doesn't matter if you're a rich young master. You can be as unruly as you want outside, but in here, you're this grandaddy's slave.

    "You're going to massage your elder's back and feet every day, and you're going to make me feel comfortable if you don't want to be beaten. When your elder wants it, you'll offer up your cherry willingly, got it?" Bullying a young master felt much more satisfying than bullying a normal person, which delighted the long-haired man.

    "Ooh, it's a young master? Long-hair, move over; you're too short. These clothes are perfect for my height." Hearing that a rich young master had entered the cell, the remaining two tattooed men gave vulgar smiles and hurriedly came over.

    The three of them acted as though Qin Feng was a lamb who had landed in a pack of wolves. They temporarily ignored him and started bickering among themselves as to whose slave he should become.

    Qin Feng looked at the three of them and laughed, feeling that they were complete idiots.

    He then shifted his attention to the other three men. They were still squatting on the ground, and two of them looked quite small and weak. They weren't very old either and they looked quite submissive, not daring to even look over at Qin Feng. It seemed that they had already been 'trained' by the three tattooed men.

    The other one had a resolute-looking face and gave off a domineering air. His eyes looked quite old, as though he had seen and experienced much in the world.

    His head was slightly lowered, and he didn't look over to where Qin Feng was. His eyes were a little unfocused, as if he was thinking of something.

    "Alright, stop fighting. We'll take turns wearing his clothes and this newbie young master will be our shared slave. That should be fine," yelled the long-haired man.

    "Also, your elder found this brat first, so I'll wear his clothes today. He'll be my slave today, and I want to have him alone tonight. You two can arrange whatever you want for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

    This was the conclusion that the three tattooed men had reached.

    Qin Feng belonged to the long-haired man today, so the other two men sullenly sat back down.

    "Brat, hurry up and take your clothes off, and let your elder do some relaxing. After that, give your elder a massage. If I'm not happy with you, I'll make you regret it." The long-haired man's face suddenly became serious. He looked quite vicious and was trying to scare Qin Feng into submission.

    Qin Feng felt that this person was quite amusing. Perhaps he had been here too long, and his mind had deteriorated. Qin Feng cleaned his ears as he lightly smiled and replied, "Haha, what if this young master isn't wiling?"

    "Not willing... haha. Then, your elder will beat you up until you're willing." When he saw that Qin Feng wasn't giving in, the long-haired man didn't become angry, but instead arrogantly laughed. He pointed at the two weak-looking men who were squatting on the ground as he said, "Brat, see those two people? When they first came in, they were like you, and were very disobedient. Now, they're completely submissive to your elder. If I tell them to lick my toes, they won't complain at all."

    "Brat, you're not a young master in here. In this cell, you're just a dog."

    "Haha, with your long hair, you look quite like a golden retriever," Qin Feng said as he laughed.

    The long-haired man's face became sinister as a ruthless look flashed in his eyes.

    "Fudge, you dare to call your elder a golden retriever? I'll kill you!"
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