Chapter 63 - Leave It To Me

    Chapter 63 - Leave It To Me

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    "Don't be anxious, I don't bear any ill-will towards you. It's just that you shouldn't open this box right now. After leaving here, find a safe place to store it. Only after you possess absolute strength should you open it," the man said in a low voice to Qin Feng.

    After hearing this, Qin Feng nodded, and the man let go of his hand.

    Qin Feng looked at the black wooden box in his hand, and couldn't even start to guess what it contained. However, he couldn't just put it in his pocket like the man.

    Suddenly, the little pig's voice sounded out, "Master, master, you can put this black box in the system." It was the first time Qin Feng had seen this lazy little pig so excited.

    "I thought the system can only store things that belong to the system," Qin Feng said in confusion.

    "The thing in this black box has a mysterious connection to the system, so hurry up and put it in the system, master." The little pig acted in a threatening manner, as if it was very eager for Qin Feng to put the box in the system.

    With a slight thought from Qin Feng, the black box disappeared, and then appeared in the system's inventory. The little pig excitedly played with the black box - it seemed to like the box as well, and valued it greatly.

    "I don't know your name yet." After putting the box away, Qin Feng was quite curious about the man, so he started to ask him questions.

    "I'm called Code Name Y."

    "Code Name Y?" Qin Feng was a bit confused by this name.

    "Just think of it as a code name from the finest and most mysterious organisation in all of China. Don't look down on these code names, because behind every code name is a world-shaking major event. Any person from the organisation is able to create a reign of terror and carnage." As he spoke, Code Name Y's eyes seemed to become a bit hazy. It seemed like he was reminiscing as he spoke; he didn't give off the feeling of boasting.

    After hearing all that, although Qin Feng didn't completely understand, he could feel that Code Name Y was an important person. "Then why were you caught and locked up here?"

    "I wasn't caught. I happened to discover my leader's secret, and betrayed the organisation. As such, in order to hide from the organisation, I attacked someone to hide in here..."

    While Qin Feng chatted with Code Name Y, Captain Liu was cautiously taking an important phone call in an office of the North District Sub-Bureau.

    "Xiao Liu, do you remember all the things I've entrusted you with?" Hao Yun's grandfather said in a sinister voice. Although he couldn't see him, Xiao Liu could imagine his vicious face.

    Xiao Liu hurriedly patted his chest as he promised, "Don't worry, Sir Hao, leave it to me. After tonight, Qin Feng won't exist in this world anymore."

    After hearing this reassurance from Xiao Liu, Hao Yun's grandfather gradually calmed down. He knew that Qin Huang was investigating Uncle Feng's background, and with the Qin family's power, he would definitely discover something sooner or later. When that happened, it was almost certain that Qin Feng would be released.

    As such, Hao Yun's grandfather contacted Captain Liu of the North District Sub-Bureau to secretly get rid of Qin Feng before that happened.

    After hanging up, Captain Liu let out a long breath of relief. When did a small figure like him ever have the opportunity to talk to an important figure from the Acropolis City's 4 big families? Although it was only talking through the phone, Captain Liu's entire body was covered with cold sweat.

    This was because if he said anything wrong, he might not live to see the next day.

    After quickly calming himself down, Captain Liu's face became serious. He saw that it was nearly 1am, and he started to walk towards the underground jail.

    Captain Liu quietly walked down to the underground jail, and entered Cell 8. Inside was a thug he knew; it would be perfect for him to ask this person to get rid of Qin Feng.

    As soon as the cell's door was opened, a muscular and bald-headed man grinned and hurried over. It was Tie Meng, who Qin Feng had screwed over a few days ago. "Big brother Liu, why have you come?"

    "Meng Zi, have you become used to staying here?" Captain Liu had received quite a few favours from Tie Meng in the past, and the 2 of them were fair-weather friends. Seeing that Captain Liu had come to find him in the middle of the night, Tie Meng felt quite excited.

    "Big brother Liu, who could become used to staying in jail? Are you here to let your bro out?" Tie Meng looked at Captain Liu in hope.

    "I can't just let you out right now, because a fiery-tempered female Deputy Director just came. She's incredibly strict, so I can't do whatever I want." Captain Liu patted Tie Meng shoulder as his expression became serious and he said in a low voice, "However, there's an opportunity for you. If you do it well, big bro here not only guarantees that you can get out tomorrow, but that you'll achieve meteoric success."

    "Big brother Liu, is there really such a good thing?"  Tie Meng was so excited that his eyes almost became red as he stared at Captain Liu.

    "When has big bro ever lied to you? I'll tell you the truth - it was the Hao family's elder who gave this order."

    The Hao family's elder was an incredibly important person. Tie Meng was instantly interested - how could he give up such a rare opportunity?

    Tie Meng immediately expressed his interest. "Big brother Liu, what is it? I'll do anything."

    Captain Liu didn't dally. He whispered to Tie Meng, "You know the Qin family's hedonistic young master, Qin Feng? He killed the Hao family's young master Yun, and the Hao family's elder was completely infuriated. He wants us to kill Qin Feng tonight."

    Qin Feng?

    Upon hearing this name, Tie Meng reacted as if he had been shocked by lightning; his whole body shuddered.

    His gaze instantly became dark and cold. He was in jail because of that Qin Feng, and there was an opportunity for him to take revenge, then be released and receive the Hao family's favour.

    Tie Meng simply had no reason to give up this opportunity that would bring eternal rewards. He immediately agreed, "Big brother Liu, you've found the right person for this. There's hatred between me and Qin Feng, so don't worry, tonight will be the night that brat dies."

    "Very good. Do you need me to help you find some helpers?" Captain Liu's expression also became dark as he coldly asked.

    "Big brother Liu, which cell is that brat in?" Tie Meng felt that he alone was enough to take care of Qin Feng, that hedonistic young master. However, just to make sure everything went to plan, it would be better for him to take a few people with him.

    Because of all the years he had spent as a thug, he had quite a few connections. He knew half of the people in this jail, and if Qin Feng was locked up with people he knew, that would save a lot of trouble for him.

    "Cell 12, the innermost cell on the right hand side," Captain Liu replied.

    "Heheh, then there's no need. I have 3 bros in there. The 4 of us are enough to take Qin Feng's life." Tie Meng knew that in Cell 12, there was the long-haired man, bald-headed man, and the man with the wolf tattoo. He patted his chest and assured Captain Liu the job would be done.

    Seeing that Tie Meng was so confident, Captain Liu didn't say much and led him to Cell 12.

    Qin Feng and Code Name Y were still chatting. Qin Feng had learned many shocking things from Code Name Y, and had received much information about some hidden experts.

    After hearing about those things, Qin Feng realised that he didn't have that much strength. Moreover, he could tell that this Code Name Y was an important person in the past, and perhaps even Uncle Fu wouldn't be able to put up a fight in front of him.

    "There are people coming; sit away from me. Remember, you must keep that box safe. I hope we can meet again in future."
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