Chapter 64 - Are You All Crazy?

    Chapter 64 - Are You All Crazy?

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Only now did Qin Feng hear the footsteps approaching the door.


    The cell's door was pushed opened, and Qin Feng saw a tall and well-built man walk in. The man was bald, and his head glimmered in the dark cell.

    After the bald-headed man walked in, the cell was once again locked. Qin Feng looked at the man's face, and found that it was Tie Meng, the man who had boasted that he had killed people before.

    In an instant, Qin Feng's expression became cold.

    This was because he sensed some danger. It was unlikely that Tie Meng had been sent in here at this time of the night for no reason. There was definitely someone who had arranged for him to come here for a purpose.

    As soon as Tie Meng entered, he looked around, and when he saw Qin Feng, his face lit up with a delighted smile. "Haha, young master Qin, we meet again!"

    In Tie Meng's eyes, Qin Feng was just a hedonistic young master who only knew how to play. He believed that Qin Feng was weaker than a girl, and it would take perhaps 2 slaps to kill him.

    Tie Meng was in jail because of Qin Feng. However, he was not in a rush to teach him a lesson - he wanted to first humiliate this high and mighty young master to satisfy himself.

    "Hoh, so it's brother baldy. I never thought we'd be linked by fate, and would even meet here." Qin Feng was even less in a hurry. After all, he wasn't sure what was happening, and wanted to get some information from Tie Meng.

    "Hmph... Qin Feng, oh Qin Feng, I'm surprised by your stupidity. Do you really think your elder was coincidentally placed in this cell? Haha, in a while, you'll really have died without knowing what's going on." After hearing Qin Feng still dared to call him baldy, Tie Meng's expression darkened as he violently gazed at Qin Feng.

    At this moment, Qin Feng saw Code Name Y shoot him a look, silently asking Qin Feng whether he needed his help. Qin Feng quickly shook his head imperceptibly.

    If Code Name Y attacked, Tie Meng would die before he even realised what had happened.

    "Brother baldy, this young master can't exactly understand your words. Does someone want to kill me?" In order to find out the identity of the mastermind behind all this, Qin Feng had to play dumb.

    The stupid Tie Meng couldn't tell, and started to laugh at Qin Feng's 'idiocy'. "Qin Feng, since you're about to die, your elder might as well tell you: the Hao family's elder sent me to get rid of you. Once I do that, I'll be released, and will rise to meteoric success by following him."


    Tie Meng started to laugh uproariously in the cell as he looked at Qin Feng with condescension. "There's also something else. What I said at the Royal Hotel wasn't a joke - your elder's killed people before, and isn't afraid to do it again."

    "Haha, I'm so afraid," Qin Feng replied as he coldly laughed.

    It turned out that his guess was right - Tie Meng had been sent by the Hao family.

    However, Qin Feng didn't believe that Tie Meng would be released after killing him and would achieve meteoric success.

    With the Hao family's elder's personality, he would be killed to be silenced.

    Since he had already gained the information he wanted, Qin Feng couldn't be bothered to waste any more words with Tie Meng. After seeing how arrogantly he was acting, Qin Feng decided to teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget.

    However, Qin Feng didn't even have to act. He kicked the long-haired man on the ground, causing him to wake up.

    "Ahh... d-don't hit me, I was wrong, I was truly wrong." When he woke up, the long-haired man was still thinking about being sent flying by Qin Feng's kick. He crawled up in fear as he begged for mercy.

    After seeing the long-haired man acting so crazily, Tie Meng went over and hit him. "Long-hair, why are you acting so crazy at night?"

    Only then did the long-haired man come back to his senses. He completely ignored Tie Meng as he looked around. When he saw Qin Feng sitting there, coldly staring at him, he was so scared that he started to tremble.

    The commotion the long-haired man caused resulted in the other tattooed men also being woken up. After they woke up, they didn't beg for mercy like the long-haired man, but still hurriedly looked over to Qin Feng and were scared into silence.

    Tie Meng thought the 3 of them had fallen asleep. Seeing them wake up, he laughed as he said to them, "Brothers, I'll tell you a piece of good news. A higher-up wants Qin Feng dead, so if the 4 of us finish this job, we'll be able to get out of jail tomorrow and go drinking together."

    The 3 of them quickly recognised Tie Meng. They weren't very close, but because they were all part of the underworld, they often went drinking together.

    After hearing that Tie Meng wanted to kill Qin Feng, the expressions of the 3 men darkened.

    They hurriedly distanced themselves from Tie Meng and looked at him in disgust. If he wanted to die, he could die alone.

    The 3 tattooed men had all personally experienced how strong Qin Feng was. They couldn't receive a single blow from him before being knocked unconscious. How could they dare to offend him again?

    The long-haired man was the first to react, and made it clear that he wasn't with Tie Meng. "Tie Meng, why are you spouting nonsense in the middle of the night? Piss off back to your own cell, otherwise the 3 of us won't show you any courtesy."

    The bald-headed man and man with the wolf tattoo also started to yell, "Fudge, Tie Meng, what's wrong with your brain? Young master Qin is our boss; if you want to do anything to him, you'll have to get through us first."

    The 3 men were worried that Qin Feng would misunderstand and think they were working with Tie Meng. As such, they stopped wasting words and sprang towards Tie Meng.

    Before Tie Meng had realised what was happening, he had been beaten black and blue by the other 3 men.

    "Fudge... are you all crazy? I wanted to help you guys, but you..." After being beaten up for no reason, Tie Meng was so angry that he wanted to cough up blood.

    He was so angry that he started yelling, but before he could finish, the long-haired man stuffed his mouth with a dirty sock, "Fudge, you still dare to ramble? It seems like you've grown tired of living if you dare to have thoughts about our young master Qin.

    "Brothers, we'll beat this guy to death tonight."

    The 3 tattooed men used all of their strength in beating up Tie Meng, and didn't pretend at all. They were simply too afraid of Qin Feng misunderstanding the situation.

    In the end, the 3 of them gave Tie Meng such a harsh beating that their fists ached. Tie Meng's face was covered with blood, and he was on his last breath.

    "Alright, that's enough. He'll really die if you continue." After seeing that Tie Meng couldn't even cry out anymore, Qin Feng ordered the 3 men to stop.

    The 3 men immediately let out long breaths and weakly sat down on the ground.

    The 2 weak-looking people had been so shocked that they couldn't even speak, and they looked as if their eyes were going to pop out.

    Weren't these the incredibly arrogant and domineering tattooed brothers? Right now, they seemed like Qin Feng's dogs, and they were incredibly humble and respectful. The 2 of them were completely flabbergasted.

    Code Name Y's expression hadn't changed. He had closed his eyes, and it was hard to tell if he was asleep or thinking about something.

    The night passed without any further incidents.

    Early the next day, Hao Yun's grandfather brought a group of people to the North District Sub-Bureau. Captain Liu had long since been waiting at the entrance to the police station, and he immediately smiled and greeted the old man as he came over.

    "Ah, Sir Hao, you're here!"

    Hao Yun's grandfather was in no mood to waste words with Captain Liu. He immediately cut to the chase. "Xiao Liu, has the matter been taken care of?"

    Qin Feng had killed his beloved grandson, and he hated Qin Feng to his bones. He hadn't slept the entire night, and had come early in the morning, eager to see Qin Feng's corpse.

    "Don't worry, Sir Hao, I've arranged for someone to take care of it. I'll take you there now." Captain Liu hadn't gone to check for himself, but he thought that even if Qin Feng was a monster, he would definitely be dead by the hands of Tie Meng and the 3 tattooed men working together.

    As such, he confidently led Hao Yun's grandfather towards the jail.

    As they reached the underground jail, a damp and mouldy smell hung in the air. How could someone of Hao Yun's grandfather's status come to a place like this? However, he completely disregarded the environment and followed Captain Liu to Cell 12.


    Captain Liu knew that the Hao family's elder was in a hurry to see Qin Feng's corpse, so he quickly opened the door. After stepping into the cell, Captain Liu and the Hao family's elder could only see the outlines of people, but not their faces.

    A person was lying on the ground with a pool of blood around him.

    Captain Liu suddenly became excited as he ran over to the person on the ground. It was evident that it was Qin Feng. "Look, Sir Hao, this person is definitely Qin Feng since I promised Sir Hao that Qin Feng would die."

    Seeing the unmoving 'Qin Feng' on the ground, Captain Liu was convinced that Qin Feng had been killed by Tie Meng.

    "Tie Meng, hurry up and come over; Sir Hao's here. You've done him a great deed by killing Qin Feng," Captain Liu called out to Tie Meng, but received no response.

    Suddenly, Captain Liu felt that something was off, and he hurriedly flipped over the person on the ground. He looked at his bloodied face, and became so scared that he fell to the ground.

    At the same time, a cold voice sounded out.

    "Haha, you old thing, who would've thought that you'd be so concerned about me that you'd come to see this young master so early in the morning? I'm quite touched!"

    Hearing this voice, Hao Yun's grandfather's body trembled. The voice was incredibly familiar - it was Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng wasn't dead? He wasn't dead??
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