Chapter 65 - A Shocking Punch

    Chapter 65 - A Shocking Punch

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    The realisation that Qin Feng wasn't dead felt like a bomb exploding in the Hao family's elder's head. He had heard Captain Liu continuously promise that Qin Feng would be killed, and he also believed that Qin Feng was dead.

    However, seeing Qin Feng was standing in front of him, looking perfectly fine, the Hao family's elder was so enraged that his wrinkles started to tremble.

    "You rotten old thing, what are you trembling for so early in the morning? You came to see if I'm dead, right? Sorry to disappoint you, but this young master won't be killed so easily. Also, I can let you in on a secre... Hao Yun was killed by this young master, but what can you do about it?"

    The Hao family's elder was angry to the point of vomiting blood. Qin Feng's eyes shot out a chilling light as he continued, "From what I know, Hao Yun, that piece of trash, forced 32 female students into bed with him. 2 of them committed suicide, 5 of them reported the matter to police, and 25 of them, because they couldn't get over what happened, ended up going into prostitution. However, you used the Hao family's power to suppress all of that, and allowed Hao Yun to continue doing whatever he likes. I admit, I'm not some sort of righteous person, and I'm also quite dissolute. However, even a beast wouldn't be able to do those sorts of disgusting things."

    As one of the Acropolis City's 4 Princes, Qin Feng seemed to get along with the other 3 Princes in public, but their relationship was incredibly rocky.

    In order to protect himself, Qin Feng had long since asked Uncle Fu to investigate each of the other 3 Princes. He had found that out of all of them, Hao Yun had committed the most evil deeds.

    Before, Qin Feng was just a hedonistic young master, and was quite uncaring and aloof. However, after obtaining the system, which gave him many quests related to the beauties around him, he started becoming more involved with them.

    Lin Bei Bei, whose life was so difficult; Zhao Ling Xian, who was so proud, yet lonely; Bai Qing, who was cold, yet hurt; Yun Xiao, who acted strong, but was quite weak deep down...

    All of them had their own stories, and when Qin Feng entered their stories and became the main character, he had started to develop feelings for them.

    Qin Feng felt quite pleased after thinking back to the fact that he had killed Hao Yun.

    As Qin Feng rambled about all of the evil deeds Hao Yun had done, the Hao family's elder's face became incredibly sinister, and his withered hands shook uncontrollably.

    "Qin Feng, I'm going to kill you. Your elder's going to personally kill you today!"

    Suddenly, the Hao family's elder became berserk, and his face twisted savagely as he rushed towards Captain Liu and grabbed the gun at his waist.

    He gripped the gun with both hands and pointed at Qin Feng, then immediately released the safety and pulled the trigger.

    A muffled bang sounded out - the Hao family's elder had really shot at Qin Feng.

    The gunshot terrified everyone within the cell, and even Code Name Y revealed a rare look of anxiousness as he looked at Qin Feng.

    However, seeing him standing there, completely fine, he soon calmed down.

    Perhaps no one else saw Qin Feng's movements, but Code Name Y clearly saw that the instant the gun fired, Qin Feng tilted his head, easily dodging the bullet.

    From Code Name Y's analysis of Qin Feng's speed, he determined that he was at least a Stage 5 external expert. Code Name Y's eyes shone; Qin Feng was still incredibly young, and yet had reached this sort of level. He was a cultivation genius who would only appear once in a hundred years.

    A Stage 5 external expert could release 1.5 times a normal person's speed. Qin Feng was only a Stage 2 expert, which gave him 1.2 times a normal person's speed, and the reason he could achieve such a speed was because he had consumed 2 Speed Potions, which gave him 1.4 times a normal person's speed.

    This was the first time Qin Feng had attempted to dodge a bullet, and with the Hao family's elder standing so close to him, he couldn't help but put all of his effort into dodging. He had taken off the Flying Dragon Armour on his body, releasing 1.6 times a normal person's speed that shocked even Code Name Y.

    However, even with 1.6 times a normal person's speed, trying to dodge a bullet at such close range was still a difficult feat. If it wasn't for the fact that the Hao family's elder was quite old, and his hands were trembling out of anger, it would have been incredibly difficult for Qin Feng to dodge the bullet.

    As such, the bullet's trajectory was a bit skewed to begin with, which made it easier for Qin Feng to dodge it.

    However, how could any of the other people see what had happened?

    They only saw that the Hao family's elder had shot at Qin Feng, but Qin Feng was perfectly fine, and didn't even move.

    This scared the wits out of the 3 tattooed brothers. They inwardly rejoiced that they hadn't tried to kill Qin Feng with Tie Meng - that would have been suicide.

    As for the 2 weak-looking men, their eyes rolled up as they fainted.

    The Hao family's elder looked at Qin Feng aghast. He couldn't believe that Qin Feng was still alive, and looking perfectly fine.

    Qin Feng suddenly moved, and came to the Hao family's elder in the blink of an eye.

    He had actually dared to point and shoot a gun at Qin Feng; this made him incredibly furious. The consequences would be severe.

    He unhesitatingly punched out and smashed into the old man's face. With a bang, the Hao family's elder flew out. The bag of old bones nearly collapsed as he hit the ground.

    "Don't think that I wouldn't hit you just because you're old!"

    Qin Feng calmly spoke after landing that domineering punch. He definitely wouldn't show mercy to an evildoer like the Hao family's elder. What's more, this old man had tried to silence him in jail - there was no need for Qin Feng to give him face.

    These incredibly shocking turns of events left Captain Liu completely dumbfounded, and his eyes were full of dismay. His mouth was wide open, and could probably fit 2 big goose eggs.

    He knew Qin Feng's background, and knew that there was some conflict between the Qin family and Hao family. However, he never thought that someone would dare to hit the Hao family's elder.

    He was sure that even Qin Huang wouldn't dare to be this arrogant.

    However, Qin Feng had attacked, and savagely at that. He didn't put the Hao family's elder in his eyes at all.

    Captain Liu looked at Qin Feng's overbearing and domineering figure, and felt that he hadn't punched the old man out of arrogance, but because he possessed the strength to do so.

    "Qin Feng, y-you dare to goddamn punch me?" The Hao family's elder pointed at Qin Feng and roared in disbelief. He was a sorry figure on the ground, and his entire body was covered with dirt and dust. He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood before gradually recovering.

    At this moment, footsteps rumbled out as a large group of people brought by the Hao family and Qin family rushed over.

    The people from both parties were dumbfounded after seeing the scene before them. Only after staring in shock for a while did Hao Yun's father, Hao Nan, rush over to the Hao family's elder, Hao Long Tian, and help him up.

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