Chapter 66 - The Han Family

    Chapter 66 - The Han Family

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    "Dad, what's going on? Who hit you like this?" Hao Nan was completely flabbergasted as he looked around him. There was no one in this jail who would dare to hit the Hao family's elder.

    He even wondered if it was his dad who had tripped over and ended up like this!

    "Nan'Er, hurry, hurry and kill that Qin Feng. I want to see him die." Seeing that his family's people had arrived, the Hao family's elder started to become emotional. He pressed his hand against his aching chest and after coughing, spat out another two mouthfuls of blood.

    When they saw that their elder was coughing up blood, the faces of the Hao family's people all darkened, becoming more savage than a demon's.

    "Dad, it couldn't have been that bastard Qin Feng who hurt you like this?" Hao Nan asked in surprise.

    "Don't waste time, just hurry up and get rid of that Qin Feng for me." The Hao's family's elder didn't have the face to admit it in front of so many people and demanded that Qin Feng be killed.

    Looking around, the Hao family saw that out of everyone present, only Qin Feng had the guts to hit their family's elder.

    Hao Nan instantly became furious and didn't say anything as he swung his fist towards Qin Feng.

    He had been in the military before, and in order to train his body, he had learned many self-defence techniques. Hao Nan was certain they would be enough to deal with this hedonistic young master.

    His big fist soon arrived right in front of Qin Feng's eyes, and the ruthlessness on his face was plain for all to see. He was probably aiming to take out one of Qin Feng's eyes with this punch.

    At this very moment, Qin Feng acted. He threw a simple punch, but it was incredibly fast. Most of the people present weren't able to see it clearly - it looked like a shadowy blur to them. Following this, Hao Nan's large body flew backwards.

    Only when Hao Nan's body heavily landed on the ground with a thump did everyone else come back to their senses. Everyone was staring with widened eyes, even Qin Huang. It was as if he didn't recognise Qin Feng anymore.

    Uncle Fu's eyes shone. He hadn't seen Qin Feng in a week, but it seemed that he had become many times stronger.

    "Qin Feng, you actually dare to attack someone in public! Department Head Zhao, you also saw that. I believe that such a dangerous person to society should be executed right away." The Hao family's people were immediately outraged.

    They continuously pointed and cursed at Qin Feng, making him feel as though his ears were becoming calloused. He thought to the little pig and the fireball it could release once per month. If he could evolve the little pig, it would be able to shoot out fireballs whenever it wanted to.

    It would be able to open its mouth and burn these people to ashes. That would make things a lot simpler.

    Department Head Zhao had come to help the Hao family, so when he saw that Qin Feng was unhesitatingly attacking them so openly, he felt as if Qin Feng was slapping his face.

    He furiously came over to Qin Feng and said, "Qin Feng, the evidence of you killing people is undeniable, and now you're attacking and injuring innocents. I'm going to take you to the capital for sentencing."

    "No, Feng'Er isn't guilty, so he can't go with you to the capital." Qin Huang's face fell as he stepped out, trying to stop him.

    After having experienced the battlefield of business and politics for many years, Qin Huang naturally knew what Department Head Zhao was thinking. If Qin Feng was taken away, he would probably be killed along the way.

    "Qin Huang, although you're the Acropolis City's Chamber of Commerce Representative and have contributed much to the city economically, it's a fact that Qin Feng has killed people. I hope you won't continue to try to defend him. Otherwise, I'll arrest you as well." Department Head Zhao was feeling quite angry and did not give Qin Huang any face. He was determined to bring Qin Feng away.

    Qin Huang's face slowly darkened and he glanced at Uncle Fu, who immediately produced a stack of documents and handed them to him.

    Qin Huang opened the documents and showed them to Department Head Zhao. "Department Head Zhao, according to my investigations, the old man who Qin Feng accidentally killed wasn't like who the Hao family's elder said he was. He wasn't the Hao family's butler - he was a murderer who killed six people in the south-east region 3 years ago, the national fugitive who killed an entire family, Zhang Fei."

    After looking through the documents Qin Huang had handed to him, a look of surprise flashed in Department Head Zhao's eyes, but his expression soon turned icy again. "How do I know that these documents aren't fake? Even if it was a case 3 years ago, it will take some time to determine if that old man really was a murderer. However, even you saw Qin Feng attacking innocents, so I'm still going to take him to the capital. If anyone tries to stop me, then don't blame me for being discourteous; I'll take them as well."

    The Hao family had already told Department Head Zhao about Uncle Feng's background. Now that Qin Huang had discovered Uncle Feng's identity as well, Department Head Zhao was in even more of a rush to take Qin Feng away.

    His oppressive words left the people from the Qin family not knowing what to say. They could only watch Department Head Zhao prepare to take Qin Feng away, as they desperately tried to think of ideas.

    "Hold it! I'll see who dares to take away Qin Feng today!" At this incredibly crucial moment, a strong and steady voice rang out.

    Everyone looked over to the entrance of the jail, and saw a tall and sturdy man. Next to him was a beautiful woman with curled hair, who was also quite tall and had a fiery figure. They were unhurriedly walking towards the rest of them.

    When they came closer, the crowd saw who these two people were - it was one of the most powerful men in Jincheng City, Old Han, and his daughter, Han Ying Ying.

    The Hans were a family of high-ranking officials. Han Ying Ying's grandfather was an illustrious politician in the capital and an upright Senior Official who wielded much power. Her father was also quite influential and powerful, and only had a single daughter, Han Ying Ying. However, Han Ying Ying wasn't interested in politics and the government, but was fascinated by the business market. She was hailed as the beautiful business genius of Jincheng City.

    As such, the Han family's power was not to be looked down upon. Although they were relatively new to the business world, this was precisely why Han Ying Ying had come to the Acropolis City - to make an alliance with the Qin family.

    She also made it clear that the Han family was going to support and protect Qin Feng.

    "Department Head Zhao, long time no see. What have you been busy with these days?" Old Han came over to Department Head Zhao and gave him an amicable smile.

    However, Department Head Zhao was unable to smile back. The instant he saw Old Han, he knew the power he represented.

    Senior Official Han held an incredible amount of power, and even Department Head Zhao had to reconsider whether it was worth offending the Han family over the Hao family.

    "Even if I'm busy, I can't be as busy as big brother Han." Department Head Zhao forced out a smile as he looked at Old Han and asked, "Big brother Han, why have you come here?"

    Department Head Zhao tried to veil his words, but everyone could tell what he was trying to say. Old Han's smile became even brighter as he replied, "Department Head Zhao, you might have misunderstood. I'm not here to do much. It's my darling daughter who's interested in Qin Feng and knows that someone framed him. She called my old man, who threw a fit of rage and even cursed at me, then commanded me to come over.

    "Department Head Zhao, you understand now, right?"

    Who couldn't understand what Old Han had just said? No one expected that the number one beauty of Jincheng city would have become interested in the Qin family's hedonistic young master.

    And now, for her little lover, Han Ying Ying had even brought her grandpa into this. It seemed very likely that there would be a marriage alliance between the Qin and Han family.

    Their family's ideal son-in-law was about to be framed, sentenced and executed. How could Senior Official Han sit idle? He was determined to get involved in this matter and get Qin Feng out of this.

    Everyone looked completely shocked, while Qin Feng looked at the lovely and charming Han Ying Ying with great interest. He never thought that Han Ying Ying would have gone begging to her grandpa to protect him.

    Moreover, she had even used the excuse that she liked him to force her grandpa's hand.

    Qin Feng now knew that he would become inextricably tangled with Han Ying Ying. Fortunately, there was the quest to conquer Han Ying Ying. Having such a powerful and beautiful woman by his side would be quite a good thing.

    Department Head Zhao's expression darkened as he gritted his teeth, feeling incredibly conflicted. After a while, he gave a smile as he made his decision.

    "Old Han, I've got some things to take care of, so I'll be leaving first. When you've got time in the capital, remember to come and find me." Department Head Zhao patted Old Han's shoulder as he walked out of the jail.

    Under the pressure from the Han and Qin family, he decided to cast aside the Hao family.

    After Department Head Zhao left, the Hao family's people deflated like balloons, and didn't say anything further.

    Qin Huang asked Director Ma to take care of the paperwork for releasing Qin Feng from jail, then smiled as he walked over to Old Han as he said, "Big brother Han, this time it was all thanks to your Han family. If you need our help with anything, please don't hold back."

    Old Han and Qin Huang were only normal acquaintances and didn't have much of a relationship. He had only helped Qin Feng because her daughter had repeatedly begged him and her grandfather, so he replied, "Little brother Qin Huang, you should thank my daughter. This was the first time that I saw my daughter so sad over a man, to the point that she went crying to her grandpa.

    "Qin Feng, remember to never let down Ying Ying. Otherwise, I'll personally arrest you and lock you up for life." Old Han was more concerned about his daughter and he suddenly glared at Qin Feng as he gave him a warning.

    Qin Feng felt incredibly helpless. The instant he had obtained the Hedonist Sovereign System, he knew that he would become involved with many women. If Old Han found that he had many other women, wouldn't he come with an army to destroy him?

    Han Ying Ying looked at Qin Feng's conflicted expression, and suddenly felt a little frustrated. She hurriedly came over and angrily glared at her father as she said, "Dad, I won't allow you to threaten Qin Feng."
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