Chapter 68 - The Capitals Qin Family

    Chapter 68 - The Capital's Qin Family

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    After talking to Qin Feng about the Dongfang family and doing some work, Qin Huang sat in frustration as he sipped his tea. He had another headache to worry about, which was Jincheng City's Han family.

    Qin Huang had already arranged a marriage for Qin Feng, but Han Ying Ying was also interested in him. This was quite problematic and caused Qin Huang to feel quite annoyed.

    His son was lazy, hedonistic and dissolute. Why would such a pretty and smart girl fall for him?

    Seeing his father's silence, Qin Feng was dying to ask a question.

    Ever since he had met Code Name Y in Cell 12 and heard him talk about the capital's Qin family, he had become quite curious about them.

    Although Qin Feng was part of the Qin family, he knew almost nothing about them. He only knew that the old patriarch of the capital's Qin family was his grandpa. However, since the day of his birth, he had never been to visit the capital's Qin family or met his mysterious grandpa.

    However, the capital's Qin family had always been in contact with his Acropolis City's Qin family. When they had previously met disaster, the capital's Qin family would always help. Only by relying on the capital's Qin family's power did Qin Huang finally establish a foothold in Acropolis City, where no one would dare to offend him.

    "Dad, can you tell me about the capital's Qin family?" Qin Feng couldn't help but ask.

    He suddenly saw a variety of expressions flicker across his father's face: anger, disappointment, pride. These mixed together into a complicated expression, which gradually settled down.

    After letting out a long breath, Qin Huang suddenly looked over at Qin Feng as he started to talk about the capital's Qin family in a distant voice.

    "Feng'Er, there were three brothers in your grandpa's generation. They all practised martial arts, and used their fists and feet to establish their own territory within the capital. They became stronger and stronger, and your first grand-uncle and second grand-uncle were scouted by the government. After this, they lost contact."

    Qin Huang's gaze became hazy, as if he was physically looking back to 20 years ago. "Afterwards, my generation was born. My generation had four brothers. As the eldest, I was meant to inherit the position of patriarch. However, because of some reasons, I left the capital's Qin family, and your second uncle stepped up to the position of patriarch.

    "In order to prevent the Qin family from growing weaker, your grandpa set some family rules. Each generation's junior patriarch would not be determined by seniority. Instead, my brothers and I left the capital, found our own cities, and started our own families. When our children, the grandchildren generation, all reach 18 years of age, you'll gather with the capital's Qin family to choose the new junior patriarch.

    "The junior patriarch's family will remain with the capital's Qin family, while everyone else will return to their own cities and wait for the next generation's opportunity."

    Qin Feng now truly understood the Qin family for the first time. He was somewhat impressed by his grandpa's system - the victor was the king. This was the first law of nature.

    "Dad, hasn't everyone in my generation turned 18?" After realising that he had the right to succeed the capital's Qin family, Qin Feng suddenly became interested.

    "There's still less than a year. My fourth brother's youngest son will turn 18 then." Qin Huang replied, as he looked out over Acropolis City's night view through the French windows.

    In the blink of an eye, 20 years had passed and soon, the four brothers would be reunited in the capital. Who knew what would happen?

    Of course, there were some things that he hadn't mentioned to Qin Feng. In order to secure the position of patriarch, the four brothers had developed a deep enmity against each other. He wondered if this would change after 20 years.

    "Less than a year? Doesn't that mean I'm going to compete for the position of junior patriarch soon?" Qin Feng was quite shocked.

    He suddenly felt that his father didn't quite care about this competition to become junior patriarch. Otherwise, why would he only tell him about it today? Qin Feng even had asked him about it first.

    Qin Feng wondered if his father had only planned him to tell him on the day.

    However, how could Qin Huang not care about it? Back then, his second brother had stolen away the position with his insidious plots. Although he hadn't talked about these things for the past few years, he still felt some anger and bitterness.

    The Qin family's competition for choosing the next junior patriarch had a martial arts section, which was one of the most important parts. Even if Qin Huang's finances and business completely eclipsed those of his brothers', it would all be for nought if Qin Feng's martial arts abilities weren't up to par.

    When Qin Feng was born, Qin Huang had asked an expert to look over his body. After finding out that Qin Feng's body was unsuited for practicing martial arts, Qin Huang suppressed his desire to reclaim his place at the capital and never told Qin Feng about these things.

    However, a sliver of hope appeared within Qin Huang's heart as he saw Qin Feng's strength grow day by day. He sincerely looked at Qin Feng as he said, "Feng'Er, the competition at the capital's Qin family focuses on one's personal strength the most. There'll be a martial arts competition, so do your best. Dad hopes you can take the position of junior patriarch.

    "After all, even though you might think the Acropolis City's Qin family is quite powerful, you'll find that the world you knew was simply the tip of the iceberg when you see the capital's Qin family and become the junior patriarch. There are many more, unbelievably powerful organisations and people that will appear before you... when that time comes, I believe you'll become more and more powerful. Maybe you'll even surpass your dad and stand at a higher peak."

    Qin Feng was surprised upon his father's sudden show of emotion. However, a feeling of resolution sprang forth within his heart when he saw the look of hope in his father's eyes.

    Even if it was only for his father, Qin Feng was determined to win the competition in 1 year and become the next junior patriarch.

    "Dad, don't worry, I won't let anyone laugh at you. On the day I become the junior patriarch, you'll be able to proudly step back into the capital's Qin family and take back the position of patriarch that belongs to you."

    Qin Feng looked completely serious and determined, which sent a wave of warmth through Qin Huang's heart.

    Suddenly, he felt as if he could see clearly. He realised that all his fame and glory was simply smoke - as long as his son could live happily and healthily, he would be able to face Su Su in the afterlife.

    "Dad, since you've told me about the capital's Qin family, tell me about my mother as well." After hesitating for a moment, Qin Feng mustered up the courage to ask.

    Ever since he had been born, he had never seen his mother. When he had asked about his mother in the past, his father had always severely rebuked and lectured him. When he grew up and asked about this, his father would always change the topic.

    In the end, Qin Feng stopped asking - perhaps there were some circumstances preventing his father from telling him. When the time was right, his father would probably tell him.

    Now that Qin Huang had started to open up, perhaps he would spill the beans on Qin Feng's mother as well.

    However, the smile on Qin Huang's face was suddenly replaced with a dark look. "That's all we'll talk about today. If you want to take the position of junior patriarch, you'll need to work hard on your martial arts and become stronger. As for your mother, I'll tell you about her when you become the capital's Qin family's patriarch."

    After saying this, Qin Huang turned and left.

    For the rest of the day, Qin Feng was quite bored, and swam in the swimming pool in the middle of the villa. The only interesting thing was that Han Ying Ying had kept him company next to the pool in the afternoon.

    Han Ying Ying, who was wearing a bikini, looked extremely voluptuous and seductive. However, knowing how scheming she was, Qin Feng gave up on any thoughts about sleeping with her.

    This sort of woman couldn't be slept around with - they could only be conquered.

    When it became dark, Qin Huang finally gave Qin Feng a task - he was to go to Zhao Ling Xian's house to visit his Uncle Zhao. This was because Uncle Zhao had expended much effort to help Qin Feng this time as well.

    Thinking to his arrogant, but cute little sister Ling Xian, Qin Feng didn't hesitate to dress himself up as he left for the Zhao family's residence.

    Qin Huang had wanted Uncle Fu to accompany Qin Feng, but Qin Feng had refused - he was preparing to seduce a girl. Perhaps if his little sister Ling Xian was in a good mood, she might kiss him again. If Uncle Fu was there, he would just be a third wheel.

    Seeing that Qin Feng was adamant about him not coming, Uncle Fu complied with his wishes. There was no one in the Hao family who could deal with his power, unless they asked an expert for help. However, the hidden battle between the Qin family and the Hao family was becoming quite intense, and the Hao family's elder wouldn't be able to seek out an expert for a while.

    Qin Feng rode on his low-profile yet noble 28" bicycle, and by the time he reached the Zhao family's residence, it was already 8pm. Of course, he had chosen this time to arrive. That way, he would have an excuse to eat with the Zhao family and get closer to his little sister Ling Xian.

    Although he didn't have a quest regarding Zhao Ling Xian anymore, after that passionate kiss in her bedroom, Qin Feng desperately wanted to kiss her again.

    After pressing on the doorbell, the door was opened and Zhao Ling Xian stood before him.

    She was wearing a loose, grey, short-sleeved jacket with a cyan strap top inside. Her beautiful white shoulders, adorned with two cyan straps were a feast for Qin Feng's eyes.

    As well as this, she was wearing a sky-blue short skirt, and most of her alluring legs were visible. Just a single glance could cause inspire countless fantasies.

    Zhao Ling Xian's expression was extremely cold and she seemed to be in a poor mood. However, when she saw Qin Feng, her eyes briefly shone, but quickly returned to their original expression as she asked, "What are you doing here?"

    "Of course, it's to come and play with little sister Ling Xian," Qin Feng replied as he smiled.
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