Chapter 69 - The Arrogant Liang Zhen Wei

    Chapter 69 - The Arrogant Liang Zhen Wei

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Zhao Ling Xian glared at Qin Feng because she didn't like him acting so frivolously, then turned around and walked back.

    Qin Feng entered and closed the door. Just as he was going to walk after her, he saw an unfamiliar man sitting in the Zhao family's lounge. When he looked at the man's face, Qin Feng felt as if he had seen him before, but couldn't remember where.

    "Ah, Qin Feng's arrived. Have a seat." Seeing that Qin Feng had come in, Zhao Da Hai smiled as he beckoned him over and asked him to sit down.

    "We have a guest tonight - the capital's Liang family's second son, Liang Zhen Wei, who is Liang Sheng's big brother. This is my good friend's son, Qin Feng," Zhao Da Hai introduced them.

    Qin Feng sat down beside Zhao Ling Xian and locked gazes with Liang Zhen Wei, who was sitting beside her. Both of their eyes had a hint of iciness buried within them.

    "Uncle Zhao, what's this Qin Feng's relationship with princess Ling Xian?" Seeing that Qin Feng had immediately come to sit next to Zhao Ling Xian, a hint of hostility flashed in Liang Zhen Wei's eyes.

    Evidently, Zhao Da Hai could tell what Liang Zhen Wei was thinking and he hurriedly smiled as he replied, "Young master Liang, don't misunderstand; I've been close friends with Qin Feng's father for 20 years and Qin Feng grew up with my daughter. They can be considered as childhood sweethearts, but there's nothing between them."

    It would have been better for Zhao Da Hai not to explain. Hearing that they were childhood sweethearts, Liang Zhen Wei's expression became ever darker.

    He had come to the Acropolis City's Zhao family as the capital's Liang family's representative for two reasons.

    The first was because of his little brother, Liang Sheng. He had come to discuss his marriage with Zhao Ling Xian a week ago, but had lost contact and seemingly disappeared. Liang Zhen Wei had come to see what had happened to him.

    The second reason was because the Liang family felt that something was off, and it was very likely that Liang Sheng had been killed. If that was the case, the marriage between the Liang family and Zhao family would not be able to go ahead. As such, Liang Zhen Wei would replace Liang Sheng to ask for Zhao Ling Xian's hand in marriage.

    "Uncle Zhao, last time when my little brother Liang Sheng was here, this Qin Feng was also present, right?" Liang Zhen Wei had already been in Acropolis City for two days and through his investigations, he had found that apart from Liang Sheng, the Qin family's father and son had also visited the Zhao family that day.

    Now, seeing how intimate Qin Feng was with Zhao Ling Xian, a cold light flashed in Liang Zhen Wei's eyes. It was very likely that his little brother, Liang Sheng, had been killed by Qin Feng.

    "That day, Qin Feng and his father also came to visit. What a coincidence, haha." Liang Zhen Wei still hadn't said why he had come. However, Zhao Da Hai was a smart man and spoke vaguely, leaving out the important details.

    "So it was like that," Liang Zhen Wei said to himself. After sinking into silence for a few moments, he suddenly looked at Zhao Ling Xian with a passionate gaze and said, "Princess Ling Xian, my purpose in coming this time is to help my little brother, Liang Sheng, cancel his marriage with you and arrange a marriage between myself and you."

    Zhao Ling Xian didn't have a good impression of Liang Zhen Wei from the start. He had an arrogant and overbearing demeanour about him, and acted all high and mighty. It felt as if everyone else was nothing in front of him.

    What made Zhao Ling Xian even angrier was that the Liang family thought of her as some sort of object. She had been engaged to the little brother, and now the big brother had come to cancel that marriage, then asked to marry her himself. What sort of joke was this?

    She was already furious, but her father hadn't said anything about it. In order to give her father face, she could only quietly endure. At this moment, a cold and calm voice rang out next to her.

    "The Liang family's second young master, was it? I have a question - is your whole Liang family so lacking in morals? And are all of your marriages so complicated and idiotic?

    "Actually, I'll just be direct - do your father and his brothers all share the same wife?"

    These words caused the atmosphere in the room to become freezing cold. The three other people looked at Qin Feng strangely. Zhao Da Hai looked confused, Zhao Ling Xian looked shocked, and the look of hostility on Liang Zhen Wei's face became evident.

    Zhao Ling Xian never thought that Qin Feng would have stood up for her with these words. A sweet and warm feeling flowed through her heart.

    "Qin Feng, was it? I've investigated you before. You're from the Acropolis City's Qin family, and with your father being the richest man in Acropolis City, you do nothing except laze about and play with women. You think you're so great? Let me tell you, your crappy Qin family is nothing compared to the Liang family in the capital. You'd better not offend me, otherwise your elder will cause the Acropolis City's Qin family to disappear overnight with a single sentence." Indeed, Liang Zhen Wei was quite overbearing and arrogant, and didn't even consider giving Zhao Dai Hai face when he said these things to Qin Feng. He directly started to threaten Qin Feng.

    This was because in Liang Zhen Wei's eyes, all the other families were incomparable ants, apart from the five big families in the capital. Even though he had come to ask for a marriage with the Zhao family, he believed that the Zhao family was far inferior to the Liang family.

    He believed that it should have been the Zhao family begging him for the marriage, not the other way around. He had only come to ask for a marriage because he fancied Zhao Ling Xian's good looks. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have wanted to come to a tiny place like Acropolis City.

    Zhao Da Hai's expression darkened. He had long since known how powerful the Liang family was. Liang Sheng knew how to hold himself back in front of his elders, but this Liang Zhen Wei was simply too arrogant.

    "Liang Zhen Wei, Qin Feng is my good friend's son and I watched him grow up. In my heart, he's almost an adoptive son. The words you've said were simply too rude. Since it's getting late, Ling Xian, please see Liang Zhen Wei out."

    Zhao Da Hai had been quite supportive of the marriage with the Liang family, but now he thought otherwise. He directly asked Zhao Ling Xian to kick Liang Zhen Wei out.

    "Sir Liang, if you please!" Zhao Ling Xian was also tired of seeing Liang Zhen Wei. When he had threatened Qin Feng, she had also wanted to chase him away.

    Now that her father had given the order to see him out, Zhao Ling Xian immediately stood up and coldly glared at Liang Zhen Wei.

    "Haha, Zhao Da Hai, have you thought clearly about this? Today, when your elder steps out of your house, there won't be any opportunities for regret." Liang Zhen Wei slammed his palm on the table as his face twisted in anger.

    Who would believe that there was nothing between Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian? Liang Zhen Wei simply didn't believe it. Otherwise, why would Zhao Da Hai react like this towards him because of Qin Feng?

    "Hurry up and leave, and don't return here." Hearing that Liang Zhen Wei had called his name directly, Zhao Da Hai was furious, and stomped upstairs.
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