Chapter 70 - Stage 4 Inner Qi

    Chapter 70 - Stage 4 Inner Qi

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    [TLN: From this chapter onwards, instead of things like '6 times a normal person's strength' and '1.5 times a normal person's speed', I'll start to use things like '6x strength' and '1.5x speed', respectively. This should make reading (and translating) a lot easier and more pleasant.]

    There were only three of them remaining downstairs. A mocking smile appeared on Liang Zhen Wei's face as he suddenly looked to Qin Feng and asked, "Qin Feng, are you really fine with Ling Xian seeing me out? Aren't you afraid I'll do something to her?

    "You know what? How about you see me off?"

    When Liang Zhen Wei made this suggestion, a look of worry flashed on Zhao Ling Xian's face and she secretly pulled on the corner of Qin Feng's clothes. Although she didn't say anything, Qin Feng could tell what she was thinking.

    "Don't worry, Ling Xian. It seems that young master Liang and I were thinking the same thing. Since he wants to have a chat with me, I'll go for a walk with him." Qin Feng smiled at Zhao Ling Xian, reassuring her, then walked out of the Zhao family's residence with Liang Zhen Wei.

    He could naturally tell what Liang Zhen Wei was thinking. He probably knew that Qin Feng had killed his little brother Liang Sheng and now, he had become his rival in love. As such, he wanted to challenge him alone and get rid of him.

    However, how could Qin Feng, who was capable of defeating Stage 4 experts, be afraid of Liang Zhen Wei? After walking a few hundred metres away from the Zhao family's residence, they found a spacious plot of uncultivated land and stopped there.

    "Haha, Qin Feng, your elder admires your guts. It seems to me that you've become too arrogant in Acropolis City and that there's no one to put you in your place. Today, your elder will show you what it means to be part of a big family. Your elder can destroy your entire Qin family with a single hand."

    The fury on Liang Zhen Wei's face was long gone and had been replaced with a condescending smile. To him, Qin Feng was a dead man as soon as he had walked out of the Zhao family's residence with him.

    Liang Zhen Wei was the second eldest in the Liang family's grandchild generation. While the third eldest, Liang Sheng, was a lazy idler, he was obsessed with martial arts. With the Liang family's support, he had become a Stage 4 Inner Qi expert.

    Cultivating Inner Qi fell under 'internal techniques', which were very different to 'external techniques'.

    External techniques focused on developing and enhancing one's body and physiological functions, and were suited for close-range fights. Internal techniques focused on Qi refining, and allowed the cultivator to grow stronger by cultivating the aura in their dantians. They were more suited for long-range fights.

    Comparatively, Qi refining was much more difficult. Not only did one need to have strong willpower, but they also needed extraordinary talent. Although Liang Zhen Wei was a Stage 4 Inner Qi expert, he would be capable of defeating Stager 5 External experts.

    Such an achievement would rarely be seen, even throughout the whole capital.

    "Anyone can boast like that. You'll only be qualified to say those things after beating me." Qin Feng also felt fully confident. Although he couldn't see how strong Liang Zhen Wei was, he guessed that he wouldn't be too powerful.

    However, Liang Zhen Wei continued to arrogantly laugh. He had already investigated Qin Feng and believed that he was a weak young master who wasn't even worthy of his attention.

    "Did you kill Liang Sheng?" Liang Zhen Wei's expression suddenly became cold as a powerful aura radiated from his body. This freezingly-cold intent caused Qin Feng's eyes to narrow and instantly become alert.

    It seemed that Liang Zhen Wei wasn't an ordinary person.

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest; kill the Stage 4 Inner Qi expert Liang Zhen Wei!"

    "Quest time limit: 24 hours."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you obtaining 1000 Hedonist Points. Failing will result in the Host being killed by Liang Zhen Wei."

    A system announcement sounded out, breaking the tense atmosphere for Qin Feng. He asked, "Little pig, can you not suddenly release a quest when the atmosphere's so tense... Also, that guy's a Stage 4 Inner Qi expert?"

    This was the first time that Qin Feng had run into an internal expert since he had obtained the Hedonist Sovereign System. Thinking back to Uncle Feng, who was a Stage 4 external expert, Qin Feng wondered who would be stronger.

    "The Hedonist Sovereign System wouldn't make a mistake. Liang Zhen Wei is definitely a Stage 4 Inner Qi expert. After you defeat enemies who have higher cultivation than you, you'll receive different amounts of Hedonist Points. The more powerful their cultivation is, the greater the rewards you'll receive."

    This made Qin Feng feel like he was playing a realistic game, as this was the same principle with monsters. The higher-levelled the monster that you killed, the more EXP you would gain.

    "I killed him. Do you know why?" Now that the Hedonist Sovereign System had issued him with this quest, he had to kill Liang Zhen Wei. Otherwise, he would be the one being killed.

    Telling a dead man the secret that he had killed Liang Sheng didn't matter.

    "It was because he was interested in Zhao Ling Xian's beauty, but had evil thoughts towards her. As such, he had to die. And now, you have the same thoughts, so you also need to die!" Qin Feng could release 6x strength and was equivalent to a Stage 5 expert. He wasn't too worried about facing Liang Zhen Wei, who was a Stage 4 Inner Qi expert.

    "Hahaha... I don't know where your confidence in killing me comes from, but one thing you're right about is that your elder's interested in Zhao Ling Xian's body. After killing you, I'll dominate her in bed every night and make her wish she's dead." Liang Zhen Wei started to laugh boisterously. He didn't take Qin Feng seriously at all.

    A cold light flashed in Qin Feng's eyes, as he threw a punch.

    He exploded out with 1.4x speed and came before Liang Zhen Wei in the blink of an eye. By the time Liang Zhen Wei reacted to what was happening, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, but it was already too late for him to dodge.

    He also threw a punch, and their fists collided.

    A muffled explosion sounded out. Qin Feng had used his full strength from the very beginning, and his fist contained 6x strength. As their fists collided, Liang Zhen Wei was sent flying back.

    After crashing onto the ground, Liang Zhen Wei's eyes were filled with dismay. He thought that Qin Feng's hedonistic personality was just an act, and that he had been hiding his strength.

    From that punch, he concluded that Qin Feng had reached Stage 5 in external techniques.

    Liang Zhen Wei suddenly stood up, and the look of shock had disappeared. A mocking smile hung on his face as he looked at Qin Feng in interest.

    He was completely unscathed after receiving that full-force punch from Qin Feng, and didn't cough up blood as Qin Feng had expected.

    This was the benefit of practising internal techniques. When they faced off against powerful external experts, they could use their Qi to protect their body. Although Liang Zhen Wei had been sent flying backwards, he wasn't hurt at all. At most, he had a few superficial scratches.

    Qin Feng was stunned and his eyes were filled with shock. After blowing Liang Zhen Wei away, he was sure that the fight was over. After all, even Uncle Feng had been killed by him after he obtained 6x strength.

    "Haha, you must be shocked that your elder's completely unhurt." Seeing Qin Feng's confused expression, Liang Zhen Wei laughed in delight, "I never thought that you secretly learnt external techniques. You must have used this to surprise many enemies, right?

    "It's a pity that you're facing your elder today. Your elder cultivates internal techniques, so unless your cultivation's higher than mine by many stages, you won't be able to beat me with brute force. It looks like you have no chance."

    Where they were standing, there was a heap of cut timber. Each log was as thick as a person's thigh, and was around 7 to 8 metres long.

    Liang Zhen Wei kicked a timber log, which weighed hundreds of kilograms, and it flew towards Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng had already witnessed how powerful Liang Zhen Wei's internal techniques were and didn't dare to be overconfident. His feet powerfully tapped the ground as he jumped almost 2 metres high into the air and punched the log with 6x strength. Qin Feng's fist, with a punching-force of 300 kilograms, slammed into the log, sending it hurtling back.

    Liang Zhen Wei's eyes flashed; Qin Feng's strength still surprised him. He couldn't help but admit that even within the capital, there were only a handful of people at Qin Feng's age who could reach Stage 5 in external techniques.

    He once again channelled his Inner Qi as he caught the log, then used 1 palm to push it away as he rushed towards Qin Feng. Liang Zhen Wei's steps were still incredibly fast, which caused Qin Feng to feel stunned.

    By the time he came back to his senses, the log was right in front of him. Qin Feng hurriedly punched out, smashing into the log.

    Liang Zhen Wei was pushing the log so fast and Qin Feng's punch was so powerful, that it smashed a fist-sized crater into it. However, the log was 7 to 8 metres long, and they stood on opposite ends of it, so it was impossible for Qin Feng to hit Liang Zhen Wei.

    At this moment, a sinister smile appeared on Liang Zhen Wei's face. He slapped his palm against the log in an incredibly strange manner. His palm looked slow and weak, as if it did not contain any strength. It fact, it looked like a woman lightly patting a man's chest when she flirted with him.

    There was not even a sound as the palm landed on the log.

    Just as Qin Feng was wondering what was going on, he felt a massive wave of energy pass through the log. His eyes flashed as he quickly unequipped the Flying Dragon Armour.

    He pushed off the ground and leapt to the side as quickly as possible.

    The wave of energy landed on a small tree behind where Qin Feng had been standing, and blew apart the bark on the tree. Qin Feng was incredibly astonished - only now did he realise how powerful internal experts were, and he truly understood what it meant to 'hit a cow through a mountain.'

    Liang Zhen Wei had tried to use this incredibly sinister palm to take Qin Feng's life. However, he never expected that Qin Feng could release such incredible speed, and his expression once again darkened.

    He hadn't taken Qin Feng seriously the entire time and truly believed that he could crush him with a single hand. However, he realised that unless he used his ultimate move, he wouldn't be able to kill Qin Feng.

    This made the arrogant Liang Zhen Wei feel humiliated. This time, he would use his full strength to annihilate Qin Feng.
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