Chapter 71 - Killing Move

    Chapter 71 - Killing Move

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Suddenly, Liang Zhen Wei started to quickly move about on the vast, grassy area.

    He didn't rush towards Qin Feng, but flashed around him.

    After killing Uncle Feng, Qin Feng had become quite confident in his speed. However, at that moment, he couldn't even see Liang Zhen Wei's figure clearly. He could only see a blur of movement around him.

    Internal techniques involved Qi circulation. During fights, internal experts could use Qi circulation to increase their speed, making them unimaginably fast. Qin Feng believed that even if he unequipped the Flying Dragon Armour, he still wouldn't be able to reach Liang Zhen Wei's speed.

    Illusory figures of Liang Zhen Wei surrounded Qin Feng, while a chilling sensation of death drew nearer and nearer. Apart from Liang Zhen Wei's blurs, Qin Feng also saw the shape of a long whip.

    The illusory whips that were sent out whistled through the air, and seemed to cover the sky and the earth. The range of the whips was extremely long, and gave Qin Feng no opportunity to dodge.


    The whips landed again and again on Qin Feng's body, searing him with a fiery pain.

    The sounds as they struck him were akin to the crackling of lightning.

    "Haha... Qin Feng, today will be your death anniversary."

    The illusory figures of Liang Zhen Wei suddenly merged together as his figure became clearer.

    He had jumped up into the air and was now directly above Qin Feng.

    His twisted and savage face was covered with a condescending and arrogant smile, and he was wielding a black, leathery whip. He raised it high in the air as he vigorously sent it down towards Qin Feng.

    This was Liang Zhen Wei's killing move, which he had named the 'Aerial Death Whip'. Up until now, anyone who had witnessed this move with their own eyes was no longer in the world.

    Qin Feng could feel that this whip contained immense power and the sensation of death grew stronger. He knew that he didn't have time to dodge and felt quite frustrated. He had underestimated Liang Zhen Wei and had never expected him to bring a weapon.

    Qin Feng simply hadn't met that many experts. Otherwise, he would have found that true experts would always keep a weapon on their body, which increased their battle power.

    With the whip about to strike Qin Feng's head, the atmosphere became incredibly tense.

    At this moment, a woman's beautiful figure suddenly appeared.

    Zhao Ling Xian had been quite worried about Qin Feng and had followed them to this grassy area. She had heard everything that Qin Feng and Liang Zhen Wei had said to each other.

    When she heard Qin Feng say that anyone who was interested in her beauty but had evil thoughts about her had to die, Zhao Ling Xian's heart was sent into turmoil. At that moment, Qin Feng seemed incredibly domineering, which caused her heart to beat rapidly.

    She found that Qin Feng had truly changed; he was no longer that useless hedonist from the past. Although she was a bit unfamiliar with this Qin Feng, he caused her heart to become emotional.

    Seeing that Qin Feng was in a dangerous situation, she unhesitatingly ran towards them and yelled, "Stop!!"

    Zhao Ling Xian's sudden appearance caused Qin Feng and Liang Zhen Wei to look over in surprise, but they quickly refocused on their battle.

    Liang Zhen Wei's whip had already been sent out, and could no longer be stopped.

    Qin Feng had wanted to try dodging this fatal attack, but seeing that Zhao Ling Xian had rushed within the whip's attack range, he immediately gave up on that idea.

    Liang Zhen Wei's whip's range was massive, and contained almost all of his strength. If it even touched Zhao Ling Xian's body, she definitely wouldn't be able to withstand the blow. Qin Feng didn't even have time to think as he sprang towards Zhao Ling Xian and wrapped his arms around her.

    As he held the soft and fragrant Zhao Ling Xian, Qin Feng flipped himself over, using his body to shield her from the whip.

    His back was like a mighty mountain, completely shielding Zhao Ling Xian. It was as if Qin Feng was a greenhouse and Zhao Ling Xian was a fragile flower inside it.


    Liang Zhen Wei did not hold back at all and sent all of his force into this attack.

    The whip landed squarely on Qin Feng's back, leaving a long, bloody laceration. Qin Feng felt a powerful wave of energy slam through his body, which caused even his organs to shift. He couldn't help but vomit out a mouthful of blood.

    This mouthful of blood flew by Zhao Ling Xian's face, who looked at Qin Feng in shock and fear, like a small, scared rabbit.

    "Qin Feng, are you alright? Don't scare me; I don't want anything to happen to you." Zhao Ling Xian lightly pushed Qin Feng back as she used her small hands to wipe away the blood at his mouth.

    After being hit by the whip, Qin Feng found that he couldn't even breathe. He powerlessly rested against Zhao Ling Xian's body, feeling that he would fall at any moment.

    "Hahaha... you want to fight with your elder? You're far from qualified. If your elder wants to, I can completely pull your Acropolis City's Qin family up by the roots in a single night."

    Seeing that Qin Feng had suffered a heavy injury, Liang Zhen Wei started to laugh loudly. The current Qin Feng posed no threat to him, and although he saw Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian hugging together, he didn't appear angry.

    This was because Qin Feng was about to become a corpse. Why was there any need to be angry about a corpse hugging Zhao Ling Xian?

    "Ding... the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest; passionately kiss Zhao Ling Xian for 10 seconds!"

    "Quest time limit: 1 minute."

    "Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 200 Hedonist Points. Failing will result in the Host's life being in danger."

    A system announcement rang out in Qin Feng's mind. At this incredibly crucial moment, the little pig, who was usually incredibly lazy, was finally of help.

    "Master, according to the System's estimates, with your current cultivation of Stage 2 in external techniques, you won't be able to defeat Liang Zhen Wei, even with the Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fists and Flying Dragon Armour. I recommend master to complete Zhao Ling Xian's quest and use the 200 Hedonist Point reward, along with your current Hedonist Points, to buy the Elementary Sword Skills.  You'll be able to turn the tables and hang Liang Zhen Wei up by his whip."

    The little pig's words made Qin Feng delirious with joy.

    He hurriedly opened the Hedonist Sovereign System and found that he currently had 900 Hedonist Points. He was a single quest away from having 1000 Hedonist Points.

    Thinking to the Elementary Sword Skills, Qin Feng felt incredibly excited. Before he had met an internal expert, he hadn't known how powerful internal techniques were. After experiencing firsthand how powerful Liang Zhen Wei was, a thirst to learn internal techniques had grown within Qin Feng.

    The Elementary Sword Skills would allow him to step across the barrier to becoming an internal expert, turning him into a genius who cultivated both internal and external techniques!
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