Chapter 72 - The Kiss That Lasted For An Eternity

    Chapter 72 - The Kiss That Lasted For An Eternity

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Because the situation was so desperate, Qin Feng didn't even think, as he used his remaining strength to hold Zhao Ling Xian's face and kissed her.

    Zhao Ling Xian's body immediately froze. She was so worried about Qin Feng's injuries that she had started to tear up. She never would have thought that Qin Feng would do something so surprising at such a moment.

    When she came back to her senses, she could feel Qin Feng's tongue moving around in her mouth. This wasn't the first time they had kissed so passionately before. Last time, Qin Feng had forced the medicine into her mouth because Zhao Ling Xian's stomach hurt, and then taken advantage of the situation.

    This sort of mysterious and wonderful feeling made Zhao Ling Xian feel a little intoxicated.

    Zhao Ling Xian did not resist being kissed by Qin Feng again this time. She stood on her toes as she wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's neck, fully enjoying how domineering he was being.

    The two of them were hugged together tightly and were passionately engaged in a kiss. It was as if time had stopped, and Liang Zhen Wei had become like air.

    Zhao Ling Xian could detect a faint metallic taste of blood in Qin Feng mouth, which stained her mouth as well.

    However, she did not stop kissing him. Instead, the taste of the blood made her feel more excited and passionate. She returned Qin Feng's passionate kiss as she moved her body, rubbing herself against him.

    "Ding... congratulations Host Qin Feng for passionately kissing Zhao Ling Xian for 10 seconds. You have received 200 Hedonist Points."

    Qin Feng was completely intoxicated by this kiss and even forgot that he had kissed Zhao Ling Xian to complete a quest.

    When he heard the system announcement, Qin Feng was ripped away from the dream-like state he was in. However, upon seeing how passionately Zhao Ling Xian was returning the kiss, he continued to kiss her as he opened the System.

    He quickly found the Elementary Sword Skills and opened its description.

    Elementary Sword Skills:

    Skill Rank: Yellow Rank Mid-Grade (Rank Divisions: Sovereign, Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow)

    After obtaining this skill, the Host's body would produce Inner Qi, and will be able to cultivate internal techniques. Combined with sword-type weapons, the Host will have proficiency in elementary sword skills, greatly increasing their power.

    He quickly looked over the Elementary Sword Skills' description and immediately spent 1000 Hedonist Points to buy them.

    He also purchased an Elementary Gold Sore Medicine.

    As he saw the 1100 Hedonist Points in his account instantly become 0, Qin Feng felt quite depressed.

    A wave of unfamiliar information suddenly rushed into his mind. The amount of information was simply huge and it continuously flooded in, quickly fusing with his other memories.

    After a slight headache, his mind settled down, and the memories regarding sword skills became clearer and clearer. Qin Feng could feel that within his strength-less body, there flowed wave after wave of energy.

    Those waves of energy seemed to have a life of their own. As they flowed through his body, they left behind traces of coldness, then gathered at his dantian and continuously spun there.

    After consuming a Gold Sore Medicine, Qin Feng's injuries were more than half-healed. Adding on the waves of energy throughout his body, he felt that he was filled with power. He was still kissing Zhao Ling Xian and felt his body start to burn up, as if she was going to melt into his body.

    "Qin Feng... you're about to goddamn die and yet you're still acting up. Your elder's going to use this whip to turn all of your bones into dust." When Qin Feng and Zhao Ling Xian were hugging, Liang Zhen Wei already felt a bit displeased.

    However, when he saw that they had started to kiss, and in a manner which seemed like there was nothing else in the world, he became completely infuriated, to the point that he felt like coughing up blood. How could an arrogant person like him tolerate being completely ignored like this?

    He suddenly roared as he sent the whip in his hand flying towards Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng suddenly moved, with Zhao Ling Xian still in his arms. In the blink of an eye, he dashed many metres away, easily dodging Liang Zhen Wei's whip.

    Qin Feng had unequipped the Flying Dragon Armour and had gathered the Inner Qi within his body to increase his speed. In that instant, he became so fast that Liang Zhen Wei only saw a blur, and he looked at Qin Feng in dismay.

    "Ling Xian, wait for me here. I'll go take care of that beast, then come back and continue to kiss you." Qin Feng felt a bit reluctant to push Zhao Ling Xian aside, and Zhao Ling Xian quickly came back to her senses. Thinking to what she had just done, she felt so embarrassed that she wished she could find a crack to dive into.

    She hesitantly looked at Qin Feng, feeling incredibly anxious as she replied, "Qin Feng, come home with me. You can't win against Liang Zhen Wei - a madman like him will kill you."

    "Trust me, I'll be fine." Qin Feng smiled and patted her head, then walked back towards Liang Zhen Wei.

    He knew that this battle had to be fought. Even if he could avoid it now, he couldn't avoid it forever. Moreover, Qin Feng wasn't a coward.

    Seeing Qin Feng calmly walk towards him, Liang Zhen Wei's expression became savage. He never thought that the tiny Acropolis City would have such a young expert like Qin Feng.

    What's more, this was a hedonistic young master who everyone looked down on.

    Qin Feng had provoked Liang Zhen Wei again and again, causing him to feel much humiliation. Now, he not only wanted to kill Qin Feng, but wanted to completely destroy him and turn his body into mush. Only then, would he be able to relieve the anger within his heart.

    Qin Feng suddenly stopped walking when he was about 5 metres away from Liang Zhen Wei. The two of them did not say anything, but the cold expressions on their faces were enough to tell what the other was thinking. This time, Liang Zhen Wei attacked first, vigorously brandishing his whip as he rushed towards Qin Feng.

    After seeing Qin Feng's strength, Liang Zhen Wei didn't dare to hold back anymore. He had put all of his strength into this attack.

    In just a few breaths of time, he had already reached where Qin Feng was standing and once again jumped above him. The whip in his hand arced through the air, bringing an incredibly sharp sound along with it.

    This was Liang Zhen Wei's killing move - the 'Aerial Death Whip' - which Qin Feng had already seen before. This time, when he saw it, he felt incredibly calm.

    Qin Feng started to circulate the Qi in his body. This was the first time he had channelled his Inner Qi into an attack. He could feel the waves of energy in his body becoming berserk, filling his body with strength. He unequipped the Flying Dragon Armour, which instantly increased his speed.

    Surprisingly, he rushed towards the illusory whips that seemed to cover the heavens and the earth.

    This caused Liang Zhen Wei to feel dumbfounded. However, an evil smile soon appeared on his face.

    There was a very big difference between interal techniques and external techniques. A Stage 4 external expert could release 5x strength, but could only release that power in a single attack at a time. A Stage 4 internal expert could only release 4x strength, but could release multiple attacks at the same time with the same power.

    Currently, the illusory whips all contained 4x strength and depending on the distance, the force they could hit with varied as well.

    The closer to Liang Zhen Wei the whips were, the more densely they were packed and the greater the force they contained. A whip containing 4x strength wouldn't deal much damage to Qin Feng, but tens of these attacks hitting him simultaneously would definitely kill him.

    No matter how strong one's body was, being hit by these whips would cause them to become like mashed potatoes.

    Not only was Qin Feng not running away and dodging these illusory whips, he had even started to run towards them. Running towards the area with the most illusory whips was equivalent to committing suicide - how could Liang Zhen Wei not be amused?

    He was sure that Qin Feng would definitely die!

    "Haha, you're pretty goddamn arrogant. You actually dare to rush towards your elder's illusory whip? Just you watch as your elder whips you into meat paste and disintegrates your soul!"

    The smile on Liang Zhen Wei's face became savage as he brandished the whip more wildly, wanting to kill Qin Feng with the many attacks.

    Even Zhao Ling Xian was completely stunned by Qin Feng's actions. She tightly balled her small hands into fists as an expression of worry appeared in her beautiful eyes. She silently prayed that he would be fine.

    As she looked at Qin Feng, she found that he still looked perfectly calm as he rushed towards Liang Zhen Wei. He looked as if he was an arrow shot out of a bow.

    Knowing that he had entered into the countless illusory whips, Qin Feng's eyebrows were knotted together in deep concentration. His hand suddenly slashed upwards, creating a thunderous sound.

    Within Qin Feng's hand, a sharp sword suddenly appeared. The Truesteel Sword gave off a faint yellow light. It was incredibly sharp, to the point that it could cut through iron like mud.

    Now that Qin Feng possessed both the Truesteel Sword and the Elementary Sword Skills, it was as if the sword had a life of its own and possessed a connection with Qin Feng's soul. It quickly and elegantly slashed around, destroying the illusory whips, then sliced Liang Zhen Wei's whip in two.

    Looking at the destroyed whip in his hand, Liang Zhen Wei's eyes were filled with fear and shock. The Liang family had asked a hidden expert to use a rare ox's tendon as the main component of the whip, then used the ox's cowhide for the exterior.

    As such, it was incredibly tough and durable.

    Liang Zhen Wei had used this ox tendon whip to defeat countless experts. In the past, he had faced experts who had used swords, but when their swords touched the whip, they would always shatter. It was the first time he had seen a weapon capable of cutting the whip in two.
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