Chapter 75 - Can You Please Let Go Of Me

    Chapter 75 - Can You Please Let Go Of Me

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    This breakfast was quite depressing for Qin Feng. After eating, Qin Huang, Han Ying Ying, and Qin Feng left together. Before Qin Feng brought out his low-profile yet noble 28" bicycle, Qin Huang glared at him as he said, "Qin Feng, from today onwards, I want you to formally experience life. I've confiscated all of your assets; as a good Sales Representative, I want you to take the bus every day."

    Qin Huang had thought that Qin Feng would drive to work in his flashy Lamborghini Batmobile - this would scare off everyone in the company. If a little Sales Representative drove a 5 million dollar Lamborghini to work, his identity would be immediately exposed.

    Qin Feng curled his lips. After obtaining his 28" bicycle, he hadn't driven his Batmobile at all. He confidently replied, "Don't worry, dad, I won't drive that crappy car anymore."

    "Haha, Uncle Qin, this is our first day at work today. If Qin Feng takes the bus, he'll probably be late. How about you let him come with us in the car today?" After seeing how unhappy Qin Feng looked, she smiled as she spoke.

    Qin Feng waved his hand. "No need, us Sales Representatives don't have the right to go in a Mercedes Benz. I've got my own ride - the low profile and noble 28" bicycle. Dad, surely you'd let me ride this, right?"

    Qin Feng was already pushing his 28" bicycle out, and as the morning sunlight fell on Qin Feng and his bike, both Han Ying Ying and Qin Huang were dumbfounded.

    Young master Qin? Riding a 28" bicycle?

    They simply couldn't imagine such a thing.

    Suddenly, Qin Huang couldn't help but laugh. "Very good, very good. That's more fitting for a Sales Representative. Plus, it's more convenient when going out to run errands. Since you already have your ride, Ying Ying and I will be leaving first. When you arrive, go and report to the Sales Department's Manager Li."

    Qin Huang smiled as he invited Han Ying Ying onto the Mercedes Benz, and the chauffeur quickly drove away.

    Qin Feng rode the 28" bicycle, training his body while riding to the Royal Group. Halfway there, he realised that before, he had spent all his time playing games and seducing women, and had never been to his father's company before. As such, he had no idea where it was.

    In his frustration, Qin Feng asked a passer-by for directions. Luckily, most people knew where the Royal Group was, so after asking around, he now knew where he was headed. Coincidentally, it was also the final stop for the Route 9 Bus.

    "Hey, wait for me! Driver, please wait for me!" Qin Feng passed a stop for the Route 9 Bus, and saw a little beauty wearing office clothes chasing after a Route 9 Bus.

    This bus was evidently crowded with people, and there wasn't even space to stand. The driver poked his head out of the window as he replied, "Sorry, but this bus is full. Just wait for the next one."

    After she heard this, the little beauty stopped. At this moment, Qin Feng happened to pass by her, and he saw the despairing expression on her face.

    The girl was quite pretty with her flawless skin, as well giving off an air of gentleness and meekness. She was wearing office clothes similar to the clothes Han Ying Ying had been wearing, but her figure wasn't as mature as Han Ying Ying's; instead she gave of an air of youthfulness.

    Her hair was jet black and tied into 2 ponytails, and after chasing after the bus, there was sweat beaded across her forehead. A few loose strands of hair hung here and there, making her look quite enchanting under the sunlight.

    As soon as Qin Feng saw this little beauty, his habit of flirting took over. He stopped his 28" bicycle next to the little beauty as he said, "I'm going to the Royal Group; if it's on the way, I can drop you off for free."

    The little beauty was called Xu Ruo Rou, and she had freshly graduated out of university. She had just been accepted into the Acropolis City's largest company, the Royal Group, and hearing Qin Feng's words, she felt a bit surprised. She looked at the time, and found that she was about to be late.

    Her head hung low as her long eyelashes continuously fluttered. Her hands tightly gripped the corners of her clothes as she struggled with her indecisiveness. However, thinking to the fact that she was new, and couldn't afford to be late, she gritted her teeth and nodded.

    "Then I'll have to trouble you!"

    "Not at all, not at all!"

    An evil smile appeared on Qin Feng's face as he wrapped his arm around Xu Ruo Rou's slim waist and hoisted her onto the 28" bicycle. By the time Xu Ruo Rou had cried out in surprise, Qin Feng was already furiously pedalling.

    During the trip, Xu Ruo Rou witnessed Qin Feng's godly speed. If she didn't experience it herself, she wouldn't have believed that a bicycle could go faster than a bus. Moreover, this was the constant speed Qin Feng rode at, causing the wind to howl in her ears and her skirt to almost fly up.

    Xu Ruo Rou held down her skirt the entire trip, and sat in front of Qin Feng, not daring to move. Qin Feng was simply too close to her, and moving at all would cause their bodies to touch, making Xu Ruo Rou feel so embarrassed that she wanted to jump off the bicycle.

    Luckily, Qin Feng was able to ride incredibly quickly, and very soon, the two of them arrived at the Royal Group. Looking at the skyscraper that seemed to extend past the clouds, Qin Feng realised just how rich his father was. No wonder he was publicly acknowledged to be the richest man in the Acropolis City.

    On the way, Qin Feng had asked for Xu Ruo Rou's name. As he stopped the bicycle, he spoke and pressed his face against hers. "Xu Ruo Rou, we're here."

    Xu Ruo Rou had been incredibly nervous the entire time, and didn't even realise they had arrived. Feeling the heat from her ears, her face became incredibly red as her body felt incredibly numb. She hurriedly jumped off Qin Feng's bicycle.

    However, because of how nervous she was feeling, she almost fell to the ground while doing this. Luckily, Qin Feng was able to react quickly and caught her with his arm.

    However, the place where he had caught her was quite special. It was perky and soft, as well as quite bouncy. Without even thinking, Qin Feng knew what he had grabbed on to.

    "Ah... Qin Feng, it hurts. Can you please let go of me?" Xu Ruo Rou was given a big fright as she frowned.

    She was quite introverted, and was meek and timid. Although she was one of the most beautiful girls at her university, she didn't have the courage to date anyone. Up until now, her body had never been touched by a man, let alone her breasts. As such, she reacted like a frightened little deer.

    Xu Ruo Rou, who was not used to resisting, couldn't bring herself to angrily demand that Qin Feng let go.

    Qin Feng felt a bit intoxicated - this Xu Ruo Rou was too easy to take advantage of. Despite touching her chest, she was the one begging him to let go. Qin Feng felt quite evil, and gave her another squeeze before letting go.

    "Mmm..." Xu Ruo Rou gave a soft moan as her face became incredibly red.
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