Chapter 77 - A Serious Problem

    Chapter 77 - A Serious Problem

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Since someone was asking about him, Qin Feng walked to the centre of the Sales Department's hall and smiled at everyone as he said, "Hello everyone, my name's Qin Feng, and today's my first day here. I'll be colleagues with everyone from today onwards, so please take care of me!"

    Seeing that Qin Feng was a newcomer to the Sales Department, a look of amusement flashed in Wang Chao's eyes. He was notorious in the Sales Department for oppressing newcomers to the Sales Department; it was his way of educating them.

    The Royal Group's Sales Department hadn't had newcomers in a while. Although Xu Ruo Rou had joined a few days ago, how could Wang Chao beat her down? He had been trying to act cool in front of her for the past few days.

    However, since Qin Feng was new, he arrogantly said to him, "Oi, newbie, go get me a cup of water."

    Qin Feng cleaned his ears, and thought that he had misheard him. Since he had been born, he had lived his life as a hedonistic young master. He had never poured water for someone else, and although he had been placed by his father in the Sales Department, his nature couldn't be changed so easily.

    He looked at Wang Chao in amusement as he asked, "Oi, what right do you have to ask me to pour you water?"

    Wang Chao maintained his arrogant demeanour, and wanted to look cool in front of Xu Ruo Rou. However, after hearing what Qin Feng had said, he almost fell to the ground.

    He looked at Qin Feng in surprise - in the past, all the newcomers had been very obedient, and would not retaliate at all. Who would have thought that this newcomer would be so extravagant? Wang Chao's face immediately fell.

    "Qin Feng, was it? Seeing how young you look, this is probably your first job - otherwise, why would you act like such an idiot? Do you still think you can act as you please like you did in university? I'll have you know, there'll be a lot of tough times ahead of you in the Sales Department."

    Qin Feng felt quite impatient as Wang Chao rambled and calmly said, "Wang Chao, was it? Alright, from this moment onwards, you've been fired by the Royal Group. You can go now."


    As soon as Qin Feng said this, the entire hall fell deathly silent, and everyone stared at him strangely.

    Currently, Qin Feng was standing incredibly straight, giving off the air of a king. A domineering aura radiated from his body, which matched what he had just said.

    If the others had not heard his introduction, they would have thought that he was a high-profile Manager who really did have the qualifications to fire Wang Chao.

    Wang Chao also stared in shock, then started to hold his stomach as he laughed loudly, as if his intestines were going to burst from laughter. Only after a long while did he stop laughing, and he condescendingly looked at Qin Feng as he said, "You want to fire me? Who do you think you are? The company's Chairman or a high-profile Manager? You're just a new Sales Representative, and yet you dare to say such things. Have university students become imbeciles?"

    Wang Chao was certain that Qin Feng was a fresh graduate from looking at him. He remembered him in his heart and decided to make his life as difficult as possible.

    As for Xu Ruo Rou, she felt quite grateful towards Qin Feng. If it wasn't for him, she definitely would have been late today.

    After seeing him fall into trouble on his first day because he didn't know the unspoken rules of the workplace, she hurriedly ran to pour a cup of water. She wanted to hand it to Wang Chao so he would stop making things difficult for Qin Feng.

    After getting the cup of water, she was stopped by Qin Feng when she tried to walk past him. He took the cup of water from her hands as he smiled at her and said, "Little sister Ruo Rou, how did you know I was getting thirsty? Thanks for being so caring."

    Qin Feng could tell that all of the Sales Department's men had ideas about Xu Ruo Rou. He was now subtly announcing that this young master had set his sights on Xu Ruo Rou, so those who wanted to live should piss off.

    Wang Chao was so angry that he felt like coughing up blood. He knew that Xu Ruo Rou had poured this cup of water for him, and yet, Qin Feng had casually taken it. He was now completely filled with hatred towards Qin Feng.

    The two of them stared down each other, their cold gazes colliding. The atmosphere became unimaginably cold.

    At this moment, a beautiful woman who had curled hair and was wearing office clothes walked in. Her shirt and short skirt covered her flawless figure. She was called Li Yu Chen, and was the General Manager of the Sales Department. As soon as she entered, she felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, and after looking around, her gaze fell on Qin Feng.

    "Are you the new Sales Representative?"

    Qin Feng didn't even hear her words. His gaze landed on her chest as he muttered to himself, "They're pretty big, pretty big. They might even be bigger than Ying Ying's."

    Li Yu Chen frowned as she asked, "What's pretty big?"

    Just as she finished her sentence, she realised that Qin Feng was looking at her chest, and she immediately understood. Her beautiful white face became incredibly cold as she gave off a freezing aura, "Come with me."

    After glaring at Qin Feng, Li Yu Chen walked towards her office; her high heels landing on the ground sounded rhythmic and seductive. After gazing at her from behind for a while, Qin Feng hurriedly followed her.

    After Li Yu Chen had left for a while, everyone in the hall let out a sigh of relief. She was a famous cold beauty in the company who was a strong and domineering woman.

    Although her beauty was at the level that could devastate nations, there weren't many men who dared to go for her. The coldness that emanated from her was too strong, and normal people didn't dare to even approach her.

    The people already could see the result after they saw the newcomer, Qin Feng, dumbly and happily walking after her.

    "Hmph... that sort of stupid idiot dares to oppose his elder? I'll make you taste hell from now on." A cold smile flashed on Wang Chao's face as he started to plan out how he would mess with Qin Feng.

    "Name, education, experience." As soon as Li Yu Chen entered the office, she sat down in her chair as she put on black-framed glasses. She crossed her legs and put her hands together as she coldly looked at Qin Feng.

    She had only received information this morning that there was a news Sales Representative, but she was told nothing else.

    "Qin Feng, currently studying at university, no experience, but I can write 3 books on my experiences with women." Qin Feng smiled as he looked up and down Li Yu Chen. The black-framed glasses she was wearing made her look incredibly seductive.

    Li Yu Chen felt quite displeased at how unrestrained Qin Feng was acting. However, after hearing Qin Feng's name, her body slightly trembled as she looked at him closely, "You're called Qin Feng?"

    However, as soon as she said this, Li Yu Chen hurriedly shook her head as she muttered, "Impossible, impossible. The Qin family's young master is incredibly hedonistic and dissolute, and only knows how to play. How could he come to work at the company and start as a Sales Representative? They must have the same name."

    When she once again raised her head to ask him about other matters, she saw an evil grin on his face as he leaned in incredibly closely. "What are you doing?"

    Qin Feng was leaning in, trying to look down her shirt. He replied in a serious tone, "Nothing, I just wanted to see what brand your shirt was. The material looks quite tough - it looked like it was going to burst for quite a while, and yet it's still fine."

    At first, Li Yu Chen didn't understand Qin Feng's words. When she realised Qin Feng had been staring at her chest, her face fell and she almost wanted to slap him on the spot.

    She deeply breathed in, trying to calm herself down as she coldly looked at Qin Feng, "What expectations do you have for this job? Salary? Vacations?"

    Qin Feng shook his head. These 2 things weren't the things he was concerned with. He suddenly frowned as he said seriously, "Although I haven't been here for very long, I've discovered a very serious problem and wanted to report it to you. I hope the relevant department will be able to resolve this issue as soon as possible, otherwise more than half of the employees will be affected."

    "What is it?" Seeing Qin Feng look so serious, Li Yu Chen was curious as to what sort of serious problem he had discovered.

    "It's like this: I feel that the uniform for female employees should be changed. There are too many buttons on their shirts; they should be changed to v-necks. Also, the skirts are too long; it's simply too inconvenient for me to see anything. Mm, I think your length is pretty good."

    Qin Feng suddenly moved incredibly quickly. Before Li Yu Chen realised what was happening, she felt a hand enter from under her skirt and fall on her thigh. She was so shocked that she jumped up and couldn't maintain her calm and cold composure anymore. She roared at Qin Feng, "You've been placed in the Sales Department's Group 2; you can piss off now!"

    Since Li Yu Chen was not going to follow his suggestion, Qin Feng shook his head and he walked out of her office. He considered reporting this serious problem to his father that night.

    The people working in the vicinity looked over as Qin Feng walked out from Li Yu Chen's office, but Qin Feng ignored them. He walked to the table opposite Xu Ruo Rou and sat down. That table happened to be empty, so Qin Feng decided that he would work there from now on.

    Seeing Qin Feng sit down opposite her, Xu Ruo Rou felt a bit nervous. She felt a bit scared after remembering what Qin Feng had said he wanted to do to her.

    "Little sister Ruo Rou, in future, we'll be able to face each other while working. Since we're so close together, it'd be easy for things to happen under the table, right?" The Sales Department's hall was around 300 square metres, and each table was separated by a glass wall that was about half as tall as a person.

    Qin Feng was facing Xu Ruo Rou with their tables touching, and they were separated by 2 computers. He suddenly bent down and touched Xu Ruo Rou's calves, which frightened her and caused her to jerk back her legs. She looked at Qin Feng in an incredibly flustered manner.

    She was a fresh graduate from university, and had a weak and timid personality. The bullying by Qin Feng caused her eyes to become foggy, and she almost started to cry.
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