Chapter 79 - Why Should I Take It Away?

    Chapter 79 - Why Should I Take It Away?

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Qin Feng's gaze fell on the cheapest creatures - the Water creatures. These contained almost all of the aquatic creatures on earth. The cheapest ones were unevolved creatures such as turtles, which costed 100 Hedonist Points, just like the little pig.

    If Qin Feng bought 2 Water creatures, such as a turtle and a crab, he would be able to use the fusion function to fuse them together. The results of fusion were random, so the skills and stats of the result were likely to be different each time.

    After going through the fusion function, Qin Feng was dumbfounded - it was simply too powerful. He couldn't wait to fuse 2 creatures together and see what happened.

    "Qin Feng, General Manager Li put you in my group, so in the future, you'll be my subordinate." Suddenly, a cold voice sounded out, cutting through Qin Feng's excited mood.

    When he closed the System, he saw Wang Chao's dead fish eyes staring at him.

    "Oh, so you were Group 2's leader," Qin Feng said unenthusiastically.

    It was difficult for Wang Chao to conceal the look of amusement in his eyes. He never would have thought that Qin Feng would be sorted into his group. In the future, if he wanted to oppress him, it would be extremely easy.

    Li Yu Chen had actually sorted Qin Feng into Group 2 on purpose. Qin Feng had angered her in the morning, and seeing that there was conflict between him and Wang Chao, she decided to make things difficult for him.

    "Haha, Qin Feng, you'd better behave well in my group. I'll have you know that our group doesn't keep trash." Wang Chao put on the air of a leader and arrogantly looked at Qin Feng as he said, "This is your first day and it doesn't seem like you're doing much. Luckily, I've got a job for you. I hope you won't mess up this first job."

    Wang Chao had specially come up with this job for Qin Feng after thinking for an entire morning. However, this wasn't a company task, but rather something related to Wang Chao's personal affairs.

    In order to boost his performance figures, Wang Chao had acquainted himself with Chairman Xu, the head of a department store, and promoted a residential building constructed by the Royal Group to him. At that time, Chairman Xu had readily agreed to buy it and had paid a deposit. However, after Wang Chao had finished arranging all the formal paperwork, Chairman Xu had gone back on his word and refused to pay the rest.

    Wang Chao had gone to the department store to ask Chairman Xu to pay up many times, but in the end, Chairman Xu had become angry and had asked a few thugs to beat him up. Whenever he went to ask for payment, he would be beaten. In the end, Wang Chao ended up paying the remaining $500,000 balance out of his own money.

    He simply didn't dare to ask for the money anymore, but seeing that Qin Feng had come, he decided to push this task onto him. He didn't care if Qin Feng was willing or not, so he continued, "Qin Feng, go to the Vodya Department Store and find Chairman Xu. He owes our company a balance of $500,000, and today's the payment date. You have to get the money from him, got it?"

    Before, Qin Feng was planning on ignoring Wang Chao. However, sitting in the company was too boring. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou, who was diligently working, and his eyes lit up. "Wang Chao, I can go if you want, but I want to take Xu Ruo Rou with me. If you don't agree, then stop annoying me."

    Seeing that Qin Feng was talking to him like this, despite being at the lowest rung in the company, Wang Chao became so furious that he turned red.

    However, he knew that as long as Qin Feng went to ask Chairman Xu for the money, he would be beaten black and blue. As such, Wang Chao supressed his anger. Moreover, he felt even happier when he heard that Qin Feng wanted to take Xu Ruo Rou.

    He could tell that Qin Feng wanted to sleep with Xu Ruo Rou, and knew that if she saw him being beaten up, he wouldn't have the face to flirt with her anymore.

    "That's fine. You're a new Sales Representative and there are many things you don't know, so Xu Ruo Rou can go with you." Wang Chao coldly glared at Qin Feng then warmly smiled at Xu Ruo Rou and said, "Ruo Rou, take a break from what you're doing and take a trip with Qin Feng, alright?"

    "Okay." As a member of Group 2, she didn't dare to disobey the group leader's orders.

    "Wang Chao, we need an invoice if we're going to ask for money. Give me the invoice; I'm going out for a walk with little sister Ruo Rou now." Qin Feng was delighted that he could go out with Xu Ruo Rou alone.

    Such a weak and timid girl - should he take her to a hotel room first?

    "T-There's no invoice. With how big our Royal Group is, no one would dare not to pay up. Hurry up and go." How could Wang Chao have an invoice? He was afraid that Qin Feng would continue to ask, which would result in him being exposed, so he quickly chased him away.

    Qin Feng didn't mind that there was no invoice. After all, he was planning on having fun with Xu Ruo Rou. As for collecting the debt, that was only a side part of this trip.

    "Little sister Ruo Rou, let's go on our date," Qin Feng said as he smiled at her.

    Xu Ruo Rou felt as if she was a lamb being sent into a wolf's mouth. However, since Wang Chao had asked her to go, she didn't dare to refuse. She could only lower her head and obediently follow behind Qin Feng. "Qin Feng, w-we're going to collect a debt; we're not on a date. D-Don't say silly things."

    The 2 of them walked out of the Royal Group's building and to the VIP parking lot. Qin Feng brought out his low-profile, but noble 28" bicycle, which looked quite eye-catching among all the luxury cars.

    "Q-Qin Feng, can we t-take the bus?" Xu Ruo Rou felt quite embarrassed. She was quite unwilling to sit close to Qin Feng on the bike.

    "Why? You think riding on this bike is shameful?"

    "N-No, it's not like that... alright then." Xu Ruo Rou hurriedly waved her hands, not knowing how to explain herself.

    Qin Feng naturally knew what she was thinking, but had acted that way on purpose. He lifted her onto the bicycle with one arm, causing her face to turn red as she shyly sat on the seat, not daring to move.

    During the ride, Xu Ruo Rou once again experienced the speed of Qin Feng's bike. She actually quite enjoyed the sensation of the cool breeze blowing against her cheeks. It was rather refreshing and invigorating.

    "Ah, Qin Feng, c-can you please take your hand away?" Xu Ruo Rou's expression suddenly changed, because one of Qin Feng's large hands had fallen on her leg and was mischievously groping around.

    "Why should I take it away?" Qin Feng laughed.

    "Because... Because I don't like it." Xu Ruo Rou was so desperate that she almost started crying again.
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