Chapter 81 - Its Really A Misunderstanding

    Chapter 81 - It's Really A Misunderstanding

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    The worst insult Xu Ruo Rou could come up with was even asked as a question. Qin Feng's face darkened.

    No matter what he tried, nothing had worked. If this went on, he wouldn't be able to change her, even if a year passed.

    Qin Feng suddenly pulled Xu Ruo Rou over and evilly looked at her as he said, "Xu Ruo Rou, I want you to go over and kick this fat pig's face. He needs to pay a price for saying those dirty things to you."

    Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she started to tremble. She didn't even know how to curse at someone - how could she have the guts to hit someone? "Qin Feng, p-please spare me. I-I'm afraid; I don't know how to hit someone," she stammered as she desperately shook her head.

    However, Qin Feng did not let go. He knew that he had to persist and force her to her limit. Only then would there be a chance for her to change and become a strong woman.

    "Xu Ruo Rou, if you don't kick his face, I'll rip your clothes off , throw you on him, and let him bully you."

    Qin Feng's gaze became fierce, as if he was a dangerous beast. Xu Ruo Rou had been completely terrified for a while now, so she could only shake her head.

    Qin Feng felt quite annoyed, and was starting to become desperate. He dragged Xu Ruo Rou over to a corner and started to pull off her white shirt.

    In a few moments, he had undone the buttons on her shirt and her soft breasts bounced out.

    "Qin Feng, l-let me go, I-I don't like this." Xu Ruo Rou was scared stiff, and started to use her hands to cover herself up. However, Qin Feng ignored her and used his hands to press her hands against the wall.

    "Xu Ruo Rou, resist. If you want me to stop, then hit me, kick me, or curse at me. If you don't resist, I'll think that you like this and I'll have to take advantage of you."

    As Qin Feng spoke, he buried his head into her chest, and Xu Ruo Rou's tears started to flow. "Qin Feng, I-I want to go back. P-P-Please let me go back," she chokingly cried.

    Qin Feng looked up and saw Xu Ruo Rou's tearful face; she looked like a pitiful child. In an instant, Qin Feng's heart softened, and he immediately regretted his actions. He felt that he had been incredibly selfish - in order to complete the quest, he had forced Xu Ruo Rou into crying. This was quite unfair to her.

    Qin Feng hurriedly let her go and found that in his eagerness to complete the quest, he hadn't realised how hard he had been holding her wrists, which were now red. He quickly helped her button up her shirt, then gently pulled her into his embrace as he patted her back and said, "Ruo Rou, don't cry, I'll take you back now. I was too caught up in the moment just then. Please don't be angry."

    Xu Ruo Rou gradually calmed down and after wiping off her tears, she gently pushed Qin Feng away. It wasn't difficult to tell that she was still quite afraid of Qin Feng.

    At this moment, Chairman Xu, who had been playing dead, quickly got up and ran over to the door. He blocked the way with his fat body as he glared at Qin Feng.

    When Qin Feng had been trying to get Xu Ruo Rou to take out her anger on Chairman Xu, he had called his group of thugs. These three men were from the north-west's Wild Wolf Gang and were truly part of the underworld. Previously, it was them who had beaten Wang Chao up.

    The three men had sent a text saying that they would be there within 10 minutes. Chairman Xu had been watching the entire time, and knew that they would arrive very soon. As such, he blocked at the door, afraid that Qin Feng would run.

    "Oi, baldy, do you want another beating?" Qin Feng unhappily asked when he saw Chairman Xu act so strangely.

    Chairman Xu's fear of Qin Feng had long since disappeared after hearing back from the three men. He arrogantly smiled and replied, "Haha, you still want to hit your elder? Just you wait until your elder's men are here to break your hands and feet.

    Just as he spoke, there was a loud thudding of footsteps running upstairs. Chairman Xu grinned as he hurriedly opened the door, and 3 tattooed men walked in.

    "Big brother long-hair, big brother bald-head, big brother wolf, you're finally here. If you had come any later, I would have been beaten to death by this little scumbag. It was this stinking brat who dared to come here to ask for money. He's simply seeking death."

    As soon as the three tattooed men arrived, Chairman Xu returned to his arrogant, condescending self. His face was upturned, to the point that Qin Feng could almost see up his nostrils. "And also, this guy was sent by that idiot Wang Chao. That idiot was so scared by you guys that he sent this idiot over."

    The three tattooed men looked over and felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

    Qin Feng stared back at them with a look of amusement on his face.

    He had thought that he would be able to warm up his body a little, but now, it seemed as though that would not be necessary.

    "Big brother long-hair, big brother bald-head, big brother wolf, w-what's wrong?" Seeing that the 3 men were frozen, Chairman Xu nudged them as he started to yell, "Don't worry, I'll pay much more this time. As long as you can break th-"

    Before he could even finish his sentence, the long-haired men savagely slapped him.

    Chairman Xu yelled out in pain and was just about to curse at the long-haired man for slapping the wrong person, when the bald-headed man punched him in the abdomen. By now, he was in so much pain that he couldn't speak and could only look at them, silently pleading for them to attack Qin Feng, not him.

    In the end, the furious man with the wolf tattoo kicked Chairman Xu's leg, sending him falling to the ground.

    These attacks were just a warm-up for the three tattooed men. When they realised that the person Chairman Xu had asked them to take care of was Qin Feng, they felt like killing him.

    In order to prove their loyalty, they gathered around Chairman Xu and furiously attacked him, continuously filling the office with Chairman Xu's screams. Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she retreated to a corner and squatted there while covering her ears.

    After punching and kicking him for more than a minute, Chairman Xu was unable to hold on anymore and fainted. Only then did the 3 men stop and hurriedly come over to Qin Feng's side with big smiles plastered all over their faces.

    "Young master Qin, it's really a misunderstanding."

    "That's right, young master Qin. We helped this guy take care of Wang Chao in the past, but we didn't know that he called us here to deal with you. Otherwise, we would have brought everyone with us and just executed this idiot on the spot."

    "Young master Qin, please don't be angry, please don't be angry."

    Seeing that the 3 tattooed men were so apologetic, Qin Feng waved his hands, indicating that they were forgiven. After all, this couldn't be blamed on them.

    "The thing I asked you to take care of last night - how did it go?" Qin Feng asked about Liang Zhen Wei's matter.

    Young master Qin, we dragged that guy onto a deserted mountain and buried him there. He definitely won't be found, " the long-haired man whispered into Qin Feng's ear.
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