Chapter 82 - Qin Feng, Youre A Good Person

    Chapter 82 - Qin Feng, You're A Good Person

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    Editor: Master Shadow

    Qin Feng nodded in satisfaction. "Very good. I want you to wake this guy up now - he owes this young master $500,000, and I want you to get it from him."

    The poor Chairman Xu was quite pitiful. After being punched and kicked into unconsciousness, he was woken up by punching and kicking.

    As soon as Chairman Xu woke up, he started screaming, "Aiyo... 3 brothers, please stop hitting me... it hurts to death." The long-haired man slapped him in the face as he cursed, "What are you yelling for? If you keep yelling, we'll throw you into the river for fish to eat."

    Chairman Xu immediately shut up, his face red. He was quite clear about the background of these 3 men - they really would do such a thing.

    "You reckless idiot, do you know who this is? This is our big brother. You called us here to deal with our big brother? Do you want to die?" The long-haired man once again slapped Chairman Xu. Although it hurt quite bit, he didn't dare to cry out.

    At this moment, he felt incredibly regretful. He never thought that Qin Feng would be the big brother of these men.

    "Big brother, I-I had eyes but did not recognise Mount Tai, p-please forgive me," Chairman Xu begged Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng kicked out and flipped him over. "Don't beg me for mercy; go and apologise to Ruo Rou. This young master feels like slapping you to death for saying those things earlier."

    Chairman Xu hurriedly crawled over to Xu Ruo Rou and kowtowed, saying, "Big sister, I-I deserve to die. I'm a shameless beast who was stupid and blind. Please ask big brother to forgive me."

    Chairman Xu slapped himself as he apologised, scaring Xu Ruo Rou to death. She hurriedly ran over to Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng, l-let's go."

    "Are you still angry?"

    "I'm not angry anymore. Tell him not to hit himself anymore; I think he's going to die otherwise." Xu Ruo Rou hid behind Qin Feng, not daring to look at Chairman Xu.

    His face had already been quite chubby but now it was completely swollen, which made it look like a pig's head.

    Qin Feng waved his hands at the 3 men, and they immediately kicked Chairman Xu, ordering, "Stop hitting yourself and give big brother his $500,000. Otherwise, your elder will kill you right now."

    Chairman Xu was truly and utterly afraid of Qin Feng. To him, $500,000 in exchange for his life was definitely worth it. Moreover, he indeed owed that Wang Chao $500,000, so he hurriedly took out a card from his pocket. "Big brother, there's $600,000 in this card. The extra $100,000 is a gift for big brother."

    Qin Feng could tell that this Chairman Xu wasn't an idiot, so he nodded, and the long-haired man brought the card over to him.

    "Long-hair, go to the nearest bank and put $300,000 into another card," Qin Feng ordered.

    He had taken Xu Ruo Rou out with him this time, so naturally, he was going to give her half of this as a fee for her hard work.

    The long-haired man immediately ran out; less than 20 minutes later, he came back with 2 cards.

    After receiving the money, Qin Feng ignored Chairman Xu and brought the 3 tattooed men to one side as he handed one of the cards to the long-haired man. "You 3 were from the north-west's Wild Wolf Gang, right?"

    The long-haired man received the card in surprise, then nodded.

    "I'll give this $300,000 to you guys, but I want you to take one of the Wild Wolf Gang's territories for me within 1 week. I want you to then use that territory as a foundation and take over the other territories, until you take over the entire Wild Wolf Gang.

    "Can you do that?"

    Although Qin Feng was hedonistic and dissolute, he was quite smart, and was good at choosing people. He never kept trash by his side; after seeing how these men had taken care of the matter with Liang Zhen Wei and how they had reacted in this incident, he decided to test them.

    If they couldn't take over an important territory within 1 week with the $300,000, it would be no use for them to keep it.

    Loyal and useful followers were something that one could only come by with luck.

    Zhang Biao was a good subordinate, and Qin Feng was quite fond of him. At a key moment, he had taken a hit for Qin Feng, and bore the crime of killing Hao Yun.

    If these 3 men could also obtain Qin Feng's recognition, they would be able to help him more in the future...

    The 3 men looked at the card containing $300,000, and their gazes became determined. Before, they were the lowest level of thugs in the Wild Wolf Gang, and hadn't received any recognition. They faced danger every day, and yet did not receive any fame or fortune for their efforts.

    And now, Qin Feng had given them an opportunity to change their lives. How could the 3 of them refuse?

    "Young master Qin, please rest assured. Within 7 days, we 3 brothers will give you a satisfactory outcome," the 3 men promised Qin Feng.

    After the 3 men had made this commitment, Qin Feng allowed them to leave. They had much to do, and would require all the time they could get.

    Not too long after the 3 men left, Qin Feng came over to Xu Ruo Rou. She still looked quite nervous, and Qin Feng smiled as he held her hand and walked out of the Vodya Department Store.

    After coming out and looking at the blue sky and feeling the radiant sunshine on her face, Xu Ruo Rou lightly patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. Qin Feng thought she looked incredibly cute.

    "Ruo Rou, you can get on now." Qin Feng pushed the 28" bicycle over. He didn't have a lock, and was quite pleased to see no one had stolen it.

    In truth, Xu Ruo Rou didn't want to ride on Qin Feng's bicycle, as she would have to sit incredibly close to him. However, she didn't want to refuse, so she shyly got on.

    As the bicycle sped through the streets, Xu Ruo Rou gradually recovered, and saw that Qin Feng had stopped outside a western-style restaurant.

    "Qin Feng, aren't we going back to the company?" Xu Ruo Rou weakly asked.

    Qin Feng smiled as he got off the bicycle, then carried Xu Ruo Rou off as well. "There's still 2 hours until work finishes; we've gone through so much trouble to collect this debt, so of course we should stall until work finishes."

    Xu Ruo Rou understood what Qin Feng was thinking - in other words, he wanted to slack off. Normally, she wouldn't even consider such a thing, but with Qin Feng dragging her along, she had no choice.

    When they arrived at the entrance of the western-style restaurant, Xu Ruo Rou suddenly stopped as she lowered her head and twisted the corners of her clothes. "Qin Feng, I-I just started at the company, and I haven't even received a pay check yet. I-I don't have the money to eat with you here."

    "Who could bear to let a little beauty like you pay? It's my treat today. I went a bit overboard before, so think of it as an apology," Qin Feng laughed as he pulled her into the restaurant.

    Xu Ruo Rou felt a wave of warmth flow through her heart, and she followed Qin Feng in.

    Qin Feng picked a table near the window and ordered a couple's meal.

    While they were waiting, Xu Ruo Rou mustered up her courage as she looked at Qin Feng and said to him, "Thank you, Qin Feng."

    "What are you thanking me for?" Qin Feng didn't think this was a very big matter.

    "Thank you for treating me to a western-style meal." Xu Ruo Rou never liked to owe other people. Since Qin Feng had treated her, she naturally had to thank him.

    "It's nothing big; as long as you don't hold what happened earlier against me, that'll be enough."

    "I've already forgotten about it," Xu Ruo Rou said as she gently nodded her head. Although she was quite shy, she wasn't stupid. After calming down, she realised that Qin Feng had been trying to help her take revenge on Chairman Xu, as well as help her overcome her timidity.

    Xu Ruo Rou suddenly looked at Qin Feng as she earnestly said, "Qin Feng, you're a good person."

    Qin Feng was drinking juice, and after hearing Xu Ruo Rou say this, he choked and took a while to recover.

    He had nearly stripped off her clothes, and yet she had called him a good person. He wasn't sure if she really meant it, or was sarcastically cursing at him.

    "Ruo Rou, tell me about your family," Qin Feng said. He wondered if Xu Ruo Rou's personality had to do with her family.

    Xu Ruo Rou's face suddenly paled as she furiously shook her head. "I-I don't want to talk about it."

    Qin Feng didn't continue to ask after seeing the massive change in her emotions. The atmosphere became somewhat awkward, and both of them looked out the window without talking.

    In another corner of the restaurant, 2 elegantly-dressed, rich young men sat at a table. They were both incredibly handsome, and their skin was even better than a woman's.

    "Big brother Li, I haven't seen that Qin Feng at university recently; I wonder where he's gone." One of the men's eyes burned with anger as he mentioned Qin Feng.

    "Recently, the Hao family and Qin family have been fighting it out. In order to protect him, the Qin family arranged for him to work at the Royal Group's headquarters. More than half of the Qin family's experts have been hidden in the Royal Group as security officers - it's just that no one can tell very easily," the other man replied.

    These 2 men were Hua Ming and Li Shao Jie of the Acropolis University's 4 Young Masters.

    Ever since Qin Feng had defeated Hua Ming in the art competition and hit him in front of everyone, he had stopped coming to university. Hua Ming had asked Li Shao Jie to help him take care of Qin Feng, but he hadn't been able to find him.

    "Haha, that idiot's way too arrogant. I heard that he ran to the Hao family's Amethyst Dragon Palace and killed Hao Yun in public. What a brainless imbecile! The Hao family should just exterminate the Qin family." Whenever he talked about Qin Feng, Hua Ming was incredibly enraged. "Big brother Li, should we help the Hao family deal with the Qin family?"

    Li Shao Jie gently shook his head, but didn't say anything. His thoughts had returned to a few nights ago when he had seen Qin Feng killing the Liang family's third son, Liang Sheng; he had even recorded it.

    Li Shao Jie had planned to anonymously send the video to the Liang family and use them to destroy the Qin family. However, before he could act, Qin Feng had killed Hao Yun.

    After seeing that the Qin family and Hao family were engaged in a large battle, Li Shao Jie changed his plan - he was no longer in a rush to send the video to the Liang family. After all, he wasn't as impulsive and rash as Hua Ming; he had long since investigated the strength and backgrounds of each of the big families in the Acropolis City.

    The Qin family and Sima family both had deep foundations, and each of them had a powerful main family supporting them.
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