Chapter 83 - If Only Love Was As Beautiful As At First Sight

    Chapter 83 - If Only Love Was As Beautiful As At First Sight

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    If it was just the Hao family fighting with the Qin family, the capital's Qin family most likely wouldn't act. However, if the capital's Liang family also attacked, the capital's Qin family definitely wouldn't sit and watch.

    Li Shao Jie was representing the Yun Hai City's Li family, and wasn't here just to go to university. He was using his identity as a university student to investigate the powers of the Acropolis City, preparing to lead the Yun Hai City's Li family to conquer the Acropolis City.

    The Qin family and Hao family's battle was a rare opportunity, and he would strike at an opportune time.

    "Big brother Li, look, isn't that person Qin Feng?" Hua Ming suddenly cried out as his eyes widened and he pointed at another section of the restaurant.

    Li Shao Jie looked over, and his eyes glinted. That person was indeed Qin Feng, and he was eating with a pretty girl.

    "Fudge, that guy really went to work," said Hua Ming, shocked and disappointed at the sight of Qin Feng wearing a white shirt and black pants.

    Although Li Shao Jie had told him about this, Hua Ming was still dumbfounded after seeing it for himself. No one would be able to believe that the Acropolis City's number 1 hedonist would go to work.

    "What the frick? Isn't the Qin family at war with the Hao family? And he's here casually flirting with a girl?" Seeing that Qin Feng was still just as loose and dissolute despite working, Hua Ming felt so angry that his teeth itched.

    Li Shao Jie wasn't as angry as Hua Ming, but an evil smile flashed on his face. He suddenly looked towards Hua Ming as he said, "Hua Ming, Qin Feng hasn't been going to university recently, so how has your development with Zhao Ling Xian been? Have you been able to sleep with that arrogant goddess yet?"

    "No." Hua Ming looked quite depressed.

    He found that after Qin Feng had stopped coming to university, Zhao Ling Xian had become even colder, and Hua Ming didn't even dare to approach her.

    "In that case, how about you invite Zhao Ling Xian to have a western-style lunch with you here?" Li Shao Jie asked as a look of entertainment appeared on his face.

    Hua Ming was just about to say that Zhao Ling Xian definitely wouldn't come. However, his eyes lit up as he understood what Li Shao Jie's intention was. "That's right; Qin Feng's here seducing another girl. If we call Zhao Ling Xian here and she sees him like this, she'll be hurt and forget about him. That'll give me the opportunity to make a move."

    After speaking, Hua Ming took out his phone and called Zhao Ling Xian. At the same time, Li Shao Jie secretly sent a text under the table, telling the Hao family's people where Qin Feng was.

    "Hello, who is this?" Hua Ming's call connected.

    A cold, emotionless voice sounded out. Evidently, Zhao Ling Xian hadn't saved Hua Ming's number.

    Hua Ming felt quite displeased, but he quickly managed his emotions as he cheerfully said, "Zhao Ling Xian, it's me, Hua Ming."

    As soon as she heard that it was Hua Ming, Zhao Ling Xian decided to end the call. "I don't have anything to say to you; I'm hanging up now."

    Hua Ming's face fell, and he hurriedly said, "Wait, I saw Qin Feng at the Swiss restaurant."

    After she heard this, Zhao Ling Xian didn't hang up, but her breathing became heavier. After falling silent for a moment, she replied, "There's nothing between us."

    Very soon, the couple's meal that Qin Feng had ordered was brought over.

    Xu Ruo Rou very rarely came to this sort of place to eat. She awkwardly held her fork and knife as she tried to cut her steak, which caused it to almost fall out of her plate many times.

    After seeing how cute and awkward she looked, Qin Feng patted her head then expertly cut his steak into small pieces, then swapped their plates.

    "Thank you, Qin Feng!"

    The delicious meal in front of her made Xu Ruo Rou felt incredibly happy, and she forgot all that had happened earlier. She was smiling so much that her eyes became two crescent moons, and as she smelled the delicious steak, she quickly brought a piece into her mouth and slowly savoured it.

    "You don't need to thank me for something small like that," Qin Feng replied while cutting his steak.

    "Of course I need to thank you. No matter if it's a big matter or small matter, as long as someone has helped me, I should thank them," Xu Ruo Rou earnestly replied.

    Qin Feng shook his head, then took out the card with $300,000 from his pocket, and put it in front of Xu Ruo Rou. "This is for you."

    Xu Ruo Rou recognised this card - it was one of the cards that long-haired, savage-looking man had brought back for Qin Feng. There was still $300,000 in it.

    She was given a big fright, and hurriedly pushed it back to Qin Feng, saying, "This is group leader Wang's money; I can't take it. Y-You should give it back to him."

    "Give it back to him? Do you think there's something wrong with my head?" Qin Feng's expression became severe as he pushed the card back. "If I tell you to take it, just take it, alright?"

    Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she put down her fork and knife, and didn't dare to continue eating. "B-But this is someone else's money... I can't take it."

    "Then are you going to tell Wang Chao that I stole his money?" Qin Feng felt a bit angry.

    "I-I won't say that."

    "And what if he asks what happened to the money? What will you say?" Qin Feng continued to ask.

    "I, I..." Xu Ruo Rou had never lied in her life, and didn't know what to do.

    Qin Feng understood Xu Ruo Rou's honest and kind personality, and knew that this would be quite harsh on her. As such, he asked, "Ruo Rou, do you dislike Wang Chao?"

    Xu Ruo Rou hesitated for a while before nodding.

    She had only been working at the Royal Group for a week, but every time Wang Chao looked at her, she felt quite disgusted.

    "Qin Feng, p-please don't tell group leader Wang," Xu Ruo Rou said fearfully.

    Qin Feng smiled, "Don't worry, why would I tell him? Since you dislike him, help me screw him over once. If he asks you about the money, just say we weren't able to collect it. Isn't that fine?"

    Xu Ruo Rou sank into silence, and did not reply.

    Qin Feng suddenly grabbed Xu Ruo Rou's hand as he looked at her sincerely. "Ruo Rou, can you lie just once for me?"

    There were quite a few people in the restaurant, and Xu Ruo Rou felt quite nervous when Qin Feng grabbed her hand. However, she didn't want to withdraw her hand, for fear of hurting Qin Feng's feelings.

    At this moment, a beautiful figure outside walked past where Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou were sitting. Zhao Ling Xian's body suddenly stopped as she saw this scene through the glass.

    She had thought that after saying goodbye to Qin Feng that time, they would drift apart and would become strangers. However, after receiving Hua Ming's call and hearing that Qin Feng was at a restaurant, she couldn't help but go out of the house. After walking for a while, she naturally came to the western-style restaurant.

    Standing in front of the window, Zhao Ling Xian saw Qin Feng hold a pure and pretty girl's hand as he earnestly looked at her. Their meal was also the couple's meal, causing Zhao Ling Xian's heart to ache.

    When she saw the 28" bicycle parked outside the restaurant, she couldn't hold in the tears anymore.

    In the end, Qin Feng was still that hedonistic and dissolute young master. He had long since changed from that big brother who would play with her. He would no longer spend his time with an arrogant big miss like her, and would instead go out seducing beauties.

    She felt that things could never return to the way they were before, and she turned and left, feeling incredibly lonely.

    If only love was as beautiful as at first sight; why should the autumn wind bother to pity deserted painted fans? [TLN: This is a stanza from an ancient Chinese poem which essentially says that if only a romance was as beautiful as it was at first sight, there would be no need for pain or desertion. The 'painted fans' refer to a deserted woman, who is pitied by even the bleak autumn wind.]
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