Chapter 85 - Ill Come Next Time To Teach You To Dance

    Chapter 85 - I'll Come Next Time To Teach You To Dance

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    After she thought about how this person had continuously caused trouble for her and had even dared to flirt with her, Liu Bing Bing was filled with anger. She had no thoughts about releasing Qin Feng, and after she thought for a moment, a hint of a smile appeared in her eyes.

    A charming expression suddenly appeared on Liu Bing Bing's icy face, and she swayed her voluptuous body as she walked over to Qin Feng.

    "Young master Qin, you're so smart - I brought you here today because I wanted to dance an elegant waltz with you." Liu Bing Bing's voice was usually incredibly cold, so as he heard this, Qin Feng felt goose bumps rise up along his body.

    Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to think that Liu Bing Bing had really fallen for him and wanted to dance with him. However, he gave a lewd smile as he stared at Liu Bing Bing's chest. "Big beauty Liu, waltzes are too boring - how about I teach you the 'Chest-shaking Dance' that I invented?"

    As soon as Liu Bing Bing heard this dance's name, her expression became cold again. However, in order to take down Qin Feng, a warm smile reappeared on her face, "Sure, sure, teach me then."

    "Big beauty Liu, you actually possess quite a bit of talent for learning this dance, as it has strict requirements for the dancers. With a flawless body like yours, all you need to remember is that you need to shake your chest as much as possible."

    Qin Feng looked incredibly sincere as he came over to Liu Bing Bing and started to help her take off her clothes. An icy aura erupted from Liu Bing Bing's body, but she gritted her teeth and endured. However, if Qin Feng went too far, she vowed to shoot him on the spot.

    Qin Feng expertly undid the buttons on Liu Bing Bing's jacket, and helped her take it off, but did not go any further. Inside, Liu Bing Bing was wearing a thin, white blouse through which her black bra could be faintly seen.

    "Big beauty Liu, it's probably better to take off all your clothes if you want to do this dance properly; I'll help you." After taking of her jacket, Qin Feng started to help her take off her blouse.

    Liu Bing Bing simply couldn't endure anymore, and luckily, at this moment, a patter of footsteps could be heard coming towards the interrogation room. She looked out and saw that it was the Qin family's bodyguard bringing a large group of people over, and a look of amusement appeared in her eyes.

    She grabbed Qin Feng's hand and pressed it against her chest as she leaned forwards into Qin Feng's embrace, and started to scream.

    "Ahhhh! You hooligan, you bastard, let me go! You dared to sexually assault me? Help! Someone help! There's a pervert here!"

    The interrogation room's door was thrown open, and Uncle Fu walked in with some of the Qin family's experts. All of them, including Uncle Fu, had some small wounds and their clothes were a bit tattered, as if they had just come from a fight. Behind Uncle Fu was also the North District Sub-Bureau's Director, Director Zhang.

    They had heard the noise from within the interrogation room, but the scene that greeted them left them completely dumbfounded.

    The fiery-tempered police beauty, Liu Bing Bing, was lying in Qin Feng's embrace with her jacket off. 2 buttons of her blouse were undone, and Qin Feng's hand was pressed on one of her breasts.

    After these people had run in, Liu Bing Bing put on a frightened appearance as she hurriedly ran over to Director Zhang. She looked teary as she said, "Director Zhang, thank goodness you're here. You all saw that Qin Feng dared to violate me in the interrogation room. This person's worse than a beast, and even dares to sexually assault a police officer; Director Zhang, you have to capture him and give me justice."

    Director Zhang's face darkened. He had been ordered here by the Acropolis City's Head Bureau's Director Ma to release Qin Feng.

    However, seeing that Qin Feng had dared to do such a thing to Liu Bing Bing, Director Zhang was stuck in a dilemma. Director Zhang knew about Liu Bing Bing's background. If this matter was spread to the capital's Liu family and Old Chief Liu found out that his precious granddaughter had been violated in Director Zhang's Sub-Bureau by a hedonistic young master, his days would be over.

    Director Zhang gave Uncle Fu a serious look. "Ah Fu, you also saw what happened. I-I can't just pretend that I didn't see it."

    Uncle Fu's expression was also quite grave, and even he didn't know how to defend Qin Feng. He felt quite frustrated - even if Qin Feng was feeling horny, he couldn't just lay his hands on a policewoman.

    A policewoman with a powerful background, at that.

    "Director Zhang, if you don't mind, I want to arrest Qin Feng for attempted rape, which has a sentence of 3 years. If you can't decide on this, I'll call my grandfather to make a decision on this."

    Liu Bing Bing was determined to take down Qin Feng this time, and took out her phone, preparing to call her family. Director Zhang was so scared that cold sweat erupted all over his body. After seeing that he had no choice, he could only say to his 2 subordinates behind him, "Go and lock Qin Feng up."

    The 2 men walked over towards Qin Feng, and Uncle Fu didn't know what to say. However, Qin Feng lazily stretched his body as he casually spoke.

    "Ai, your North District Sub-Bureau's really opened this young master's eyes. This beauty policewoman tried to violate me, but I maintained a pure body and heart and refused her. In the end, she decided to frame me and sentence me to jail.

    "However, I simply don't understand - with my hands handcuffed together, how could I possibly violate her? With her skills, I'm sure she'd be able to cripple me first."

    Qin Feng walked over to Director Zhang and Liu Bing Bing, and moved his hands apart, revealing the silver handcuffs on his wrists.

    Liu Bing Bing's expression suddenly changed as she reached behind her back, and found that her handcuffs were gone, and were now on Qin Feng's wrists.

    "You... You... " Liu Bing Bing was angered to the point that her face became pale, but she couldn't say anything.

    Uncle Fu's eyes lit up as he hurriedly spoke, "Haha, it seems that this was all a misunderstanding. Director Liu, our family's young master likes to play jokes, and says whatever he likes. However, he is kind-hearted and does not possess any malice, so if he offended you, please forgive him."

    After saying some words of courtesy to Liu Bing Bing, Uncle Fu looked over to Director Zhang. "Director Zhang, since this was all a misunderstanding, I'll be taking the young master back now. After hearing the young master had been taken in again, Mr Qin has been quite worried, and is currently waiting for the young master."

    "Ahaha, yes, that's right. Since the misunderstanding has been cleared, Qin Feng can leave now. As for the incident at the restaurant, through reviewing the evidence, we have concluded that Hao Nan tried to injure Qin Feng using his car, and Qin Feng was the victim. I deeply apologise for not being able to protect him."

    Director Zhang could also tell that Liu Bing Bing deeply hated Qin Feng and wanted to frame him. However, he never thought that Qin Feng would be able to turn the tables, and not only did he take advantage of her, he was also portrayed as the victim.

    Since the matter had been resolved, the worried Director Zhang let out a sigh of relief. He waved at one of the police officers behind him, who brought over a silk banner of recognition.

    "Qin Feng, this silk banner of recognition was especially made for you, to thank you for capturing the national fugitive Zhang Fei. We never thought that he would be hiding in the Acropolis City and be posing as the Hao family's butler. Luckily, you were able to discover this. Your courage and wisdom is something that all Chinese citizens can learn from.

    "There's also this card with $100,000 as a reward for capturing Zhang Fei."

    Director Zhang happily handed over the banner and bank card to Qin Feng, which Qin Feng gratefully received. Liu Bing Bing felt like coughing up blood at this sight.

    She had brought him here to put him in jail, and now he was leaving with a silk banner and reward money.

    Qin Feng looked over to Liu Bing Bing's icy face as he came over to her and put his arm around her. He lifted up the red banner as he smiled and said, "Uncle Fu, take a photo for us.

    "Last time, if it wasn't for Director Liu rushing to the scene at the Amethyst Dragon Palace and controlling the scene for me, I might not have been able to return alive. As such, half of the glory should go to beauty Liu."

    Qin Feng's actions gave Liu Bing Bing a big fright, and just as she was going to attack him, Uncle Fu took out his phone and started to take photos, so she could only look over with a serious expression.


    After the photo had been taken, Qin Feng quickly moved away from Liu Bing Bing. Even if she wanted to retaliate, she had lost the chance.

    "Director Liu, Uncle Fu and I will be leaving now. Dad's quite worried about me, so I'll come next time to teach you to dance!"

    Qin Feng grinned at Liu Bing Bing, and before she could explode, he quickly brought the Qin family's people with him and left.

    After seeing the gleeful look on Qin Feng's face, flames burned in Liu Bing Bing's eyes as she inwardly cursed his 18 generations of ancestors.

    "Uncle Fu, what happened to you all?" As soon as they exited the police station, Qin Feng's gaze became serious as he looked at the wounds on Uncle Fu's body.

    The black robe that Uncle Fu wore was in tatters, and was filled with holes. There were streaks of blood running down his arms and legs, and there was a small cut on his face. It was the first time Qin Feng had seen Uncle Fu in such a state.

    However, Uncle Fu gave a clear laugh. "They're all superficial wounds; I'm fine. We were fighting a fierce battle with the Hao family when we received a call from Mr Qin, telling us that something had come up with young master, so we hurried over."

    Qin Feng had not paid much attention to the battle between the Qin family and Hao family; he felt that his life hadn't changed at all, and he had lived as he always had.

    However, seeing the state Uncle Fu and the Qin family's loyal bodyguards were in, Qin Feng only realised that his life of peace and serenity was bought with their efforts and deaths. "Uncle Fu, how's the situation?"
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