Chapter 87 - Pikachu and Black Turtle

    Chapter 87 - Pikachu and Black Turtle

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    Editor: Master Shadow

    "Qin Feng, don't scare Ruo Rou like that. We were just talking about clients, so what are you yelling about?

    "And also, didn't your elder tell you to go collect a debt? What the hell have you been doing? I don't believe that you went to the Vodya Department Store at all. The company's paying you money and yet, you've been mucking around. Tomorrow, your elder's going to report you to the Managers and..."

    Qin Feng couldn't stand Wang Chao anymore. His way of making him shut up was simple but effective - he punched Wang Chao's face, making his nose crooked and splattering his face with blood.

    Wang Chao was so furious that his entire face twisted as he pointed at Qin Feng and yelled, "Fudge, you dared to hit me? Your elder..."

    In order to prove that he really did dare to hit Wang Chao, Qin Feng then kicked Wang Chao in the abdomen, knocking him to the ground.

    Qin Feng had used quite a bit of strength in this kick and Wang Chao felt that his bones were going to collapse. He held his throbbing abdomen as he looked at Qin Feng in fear. His domineering look was long gone.

    "D-Don't come over here, I-I'll just make a small report on you. Y-You can continue working properly and we'll pretend this never happened." After witnessing how strong Qin Feng was, Wang Chao started to beg for mercy.

    However, Qin Feng didn't plan to let him off so easily. Just as he was going to continue hitting Wang Chao, Xu Ruo Rou grabbed his arm and said, "Qin Feng, please, don't hit him anymore. L-Let's hurry and go."

    Seeing how frightened she looked, Qin Feng couldn't bear to refuse. He glared at Wang Chao and coldly said, "Ruo Rou belongs to your elder. You'd better not have any thoughts towards her in future."

    Qin Feng had become so angry because Wang Chao had bullied Xu Ruo Rou. Although Wang Chao had tried to screw him over, he couldn't be bothered to make a fuss out of it.

    When Qin Feng affectionately put his arm around Xu Ruo Rou as they left, Wang Chao's face darkened as a look of ruthlessness appeared in his eyes. He vowed that one day, he would kill Qin Feng.

    "Thank you, Qin Feng. I-I'll be going now." After leaving the building, Xu Ruo Rou headed home while Qin Feng rode the 28" bicycle back to the Qin Residence.

    After arriving home, he found that Butler Wang was making dinner, and that his father and Han Ying Ying had not come back yet. Qin Feng went up three floors to his own bedroom.

    Qin Feng casually took off his clothes and put on a pair of beach shorts as he lay bare-chested on the large, soft bed. He had become quite interested in the fusion function, but had been cut off by Wang Chao. He now hurriedly opened up the System and started to look through it again.

    Within the fusion function system, creatures that could be fused were split into Sky, Earth and Water. The most basic Earth creatures costed 100 Hedonist Points, Water creatures costed 200 Hedonist points, while Sky creatures costed 300 Hedonist Points.

    After killing Liang Zhen Wei, Qin Feng had received a reward of 1000 hedonist Points. After spending 50 Hedonist Points on the Little Li Throwing Knife to kill Hao Nan, he still had 950 Hedonist Points.

    He was quite eager to buy the Wind Blade Martial Skill, as he would be able to use his Inner Qi to continuously fire Wind Blades. The Little Li Throwing Knives were 50 Hedonist Points each, so Qin Feng couldn't keep using them to kill people. That was simply unsustainable.

    However, he was also incredibly interested in the fusion function. In the end, he decided to spend these 950 Hedonist Points on the fusion function.

    "I wish I had more Hedonist Points!!!" Qin Feng inwardly cursed.

    After give it some thought, Qin Feng decided to first buy two Earth creatures to try it out. He suddenly thought of Tom and Jerry, which he used to watch when he was younger, and spent 200 Hedonist Points to buy a yellow cat and a brown mouse.

    "Ding... congratulations Host for successfully buying pets. Would you like to fuse them for free?" When Qin Feng bought them, a system announcement rang out.


    As he gave the order, a large furnace appeared in Qin Feng's mind. The two cute animals were thrown in, and the large furnace started to spin. Half a minute later, a new creature, surrounded by light, rose up out of the furnace and entered the Hedonist Sovereign System's Pet Inventory.

    Qin Feng immediately opened his Pet Inventory to look at this new Earth creature.

    Pikachu -

    HP: 1.

    Battle Power: 1.

    Agility: 1.

    Skill: Wind Speed (becomes fast as wind)

    Hidden Skill: 100,000 Lightning (Hidden Skill has a certain chance of being activated; does not have a 100% chance of being activated.)

    Intelligence: Can understand human speech.

    Status: Elementary Cute Pet (Elementary Cute Pet - Elementary Awakened Pet - Intermediate Awakened Pet - Advanced Awakened Pet - Ultra Awakened Pet - Sovereign Awakened Pet.)

    System Announcement: The fused Pikachu has gained the cat's sensitive detection abilities, as well as the mouse's gutless personality. Please do not scare the Pikachu - if it is scared to death, the System will not take responsibility!

    Qin Feng's eyes were almost blinded by fused pet's name. Now, he realised that a Pikachu was simply a cross between a mouse and a cat.

    No wonder it looked like a mouse and a cat.

    After looking through the Pikachu's stats, Qin Feng brought out the palm-sized, cute-looking creature onto his bed.

    Qin Feng scooped it into his hand and looked at it closely. Most of its fur was yellow, but its claws and ears were brown. It also had three, orderly stripes on its back, and looked quite cute and pretty. It was currently using its tiny pink tongue to lick Qin Feng's hand.

    "Pika, Pikachu!" Pikachu suddenly looked at Qin Feng and excitedly jumped up.

    Qin Feng frowned. Not only did this look like the Pikachu from the show, it even talked in the same way.

    It seemed that Pikachu was hungry, so Qin Feng poured a cup of milk and brought it over. Pikachu immediately ran over and happily lapped at the milk.

    Qin Feng was only just satisfied with this fusion. This little thing was like the little pig: it could only be kept as a cute pet and didn't have any battle capabilities that Qin Feng needed.

    Now that he had the fusion function, Qin Feng wanted to be able to fuse a super powerful pet. It at least had to look scary - if it could scare someone to death just by its looks, that would be perfect.

    Seeing that he still had 750 Hedonist Points, Qin Feng started to look through the Water creatures. He now more or less understood the fusion system - after fusion, the two creatures' looks, personalities and powers would be combined.

    This time, he did not impulsively buy two Water creatures. Instead, he looked through them all until he was familiar with them, then thought to one of China's ancient mythical beasts - the Black Turtle.

    The Black Turtle was a legend in China, and was supposedly a combination of a turtle and a snake. It was also called Dark Black or Dark North. Just like the other three mythical beasts, the Black Turtle was supposedly a being that was made from 28 constellations. In the ancient times, people believed that snakes were intelligent, shrewd, and brought wealth, while turtles had a tough shell that could protect them, were resistant to hunger and thirst, and had longevity.

    Ling Chen was quite interested in this sort of auspicious, ancient godly beast. If he could fuse a Black Turtle, it's battle power would surely be heaven-defying once he awakened it.

    As such, Qin Feng looked through the snakes and turtles. Because he wanted to fuse a super-powerful godly beast, the choice of the turtle and snake would be incredibly important.

    According to Qin Feng's thinking, the snake would bring offensive power while the turtle would bring defensive power. Snakes were agile and fast, and were thus suited for attacking. In that case, it would be best to choose the snake with the most lethal venom. On the other hand, turtles were slow, but had high defensive capabilities and possessed longevity. Thus, they were suited for defending. It would be best to choose the turtle with the greatest longevity.

    After going through this in his head, it became much easier to choose a turtle and snake. In the end, he picked a Many-Banded Krait and a Sea Turtle.

    Many-Banded Kraits were the most venomous snakes in China, and had white and black bands on its body. Sea Turtles lived fairly long lives, and could survive for around 100 years. They were usually found around the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, and mainly ate seaweed. They had a pair of frontal bones on their forehead, and had oar-like limbs. Their frontal limbs were longer than their back limbs, each of which contained a claw. Their head, heck and limbs couldn't be withdrawn into its shell.

    "Ding... congratulations Host for successfully buying a Many-Banded Krait and a Sea Turtle. Would you like to fuse them for free? As a friendly reminder, the Host can spend 100 Hedonist Points to save a single characteristic for a creature."

    After hearing this system announcement, Qin Feng did not hurry to fuse the 2 creatures. Instead, he thought about it, then spent 200 Hedonist Points to save the turtle's longevity and the snake's venomous attack.

    In an instant, Qin Feng's 950 Hedonist Points dropped to 150 Hedonist Points.

    Qin Feng was incredibly excited about this fusion. "Fuse!"

    As Qin Feng gave the order, the large furnace appeared in his mind and after a whole minute, a fused creature arose. It was a creature with a snake's head and turtle's body.

    Black Turtle -

    HP: 1.

    Battle Power: 1.

    Agility: 1.


    Venom Bubble (Many-Banded Krait uses venom to create bubbles which can paralyse enemies and cause AOE damage.)

    Immortality (Sea Turtle unique skill, unlimited lifespan.)

    Hidden Skill: Tsunami Roar (Sea Turtle Hidden Skill, has a certain chance of being activated; does not have a 100% chance of being activated.)

    Intelligence: Can understand human speech.

    Status: Elementary Cute Pet (Elementary Cute Pet - Elementary Awakened Pet - Intermediate Awakened Pet - Advanced Awakened Pet - Ultra Awakened Pet - Sovereign Awakened Pet.)

    System Announcement: You have successfully obtained the Black Turtle. Because the Host has saved the Many-Banded Krait's strong venomous attack and the Sea Turtle's longevity, it is a rare aquatic super pet!

    Qin Feng was delighted with the Black Turtle's Description. With only a slight thought, the Black Turtle appeared on his bed.
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