Chapter 88 - Not Enough Beauties, Bad Review

    Chapter 88 - Not Enough Beauties, Bad Review

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    Compared to Pikachu, this Black Turtle looked much scarier, and was twice as big.

    The Black Turtle had the Sea Turtle's body, while the Many-Banded Krait's body was also fused into it within the shell. The snake's head had become the Sea Turtle's tail, and it was currently looking around with curiosity.

    Its body was quite nimble and had a full 360-degree view of its surroundings. The Sea Turtle's appearance was quite lazy; its eyes were half-closed, as if it was going to fall asleep.

    Suddenly, the Many-Banded Krait wrapped itself around Qin Feng's arm, opening its mouth towards him and giving him a big fright.

    "Master, don't worry - the Black Turtle is your battle pet, and possess intelligence. It's able to understand master's words and will follow master's orders, but definitely won't harm master. This is just its way of showing its affection," the little pig's voice sounded out.

    Qin Feng relaxed. He wouldn't be able to get used to this sort of affection for a while.

    He got off his bed and put the Black Turtle into his big aquarium. It was fused from 2 aquatic creatures, so it would be better to put it in the water.

    After fusing an Earth creature - Pikachu - and a Water creature - the Black Turtle - Qin Feng wanted to fuse a Sky creature. However, with his pitiful 150 Hedonist Points, he could only give up on that idea.

    Qin Feng felt quite bored as he lay on his bed. He realised that before the battle between the Qin family and Hao family ended, he would probably have to stay at the Qin Residence. However, only Butler Wang resided here, and a 50-year old man simply didn't fit his aesthetic requirements.

    Qin Feng took out his phone and posted a recruitment ad, which contained a very simple message.

    "Personal Housekeeper Wanted. Requirements: tall, pretty, good figure, virgin, willing to warm the bed. If you can fulfil the above, you can have whatever salary you want."

    As Qin Feng posted the ad, a mischievous smile appeared on his face as he went downstairs to have dinner.

    When he arrived at the dining hall, Qin Huang was already sitting at the table, reading a financial newspaper. Seeing that Qin Feng had come down, he put down the newspaper. "Feng'Er, come over here."

    Qin Feng sat down opposite his father.

    "Did you kill Hao Nan?" Qin Huang asked as he looked at Qin Feng seriously.

    Qin Feng nodded. There was no reason for him to hide anything from his father.

    A look of surprise flashed across Qin Huang's face. He looked up and down Qin Feng, and almost couldn't recognise this son who he had raised for the past 20 years. Wasn't this his son - the hedonistic, lazy and dissolute young master Qin?

    This boy had gotten rid of the Hao family's father and son without making much of a sound, which caused the entire Hao family to go crazy. And yet, he went on with his life as if nothing had happened.

    "Feng'Er... in the future, if you kill the Hao family's people, be careful not to let them get anything on you." Qin Huang wasn't quite sure what to say.

    However, his view of Qin Feng had changed and he was quite appreciative of him. The Hao family had always opposed the Qin family, so taking this opportunity to get rid of them was quite beneficial.

    Qin Feng nodded as he ate his noodles.

    "If I feel like it."

    At this moment, the rhythmic tapping of high heels sounded out. Qin Feng looked behind him and saw Han Ying Ying walking down in a purple silk dress. It revealed her smooth and white calves which looked extremely alluring.

    "Uncle Huang. Qin Feng." Han Ying Ying naturally sat down beside Qin Feng, and a wave of fragrance floated towards him. He found that nearly her whole back was exposed, down to her waist. It seemed that she was not wearing a bra.

    Qin Feng looked towards her chest, his mind full of fantasies.

    "Ying Ying, this boy Qin Feng just does what he wants. Without waiting for you, he's already started. Please don't pay him any mind." Qin Huang said as he glared at Qin Feng.

    Han Ying Ying covered her mouth as she smiled. "Uncle Huang, as a junior, I've made you wait to eat. It should be me who's sorry. You should hurry and eat."

    "Qin Feng, today was your first day at work. How did it go?" Han Ying Ying cut the steak in her plate in two and gave half of it to Qin Feng.

    She was quite satisfied with herself. After using her family to save Qin Feng, she had stayed beside Qin Huang every day to learn about investment, and she had been improving quite quickly.

    Qin Feng didn't hesitate to take the steak that Han Ying Ying offered and devoured it in a few large mouthfuls.

    "It's alright, but there aren't enough beauties, so I'm leaving a bad review."

    Han Ying Ying and Qin Huang both laughed, and the 3 of them chatted away as they ate dinner.

    Qin Feng suddenly remembered an important matter. He looked at Qin Huang as he said, "Dad, the Sales Department's Group 2's leader isn't a very good person. I want him fired tomorrow."

    Qin Huang felt a bit surprised, and said with a serious expression, "Qin Feng, I told you to go be a Sales Representative, not to review the performance of others. Do your job properly; you have no say in employment or dismissals."

    Qin Feng expected this reaction from Qin Huang, so he didn't really mind. Worst comes to worst, he would annoy Wang Chao for a few more days and hopefully, he would leave by himself.

    His expression suddenly became serious as he looked at Qin Huang and said, "Dad, there's also an incredibly important matter I want to talk to you about. It's about the work ethic of all male employees, and I hope you can take this seriously."

    Qin Huang put down his cutlery as he returned the serious look. He never thought that his son would find a serious problem on his first day, which made him quite impressed.

    "What is it, Feng'Er?"

    Even Han Ying Ying looked over as she earnestly listened.

    "Ahem!" Qin Feng first cleared his throat before saying in a noble voice, "Dad, I feel that female employees' uniforms need to be changed. Their blouses need to be v-necks with the first button a little lower. As for the skirts, they should be shorter, reaching just to their knees. This is the conclusion I've come to after a day of observation; I hope you can implement this as soon as possible."

    After hearing this, Qin Huang's expression darkened and Han Ying Ying couldn't help but giggle. Qin Feng could not resist the urge to stare at her chest as it bounced.

    Qin Huang was so angry that he didn't say much for the rest of the dinner. As such, Qin Feng didn't dare to continue to push for the female employees' uniforms to be modified.

    After dinner, he returned to his room to check up on the Black Turtle and Pikachu. However, as soon as he entered, he was completely stunned.

    The Black Turtle had climbed out of the aquarium and the 10 or so goldfish had all been bitten to death. The aquarium was filled with red blood and black venom, making it look incredibly ghastly.
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