Chapter 89 - Qin Familys Housekeeper

    Chapter 89 - Qin Family's Housekeeper

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    The Black Turtle was chasing Pikachu around with a hungry look in its eyes, as if it wanted to devour Pikachu. Luckily, the Pikachu was quite fast, and looked like a gust of wind as it ran around, leaving the Black Turtle far behind.

    When Qin Feng walked in, the Pikachu, who had been so scared that all of its fur was standing on end, jumped onto his shoulder. It used its little pink tongue lick his cheek, trying its best to get on his good side.

    "Pika, Pikachu."

    The Black Turtle waddled to Qin Feng's foot, as its fierce look disappeared and it put away its tongue.

    "Black Turtle, you and Pikachu are both my battle pets, so you're not allowed to bully Pikachu in the future. If I find out that you've done this again, I'll cook you and eat you." Seeing how pitiful Pikachu looked, Qin Feng scolded the Black Turtle.

    This Pikachu was extremely timid, so if the Black Turtle continued to scare it, it would probably die of a fright.

    The Black Turtle was quite obedient and looked quite guilty as it lowered its head and walked around Qin Feng's feet.

    After scolding the Black Turtle, Qin Feng put Pikachu back on the ground. Now, the Black Turtle did not try to eat it anymore and instead tried to play with it. When it saw this, the little pig complained, "Master, let me out; I want to play as well."

    With a slight thought, the little pig was also released. As he watched the three of them play together, Qin Feng felt as if he could open his own zoo, and put his fused creatures in.

    While the 3 pets played together happily, Qin Feng decided to go to sleep, however, he heard a notification sound from his phone.

    He opened his phone and saw that there had been a reply to the housekeeper ad that he had posted. Qin Feng hurriedly added the other person's qq and started to talk.

    "Please provide your age, height, weight and 3 sizes..."

    Within an old and worn-out room in the Acropolis City, Xu Ruo Rou lay on a small, pink bed as she checked the qq notification on her phone. What she saw gave her such a fright that she almost threw her phone.

    Xu Ruo Rou wasn't too surprised that the sender of the message had asked for her age, height and weight, but why did they ask for her 3 sizes as well? Weren't they just recruiting a housekeeper for the Qin family? Could it be that a big family like the Qin family had stringent requirements for these sorts of things as well?

    There was no one in the Acropolis City who didn't know about the Qin family. After Xu Ruo Rou calmed down, she convinced herself that a big family like the Qin family most likely had high standards for the people they hired, which was why they had even asked for her 3 sizes.

    She bit her lips and hesitated for a while before finding a tape measure and measured herself while wearing her underwear. After measuring herself, she sent the information to the other person.

    Although she wasn't quite willing, she had just graduated from university and walked into society. There was no one she could rely on and she needed the money quite badly. Being able to ask for any salary for being a housekeeper sounded quite attractive.

    "Age: 21, Height: 168, Weight: 50 kilograms, Bust: 108. Waist: 60, Hips: 98."

    When he saw this message, Qin Feng's eyes lit up. Even for young master Qin, who had experienced countless women before, these sorts of measurements were simply exquisite. Not many of the beauties he had been with had this sort of figure.

    "Good, very good. I feel that you would be suitable for the housekeeper job and salary won't be a problem. Now, please send a photo in your underwear with your face in it. No makeup. I want to confirm your figure and looks, and if there are no problems, you can start to work tomorrow," Qin Feng hurriedly replied.

    This reply made Xu Ruo Rou's face fall. She suddenly remembered that the Qin family had a hedonistic young master who had a reputation for being loose and dissolute, and liked to sleep with beauties.

    Xu Ruo Rou realised that she had probably been tricked. It was likely that the poster of this ad was the Qin family's hedonistic young master. Rather than a housekeeper, he was probably looking for a lover - no wonder he had said that the salary wasn't a problem.

    However, no matter how desperate Xu Ruo Rou was for money, she wouldn't do such a thing. She angrily blocked Qin Feng's qq.

    Qin Feng lay on his large bed as he excitedly waited for the other person's reply. However, after not receiving a response for a long time, he sent another message and found out that he had been blocked.

    Qin Feng pouted, but he didn't mind. He believed that the person had probably lied about their measurements and didn't dare to take a photo for fear of being exposed. Qin Feng looked down on these sorts of liars...

    Because of Hao Nan's death, the Hao family's elder had almost gone mad. In the next three days, the Hao family used their remaining forces to desperately attack the Qin family.

    This battle was extraordinarily fierce and even Qin Huang didn't leave the Qin Residence. He also forced Qin Feng to obediently stay there as well. With Uncle Fu leading a group of the Qin family's experts, Qin Feng remained within the Qin Residence without feeling even a hint of danger. He would play with his pets happily each day.

    When he was bored, he would find Han Ying Ying to swim together while appreciating her bountiful breasts.

    However, during this time, Qin Feng had discovered a big problem - the Black Turtle had a voracious appetite and only ate meat. Every day, Qin Feng would take a bag of fish from the Qin Residence's kitchen for the little guy to eat.

    Accordingly, the Black Turtle also grew incredibly quickly. In just 3 days, it had grown from being as big as a bowl to being as big as a basketball. Qin Feng even considered throwing it into the sea to see if it could fend for itself.

    Compared to the Black Turtle, Pikachu was much more normal. It didn't eat that much, but it didn't grow very quickly either. Currently, it was still palm-sized and hadn't changed much. However, it became faster and faster, and was approaching Qin Feng's maximum speed.

    After three days had passed, the battle finally concluded. Only the Hao family's elder was left, as well as his 10 or so bodyguards. All the other forces had been annihilated by the powerful Uncle Fu.

    Qin Feng missed Xu Ruo Rou quite a bit after having not being at work for the past three days. On the fourth morning, he rode his 28" bicycle and hurried to the Royal Group's building. He parked his bicycle in his parking space and strolled into the building.

    After arriving at the Sales Department's hall on the 8th floor, Qin Feng immediately saw Xu Ruo Rou diligently working. She was wearing her office uniform, with the exception of her stockings, which made her look even more alluring.
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