Chapter 90 - Did I Hear Incorrectly?

    Chapter 90 - Did I Hear Incorrectly?

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    As soon as Qin Feng reached his seat, he bent down and put his big hands on Xu Ruo Rou's smooth legs.

    Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she almost jumped up from her chest. She patted her chest as she exclaimed in fright. "Ah... Q-Qin Feng, it's you. Y-You almost scared me to death!"

    "Ruo Rou, does that mean if someone else touched your legs, you'd be scared to death, but if it's me, you wouldn't be as afraid?" As Qin Feng spoke, he gently squeezed her leg.

    Xu Ruo Rou wasn't good at lying, and after hesitating for a moment, she shyly nodded.

    Xu Ruo Rou didn't know why, but it was as if she had become used to Qin Feng touching her legs. She didn't feel much about this, but whenever she thought about another man touching her like this, she felt quite disgusted.

    Seeing Xu Ruo Rou shyly agree, Qin Feng felt stimulated and moved his hands upwards, going deeper under her skirt.

    Xu Ruo Rou was incredibly frightened, and hurriedly closed her legs, trapping Qin Feng's hand between them to prevent him from moving. She was now incredibly embarrassed. "Q-Qin Feng, don't be like this. I-I need to work."

    Qin Feng realised that he had gone too far when he saw how Xu Ruo Rou looked a bit unhappy; he hurriedly took his hands away. Just as he prepared to turn on his computer to play some games, a cold voice sounded out from behind him, "Qin Feng, come with me to Manager Li's office."

    Qin Feng looked behind him and found that Wang Chao was standing there with a gauze over his nose. It seemed that his injuries weren't light, and he looked quite amusing.

    "Hoh, Wang Chao, what's wrong with your nose? Did someone hit you? That person must be the manifestation of righteousness!" Qin Feng mocked him, causing Wang Chao's eyes to almost burst out in anger.

    "Hmph, cut the crap. Hurry up and go to Manager Li's office."

    After Wang Chao angrily left, Xu Ruo Rou couldn't help but laugh. After Wang Chao had tried to force himself on her, she now deeply disliked him. She felt quite happy when she saw Qin Feng mock him like that.

    "Qin Feng, be careful when you go there. Those 3 days when you didn't come to work, Wang Chao also didn't come due to his injuries. I think he came to find you as soon as he got here to take revenge," Xu Ruo Rou warned Qin Feng in a small voice.

    Qin Feng acted scared as he sat back down. "Ruo Rou, what should I do? Wang Chao's our Group Leader, and he will definitely report me. I don't have any power or status in the company; it looks like I'm going to be fired."

    Qin Feng's pitiful look made Xu Ruo Rou feel quite guilty. After all, she knew that Qin Feng had offended Wang Chao because of her. Her watery eyes shone with gentleness as she looked at him, "D-Don't be so pessimistic. You haven't been here for very long, and new people tend to make mistakes. I-I think it'll be fine."

    This was the first time Xu Ruo Rou had tried to comfort someone, and she sounded quite awkward and cute.

    Qin Feng frowned as he said in disappointment, "But I accidentally angered Manager Li in the past. If she tries to take revenge as well, I'll definitely be screwed."

    Xu Ruo Rou didn't know how to comfort Qin Feng, so she directly asked him, "T-Then what should we do?"

    Qin Feng, who had been looking incredibly sad, suddenly grinned as he looked back at her. "If you let me touch your legs, I won't be afraid anymore."

    Xu Ruo Rou bit her lips, and felt that she had been tricked; she didn't say anything for a while.

    "Ai, forget it, I'll be going now. If I really am fired, then keep working hard," Qin Feng said as he walked away in low spirits.

    Xu Ruo Rou didn't know where she obtained the courage from, but she suddenly grabbed Qin Feng's hand and moved it to her legs; she pulled his hand up, then further up, then further up...

    Finally, she stopped 5 centimetres below her most private region, and even her neck became red as she said, "Q-Qin Feng, that's all I can let you touch. A-Are you still scared?"

    Qin Feng could feel the softness and warmth on his hand, and felt that Xu Ruo Rou was simply too kind. He couldn't bear to continue bullying her, and took back his hand by himself and stroked her burning hot cheeks as he smiled, saying, "After big brother takes care of the Wang Chao dog and that White Collar Li and returns in victory, I'll continue to touch your legs every day."

    After saying that, Qin Feng rushed off like a breeze into Li Yu Chen's office, leaving the embarrassed Xu Ruo Rou with her head hanging against her chest.

    Wang Chao had been waiting for Qin Feng in the office for a long time. When he saw Qin Feng come in, Wang Chao's expression darkened. He had stayed in hospital for 3 days because of Qin Feng's punch and kick; now he felt like killing him.

    "Look, Manager Li, I called Qin Feng here ages ago, but he only arrived just now. He's new to the company, and yet he's already showing such insubordination. This person's simply leeching off the company."

    Li Yu Chen was also quite angry upon seeing Qin Feng. Whenever he looked at her, it would always be with a perverted gaze. Only Qin Feng dared to look at her like this within the entire Sales Department, which made her feel incredibly uncomfortable.

    "Qin Feng, Group Leader Wang said that you didn't come to work for 3 days and you didn't even ask for leave. This is the biggest company in the Acropolis City, not your home; you can't just come and go as you please," Li Yu Chen said as she coldly stared at Qin Feng.

    To Qin Feng, this was his own home. However, when he thought about how angry his father had looked the previous night, he controlled himself. Regardless, he had not come for 3 days because he had been ordered not to go out by Qin Huang; he secretly sent Qin Huang a text to ask him to resolve this situation.

    "Manager Li, I had something incredibly important come up during those days, so I couldn't come. Don't worry, I quite like the Royal Group, so I currently don't have any plans to jump to another company," Qin Feng said as he proudly puffed up his chest and raised his head.

    Li Yu Chen and Wang Chao were both stunned, and looked at Qin Feng dumbly. After a moment, Wang Chao couldn't help but burst out in laughter. "Haha, Qin Feng, did some water leak into your brain? Right now, Manager Li and I are discussing whether to fire you, and yet you're expecting us to beg you to stay or something?

    "Hahaha, your elder's going to laugh his teeth out!" Wang Chao's laugh became wilder and wilder, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

    Qin Feng was quite displeased and frowned. "Before, I wasn't thinking of jumping ship, but hearing you say this, I'm not too happy about that. Now, if you don't beg me to stay, your granddaddy's really going to leave."

    "Haha, Qin Feng, do you really think you're some sort of bigshot? You want to leave? Your elder's dying for you to leave! The Royal Group doesn't care at all about someone lazy and unenthusiastic like you."

    Before, Li Yu Chen hadn't been planning to fire Qin Feng. Although she was quite displeased with Qin Feng, she was someone who separated personal disputes from work. She wouldn't treat someone unfairly because of her own personal feelings.

    She had called Qin Feng here to admonish him - he had not come to work for 3 days and had not provided any sort of reason. However, seeing Qin Feng look so arrogant, Li Yu Chen decided she might have to change her plan.

    At this moment, Li Yu Chen's phone rang. She glared at Qin Feng as she picked up the phone. As she was listening, she responded with a couple of serious 'mmm's before she hung up; it was probably someone important in the company.

    After hanging up, the way Li Yu Chen looked at Qin Feng changed. Her dark eyes were filled with shock, and after falling silent for a while, she came over to Qin Feng as she said dispassionately, "Qin Feng, you can go back to work."

    As soon as Li Yu Chen said this, Wang Chao looked as if he had eaten a bucket of dung.

    Today, he wanted to use Qin Feng's unexplained 3 day absence to report him to Manager Li and severely punish him.

    He never expected that Manager Li would let Qin Feng off so easily.

    "Manager Li, Qin Feng didn't come to work for 3 days, and didn't give any reasons. How can you..."

    Before Wang Chao could finish speaking, the aura around Li Yu Chen became icy as she coldly cut him off, "Group Leader Wang, are you dissatisfied with my decision? Am I the General Manager of the Sales Department or are you?"

    Wang Chao was frightened into silence. Li Yu Chen was famous in the Sales Department for being cold, strong and emotionless. No one dared to oppose her.

    Although Wang Chao couldn't understand why Li Yu Chen's attitude had suddenly changed, he could only give up. In future, when he had the chance, he would punish Qin Feng.

    Wang Chao was about to walk out with a sour expression when Qin Feng's voice sounded out.

    "Wait, I said that if you don't beg me to stay, I'll resign today and jump ship," Qin Feng said with his hands behind his head as he smiled at Wang Chao.

    Wang Chao gnashed his teeth as he spat, "Leave if you want. Your elder would love for you to leave."

    Just as he was once again about to leave, Li Yu Chen coldly spoke, "Group Leader Wang, if Qin Feng really leaves because of your words, you can leave along with him."

    Li Yu Chen's massive 180 degree change in attitude was because of the phone call she had just received. That call was from the Deputy Manager of the Administration Department, Wang Jun. He had explained the reason for Qin Feng's 3 day absence, and had told Li Yu Chen not to make things difficult for Qin Feng.

    Li Yu Chen didn't know what relationship there was between Wang Jun and Qin Feng, but she couldn't afford to offend Wang Jun. As such, she could only do her best to keep Qin Feng.

    "M-Manager Li, did I hear incorrectly?" Wang Chao was flabbergasted as he dumbly stared at Li Yu Chen.

    "You can pretend you didn't hear anything and leave immediately." The icy aura around Li Yu Chen's body became stronger. Evidently, this matter was non-negotiable.
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