Chapter 91 - Billionaire Dream

    Chapter 91 - Billionaire Dream

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Phoobiee

    Wang Chao could now clearly tell that Li Yu Chen wanted him, a Group Leader, to beg Qin Feng, a newcomer not to leave. He was so angry that he felt as if his internal organs were going to burn up.

    He stood in the office for a long time, and his expression became savage. However, when he saw Li Yu Chen's cold and unyielding expression, he decided to give in.

    His dead fish eyes glared at Qin Feng viciously as he gnashed his teeth and said, "Qin Feng, I was in the wrong. You don't need to go. Stay in the Sales Department and work hard under me."

    After Wang Chao said this, he turned to leave. Qin Feng lightly laughed, "Wang Chao, is that how you beg someone? Looks like you don't really want me to stay. In that case, I won't make things difficult for you, and I'll just resign."

    "Wang Chao!" Li Yu Chen coldly yelled.

    Wang Chao turned away from Qin Feng with an expression of ruthlessness on his face. He deeply breathed in and out before plastering a smile on his face and saying, "Ah, Qin Feng, even though you haven't come to the company for very long, I deeply recognise your outstanding performance. We simply can't afford to lose a talented person like you. As Group 2's Leader, I sincerely beg you to stay!"

    Qin Feng was satisfied with Wang Chao's attitude, and patted him on the shoulder as he smiled, "Group Leader Wang, what are you being so courteous about? To be honest, I wasn't planning on leaving, and was just joking with you. Who doesn't know that the Royal Group is the biggest enterprise in the Acropolis City? How could I just leave when being able to work here is my glory?"

    Wang Chao suppressed the anger and depression welling up within him, and felt like coughing up blood. However, he had already sacrificed all dignity, so he squeezed out a smile and said, "Qin Feng, it's good that you think that way. I'll take good care of you in the Sales Department from now on."

    Wang Chao spoke those last few words through gritted teeth, then quickly left the office.

    After returning to his Group Leader's office, Wang Chao's face fell. He cursed Qin Feng's 18 generations of ancestors, but he still felt utterly enraged. He wished he could give Qin Feng a good beating, and even break his hands and feet and turn him into a cripple.

    He was angered beyond reason, and had no idea why Manager Li had suddenly changed her stance. However, he didn't link it to the phone call that she had received. In his eyes, Qin Feng was just a tiny Sales Representative. He had plenty of methods for dealing with such people.

    After thinking for a while, Wang Chao thought of a good way to take care of Qin Feng. He picked up his phone and made a call, and soon, 2 men from the Sales Department walked in with smiles on their faces.

    "Big brother Chao, what would you like us to do?" These 2 men were called Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu. They were part of the Sales Department's Group 2, and both studied sports and education at university. They were tall and well-built, and looked like excellent fighters.

    In the past, whenever there were disobedient employees, Wang Chao would ask them to give those people warnings in secret. This time, he had naturally called them here to deal with Qin Feng.

    "Xiao Ma, Xiao Qiu, you both know of the new Qin Feng, right?"

    "Yes! Big brother Chao, did that brat offend you? Don't worry, leave it to us."

    Although this was the fifth day since Qin Feng had been employed, and he had missed 3 days, almost everyone in the Sales Department knew about him. This was because as soon as this guy came, he became incredibly close with the Sales Department's pure goddess Xu Ruo Rou. This instantly made him an enemy to all the men within the Sales Department.

    Even if Wang Chao didn't ask Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu, they would have gone to find Qin Feng in private to have a good chat with him.

    "Remember, I want you to be as savage as you want. In fact, it'd be great if he had to lie in a hospital bed for a month," Wang Chao said with a dark expression.

    "Alrighty, don't worry big brother Chao, we'll definitely get that done for you."

    "After you do this, I'll give you guys a big client. Alright, go and prepare. Once Qin Feng leaves the Manager's office, go and take care of him."

    After Wang Chao left, Qin Feng continued to stand in Li Yu Chen's office, not at all in a hurry to leave.

    Deep down, Li Yu Chen didn't like Qin Feng, as she felt that he was quite shallow. After Wang Chao left, she ignored him and worked on this month's sales report. She suddenly felt a warm breeze blow past her ears, causing her busty figure to lean back in shock.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?"

    Li Yu Chen was wearing her black glasses, her eyes shooting out chilling intent. She never thought that Qin Feng would be so daring. She didn't know when he had come over, but he was leaning in front of her, blowing onto her ears.

    "Manager Li, you look way too enchanting when you're diligently working." Qin Feng said as he licked his lips and gazed at Li Yu Chen's chest.

    He had been hedonistic and dissolute since he was young, and didn't hide it when he appreciated a woman's body. He had never been one to hide these sorts of things.

    Li Yu Chen's chest heaved in anger, and she felt as if her blouse was going to explode. She wanted to harshly rebuke Qin Feng, but she suddenly thought of Deputy Manager Wang Jun's call.

    Evidently, Qin Feng had connections within the company. However, she simply couldn't understand why he was starting out as a Sales Representative.

    Li Yu Chen suddenly thought of the Qin family's hedonistic young master, Qin Feng. She felt that the Qin Feng in front of her resembled what she had heard about that Qin Feng from the rumours; they were both incredibly loose and dissolute.

    "Impossible! Impossible!" Li Yu Chen shook her head. She had done her research on the Qin family's young master, and had looked up photos of him online. It wasn't this person in front of her.

    When she thought to that young master Qin, Li Yu Chen felt quite complicated. She was 26, which was a good time to get married. Her father had passed away when she was young, and her mother had been calling her every day asking about her marriage. Because of this, she hadn't dared to go home in a while.

    Her mother had lived a hard life, and didn't want her daughter to live like that. Li Yu Chen's appearance was quite beautiful, and she had a fiery figure. As such, her mother greatly encouraged her to try to get together with Qin Huang's son, Qin Feng.

    Li Yu Chen's mother wasn't joking - she was determined for her daughter to marry into a rich and powerful family. In fact, Li Yu Chen was working at the Royal Group because of her mother. This way, she would be able to get closer to Qin Huang, and thus get closer to Qin Feng. Only then would she be able to live out her billionaire dream.

    However, after entering the Royal Group, Li Yu Chen found that Qin Feng was a hedonistic young master, and never came to work at the company. All he did was eat, play, drink, and seduce women. She didn't want to be with a hedonistic young master like that, but in order to fulfil her mother's wishes, she still did her best to find an opportunity to enter the Qin family.
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