Chapter 92 - Qin Feng, Are You Crazy?

    Chapter 92 - Qin Feng, Are You Crazy?

    Translator: Mr Voltaire

    Editor: Master Shadow

    After joining the company for more than a year, Li Yu Chen hadn't even had the opportunity to talk to Qin Huang many times, let alone see Qin Feng himself.

    This was because although Qin Feng had a roaring reputation, there were not many people who had actually met him before. Those who had were all part of the upper-class society...

    "Manager Li, did you tell the higher-ups about my recommendation to make changes to uniforms?"

    Qin Feng's voice suddenly sounded out, bringing Li Yu Chen back to her senses.

    Qin Feng was casually sitting on Li Yu Chen's desk as he looked down her blouse. Li Yu Chen stood up from her chair in fright.

    Because she had stood up too suddenly, her thighs hit the table, sending a wave of pain through her legs. Li Yu Chen hurriedly looked down, and found that her black stockings had been partially ripped, and there was blood slowly trickling from a small cut.

    Li Yu Chen prided herself on her legs, and felt that her legs were even more mesmerising than her proud chest. She had injured her legs because of Qin Feng, and she wasn't sure if there would be a scar. As such, she was utterly furious with Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng also looked down at this cut and then hurriedly squatted down as he grabbed a tissue and delicately wiped off the blood.

    Out of Li Yu Chen's entire body, Qin Feng was most fascinated with her long legs. They were straight as a pen, and while her thighs were quite full, her calves were without a bit of excess fat. Her skin was glossy and white, looking absolutely flawless.

    Even the beautiful legs on ads couldn't compare to Li Yu Chen's.

    Looking at the cut on Li Yu Chen's thigh, Qin Feng's heart ached. How could such a beautiful masterpiece be damaged?

    Qin Feng quickly thought, then casually asked the little pig a question.

    "Little pig, would the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine be able to fix up this cut, and make sure that it doesn't leave a scar?"

    "Master, the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine is a miraculous medicine. Even if almost all of your body was burned, the Gold Sore Medicine would be able to prevent a scar being left."

    Qin Feng never thought that the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine would be so amazing. He gritted his teeth and spent 100 Hedonist Points to buy one.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing? Get the hell up!"

    Just as he bought the medicine, Li Yu Chen's cold voice sounded out. Qin Feng raised his head out of instinct and looked up her skirt, seeing a scene that made his blood boil.

    Li Yu Chen hurriedly sat back down. When she saw Qin Feng squatting down at her feet, she knew that he was up to no good. She was worried that he had been trying to look up her skirt, and seeing the look in his eyes, she knew that she had guessed correctly.

    "Qin Feng, hurry up and get out!"

    Li Yu Chen's bone-chilling voice caused Qin Feng to shiver. He hurriedly met her gaze as he smiled, "Manager Li, don't misunderstand. I was just looking at your wound, and am going to put on some medicine for you."

    Of course, Li Yu Chen didn't trust him at all. How could he have any medicine on him? This brat probably wanted to take this opportunity to touch her legs. There was a hint of killing intent within the iciness in her eyes.

    "Qin Feng, I'll say it again. Get out!"

    An icy aura exploded out from Li Yu Chen's body. Luckily, Qin Feng had seen and been through much, and was unfazed. He ignored Li Yu Chen's words and squatted down as he took out the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine and crushed it into powder, preparing to apply it to the cut.

    When she saw Qin Feng's hand reach over, Li Yu Chen couldn't suppress her anger anymore, and she raised her foot as she lashed out.

    Fortunately, Qin Feng's reaction speed was quite fast, and he grabbed Li Yu Chen's leg. "Manager Li, you're actually being so violent? This is the long-lost lineage-ending kick; luckily, I had the chest-groping technique. Otherwise, I would have been crippled by you."

    Li Yu Chen's cold face became slightly red as she heard these vulgar things come out of Qin Feng's mouth. Qin Feng was holding her injured leg, and she desperately struggled, but Qin Feng's hand was like a vice. No matter what she did, she couldn't break free.

    "Manager Li, your cut's starting to scab. Don't move; I need to hurry and apply this medicine. Otherwise, it won't have any effect."

    Qin Feng didn't bother asking for permission as he took off her red high-heels with practised ease, and groped up her leg on purpose. He then used his legs to grip Li Yu Chen's foot so that she couldn't recklessly move.

    By the time his hand had reached her thighs, he could feel a stimulating sensation. "Manager Li, it's hard for me to apply the medicine with your stockings on, so I'll help you take them off."

    As he spoke, Qin Feng's evil hands reached under Li Yu Chen's skirt. Before he could succeed, Li Yu Chen started struggling again. "Qin Feng, if you dare to take them off, I'll fight you to the bitter death!"

    Li Yu Chen was completely terrified by this point, and her face became pale. Qin Feng was simply being too bold; he was squatting while holding her leg, and trying to take her stockings off.

    She didn't dare to think what Qin Feng would do after that. Li Yu Chen was 26, and knew many things. When she was lonely, she would secretly watch some 'movies' by herself. She especially liked scenarios in offices or classrooms.

    She even fantasised that when she had a boyfriend, she would bring him to her office and act out a scene from one of those movies.

    Although her fantasies were about to be fulfilled, her partner would be Qin Feng, who she was disgusted with. She simply couldn't accept that.

    Qin Feng suddenly stopped moving as he felt the air around him chill. If he took off these stockings, it was likely that he really wouldn't be able to leave this office alive.

    "Alright, I won't take them off, but in order to apply the medicine, I'll need to rip your stockings."

    Without waiting for Li Yu Chen's response, Qin Feng lifted up her stockings and ripped them apart, revealing Li Yu Chen's beautiful white legs.

    "Qin Feng, are you crazy?" Li Yu Chen was so angry that she wanted to bite him, and started to hit him with her elbows.

    Qin Feng ignored her and continued to rip.

    "Qin Feng, stop at once, you pervert!

    "If you don't stop, I'm going to call for help!"

    Li Yu Chen was angered to the point of going crazy, and she desperately started to hit Qin Feng's back with her small fists. However, seeing that there was no reaction, she started to forcefully twist his ears.

    This was quite painful for Qin Feng, but he felt quite excited. Ripping Li Yu Chen's stockings while she struggled and twisted her body made it seem as if this was some sort of ** play.

    Qin Feng almost forgot what he was doing this for - ripping apart her stockings to apply the medicine. He was like a severe flood and ferocious beast as he ripped apart her stockings, which made them look like a fishnet.

    However, seeing Li Yu Chen's legs through the torn stockings seemed incredibly sexy. Since Qin Feng was ripping the stocking, there were many places along Li Yu Chen's legs that were red.

    "Qin Feng, you pervert, you beast. Let me go or I'll report you for rape."

    When he heard Li Yu Chen was going to accuse him of rape, Qin Feng suddenly stopped as he looked at her in surprise. "Manager Li, I'm putting on medicine for you out of the kindness of my heart, and yet you're accusing me of rape?"

    Looking at Qin Feng's innocent expression, Li Yu Chen wanted to kill him with her high heels. She coldly yelled, "Qin Feng, you've already ripped my stockings into fishnets; is that what you mean by putting on medicine?"

    Qin Feng looked down, and even he was given a big fright.

    He had been too excited, and the more Li Yu Chen had fought back, the more excited he had felt. He had even ripped the stockings on the leg that wasn't injured.

    "Manager Li, don't be angry; I'll buy you a new pair after work," Qin Feng said earnestly.

    Li Yu Chen felt that she was going to be angered to death. She coldly glared at Qin Feng and said, "You think it's as simple as buying me another pair?"

    Qin Feng thought for a moment before nodding with a serious expression on his face. "Alright, I'll buy you 10 pairs!"

    "Qin Feng, stop dreaming. If you dare to keep acting like this, I'll report you." Li Yu Chen was so angry that her entire face became red.

    When he saw the situation had become serious, Qin Feng didn't dare to continue talking to Li Yu Chen. He raised her leg as he started to apply the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine on her wound.

    As he looked at Li Yu Chen's legs through the torn stockings, Qin Feng continuously gulped down his saliva. He was afraid that he would hurt Li Yu Chen, so he was especially gentle when applying the medicine.

    A thin layer of sweat had appeared on Li Yu Chen's legs because of her struggling from before, which made them look incredibly enchanting. Qin Feng almost wanted to give them a kiss. Moreover, her skin looked extremely tender and supple, as well as soft and warm. Although he had finished applying the medicine, he pretended that he was still going, and had no thoughts about stopping.

    After a while, Li Yu Chen calmed down. "Qin Feng, are you done yet?"

    She could feel that after the medicine was applied, the pain gradually faded, and now believed that Qin Feng was actually applying medicine for her. However, she never thought that the medicine would be so effective.

    However, when she thought about how Qin Feng had ripped apart her stockings, she decided that he was definitely crazy.
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