Chapter 93 - Hope You Dont Mind

    Chapter 93 - Hope You Don't Mind

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    "Ding...the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: kiss Li Yu Chen's thigh for ten seconds."

    "Quest time limit: 10 minutes"

    "Successful completion reward: 200 Hedonist Points. In the event of a failure, the Host will be fired from Royal Group."

    "Ding...the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: help Li Yu Chen eliminate the headache of Mother Li's marriage entreaties."

    "Quest time limit: 1 month"

    "Successful completion reward: 2000 Hedonist Points. In the event of a failure, the Host will be subject to eternal bachelorhood."

    Since Li Yu Chen already asked, Qin Feng couldn't continue acting. He was just about to say that the medicine was applied properly when Little Pig's voice suddenly boomed in Qin Feng's head.

    He didn't know if he should thank or curse at Little Pig.

    It was obvious that this quest was something that Qin Feng really wanted to do, but he was well aware that upon its completion, he would be annihilated by Li Yu Chen's legs and die without descendants.

    All in all, the quest time was too long: ten seconds. If it was just a kiss similar to a dragonfly touching water, things would be much simpler.

    And just thinking of the second quest's punishment of being subject to eternal bachelorhood made Qin Feng completely listless.

    "Qin Feng, are you done yet?" Li Yu Chen asked through clenched teeth. She couldn't help but notice that Qin Feng was clearly spacing out, but his hand was still rubbing her leg.

    "Huh? U-uh, I'm almost done.... Oh, right, I almost forgot, this specific medicine passed down by my ancestors needs to be dissolved in water to be fully effective. Otherwise, your wound might leave a scar on your thigh."

    "This won't do, I need to quickly mix the medicinal powder with water. If I'm too late, then we'd have trouble!"

    In a fluster, Qin Feng spouted a bunch of lies and then suddenly leaned down, inhaled the lovely scent of Li Yu Chen's beautiful thighs, and kissed them in one fell swoop.

    His mouth fell on Li Yu Chen's wound and he slowly extended his tongue before swimming it around the wound. Li Yu Chen's thigh had some beads of sweat. When they touched the tip of his tongue, there was a faint sweetness. It was like Nongfu Spring Water: A little sweet. [TLN: Nongfu Spring Water's tagline is "Nongfu Spring Water: A little sweet."]

    Li Yu Chen froze. Her pretty eyes widened as she stared at Qin Feng unscrupulously licking her thigh. She even forgot to breathe.

    She thought Qin Feng had a very agile tongue. It was soft and moist. As it swam about on her thigh, her whole body softened, and she felt a strange numbing effect. A fire gradually arose in her heart, and Li Yu Chen felt like her body would soon combust. Her pretty face was impossibly red.

    "Ding... Congratulations, Host Qin Feng completed the quest of kissing Li Yu Chen's thigh for ten seconds and is awarded 200 Hedonist Points by the System."

    Even after the System's notification, Qin Feng still didn't stop. Li Yu Chen's thigh was too fragrant and intoxicating. When paired with the tattered black stockings, the experience of licking it was even more enchanting.

    Qin Feng couldn't be more impressed with himself. He came up with the brilliant idea that the medicine needed to be combined with water, and most importantly, Qin Feng's "water" was his saliva.

    At Li Yu Chen's age, especially since she hadn't experienced male-female romantic love, when she was lonely at night, she would also have some yearnings. It was the first time she'd been tormented this way by a man, and she immediately sank into indulgence.

    "Mm..." She couldn't help but moan.

    This sound jolted her to her senses. When she saw the outrageous scene before her, she hurriedly jerked her thigh away from Qin Feng. She was so embarrassed that she wished she could bury herself.

    "General Manager Li, now your wound doesn't hurt anymore right? Since I couldn't find water immediately, I decided to try using saliva to dissolve the medicine. I hope you don't mind."

    Once Qin Feng noticed that Li Yu Chen had regained her senses, he immediately put on an expression of propriety.

    Li Yu Chen was originally going to yell at Qin Feng, but seeing how serious and proper he looked, she didn't know to begin. If she yelled at Qin Feng, it would only expose her own improper way of thinking.

    "Qin Feng, you-you get out." Li Yu Chen lowered her head and didn't dare expose the look of desire on her face.

    "General Manager Li, you're so beautiful and your body is so perfect, how could you be forced into marriage?" Qin Feng was now concerned about the second quest.

    Li Yu Chen's pretty eyes suddenly narrowed as she stared at Qin Feng in amazement. She couldn't figure out how Qin Feng would know that her family was forcing her to get married.

    All of her female friends her age were already married with kids, and a lot of their kids already had minds of their own. On the other hand, she was still single. She couldn't help but feel awkward about her relationship status.

    Plus, Li Yu Chen was a beauty; she was a capable woman. Where could someone find this kind of woman? She should have found a marriage partner long ago, but she was still single. This stirred a lot of messy rumors and trash-talking behind her back suggesting that she was impure or sterile.

    Only she was aware of the actual situation. It was all her mom's fault for wanting to marry her into a rich family. Due to this, she set her sights on the young master of the Qin Family. Now, even to this day, she never even dated.

    "That's none of your business. Get the hell out of here!"

    This topic was Li Yu Chen's sore spot. The air around her froze. She grabbed a nearby magazine and hurled it. Luckily, Qin Feng moved quickly and the magazine slammed into the door.

    "Ah...it seems that this quest isn't that easy either."

    After exiting the office, Qin Feng felt that it was a pity. Then, he smilingly sniffed his hand. The smell of Li Yu Chen's fragrant thigh lingered on it.

    Qin Feng's heart rippled a bit, and he strutted towards his seat. He was suddenly addicted to ripped stockings and wanted to go back and tear up Xu Ruo Rou's beige stockings.

    "Qin Feng, come here, your bros would like to speak with you." He only walked halfway to his destination before he was stopped. He turned and saw people he didn't recognize, so he just ignored them and continued on his way.

    Xiao Ma's face darkened. Since this assignment was organized by Group Leader Wang, he and Xiao Qiu kept their eyes peeled on General Manager Li's office. Once they saw Qin Feng walk out, they called on him.

    In the end, Qin Feng arrogantly ignored them and just walked away.

    Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu exchanged glances. Both sets of eyes glinted with hostility as they chased after Qin Feng: "Hey, stinking brat, I see that you're pretending not to hear us even when we call on you. You're quite an arrogant one."

    "Hey, my shirt is really expensive, don't touch it with your grubby paws, alright?" Qin Feng slapped Xiao Ma's hand from his shoulder and looked calmly at the two people before him. "Tell me, what do you want?"

    "Stinking brat, I'll advise you to follow us outside for a talk, or you'd look bad getting beat up in this lobby." Though Xiao Ma had Group Leader Wang backing him, beating up Qin Feng in the lobby of the Sales Department would reflect poorly on him.

    Qin Feng thought for a bit and felt that these two were quite considerate of him. It was only his fifth day in the Sales Department, so it was better to lie low. If he wanted to hit someone, he'd better do it outside.

    "Then lead the way!" Qin Feng looked at the two whilst smiling.
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