Chapter 94 - Bros, Did You Bring a Lighter?

    Chapter 94 - Bros, Did You Bring a Lighter?

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    Editor: Levs

    Seeing that Qin Feng had agreed to go outside, Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu smiled at each other. Their eyes glinted with glee, and they strutted with their chests puffed up as they led Qin Feng out of the Sales Department's lobby.

    The two arrived at the landing of the stairs. This was where they usually smoked and got fresh air during their breaks from work. Hardly anyone went there. There was no better place to take care of Qin Feng.

    "Stinking brat, as a newbie in the company, your elder finds you very arrogant!" Once they got to the landing of the stairs, Xiao Ma's expression changed.

    He no longer had to keep up the facade and revealed a violent expression. He viciously eyed Qin Feng.

    "I'm arrogant? How come I didn't realize that about myself?" Qin Feng knew right from the start that these two were up to no good. But, he felt a bit uncertain because he didn't know these people and had no qualms with them. There was an eighty percent chance that they were sent by someone to clean him up.

    Qin Feng thought to himself about this. In the whole Royal Group, he had only hit Wang Chao in the face, so it all made sense.

    "Haha, you're clearly a newbie whose hair hasn't even grown. You don't even know who you've offended; you truly deserve a beating." Xiao Ma suddenly cackled. He clearly didn't see Qin Feng as any sort of threat.

    With the two of them teamed up, Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu were sure they could take care of Qin Feng however they wanted.

    "Oh? I've only been in the company for five days and I took three days off, I didn't know I could offend someone just like that. Brother, give it to me straight and tell me who sent you guys to deal with me so I can have some sort of grip on the situation."

    "Hmph...Since we're going to send you to the hospital anyway, we'll freely tell you that you freaking didn't grow any eyes and offended Group Leader Wang Chao. He personally ordered us to teach you a lesson." Xiao Ma said with glee.

    Qin Feng guessed correctly and gained the knowledge he wanted, so these two were no longer useful. Qin Feng squinted and suddenly laughed: "How do you plan on doing that?"

    Xiao Ma hadn't felt the approaching danger and still thought Qin Feng was getting ready to beg to be spared, so he was impossibly pleased with himself: "Stinking brat, you've offended Group Leader Wang. If we don't beat you up, then we'd have no way of reporting back to our leader. But, you seem pretty decent. How about this? Take out all the money on you and I'll just break your arms but leave your legs alone so you can piss and sh*t."

    "Brat, aren't your bros thoughtful?"

    They wanted to break his arms and take his money... that was considered thoughtful? Qin Feng chuckled, "Mm, your suggestion isn't bad. I'll break your arms and take your money."

    "F*ck, what the hell did you say? You want to mess with this elder? I gave you a chance and you're not taking it. This elder will kill you!"

    Xiao Ma suddenly exploded in fury, and he rushed in with iron fists.

    He used to be on the school basketball team, and he was tall and had a domineering aura. If the typical person were to stand before him, they would be shaken by this aura.

    But, Xiao Ma currently faced Qin Feng. All Xiao Ma saw was that right from the beginning, Qin Feng merely stood in the same spot, completely motionless. Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, Qin Feng kicked Xiao Ma in the stomach. Xiao Ma cried pitifully as his large and sturdy body flew down the stairs. He cried the whole way down and couldn't prevent himself from doing so.

    When Xiao Qiu saw this, he was stunned.

    If they had to compare, two Xiao Qius were no match against one Xiao Ma. Now, Big Brother Ma was completely defeated by Qin Feng. Most importantly, Xiao Qiu wasn't even able to clearly see Qin Feng's movement.

    Xiao Qiu knew that he'd met an expert today, and there was no way he'd still consider bullying Qin Feng. If Qin Feng didn't bully him instead, he would burn incense to praise the heavens.

    "Huh? Where did my lighter go? Bro, do you have a lighter? Lend it to me."

    In this sudden change of events, Xiao Qiu took out a cigarette and placed it in Qin Feng's mouth. He then lent Qin Feng his lighter with complete seriousness.

    "Sheesh, you came out to smoke without bringing a lighter? Bro, you seem like a new face, did you just start at the company?"

    Qin Feng was completely taken by surprise. He almost thought he had traveled to another dimension. Qin Feng watched Xiao Qiu's convincing acting skills and mused: an Oscar winner for the Best Actor has come to the mortal world!

    He clamped his hand onto Xiao Qiu's shoulder. The enormous strength of his hand almost dislocated Xiao Qiu's shoulder. When Xiao Qiu realized that his act didn't work, he immediately groveled for mercy.

    "Big Brother, p-please spare me. It was all that asshole Wang Chao; he forced us to deal with you. But we have no enmity between us. Great people like you have a large capacity for forgiveness. Please have mercy on me."

    Ever since Qin Feng began working at Royal Group, his father froze his bank account. Recently, he was a bit tight on money, so he grinned at Xiao Qiu: "I almost forgot, I didn't collect the money from the brat that got kicked down the stairs. Bring me the money on him and give me your money as well. I'll only wait ten seconds."

    Right when Qin Feng finished talking, Xiao Qiu ran like the wind down the stairs. Good thing Xiao Ma only flipped down one set of stairs. Xiao Qiu speedily took out Xiao Ma's wallet from his pocket and ran up the stairs while pulling out his own wallet.

    "Big Brother! Here, for you!"

    "Not bad, it took you exactly ten seconds. You have the potential of becoming a Track and Field athlete!" Qin Feng took the two wallets and pulled out a total of 30 red bills [TLN: Red bills are 100 yuan bills]. Then, he threw the wallets on the ground. He raised his eyebrows: "You only have this little money and you called out this young master to rob you? Don't you know I'm busy?"

    Qin Feng was really mad. The results would be severe.

    With a flying kick, Xiao Qiu dropped down the stairs with a bitter cry. He rolled beside Xiao Ma and also fell unconscious.

    After taking care of the two, Qin Feng pocketed the money, clapped his hands, and returned to the Sales Department in satisfaction.

    Wang Chao had just seen Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu bring Qin Feng outside and awaited their good news. After waiting a bit, he didn't see the two return, but saw Qin Feng swagger back instead.

    "Hey Wang Chao, are you guarding the door? Not bad, not bad, your enthusiasm will definitely be acknowledged by our company's leadership."

    Wang Chao's face immediately darkened. He originally thought Qin Feng would be sent to the hospital, but who would have known he'd still be so cocky.

    "Qin Feng, d-did you see Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu? I have something to tell them." Wang Chao forcefully suppressed his rage and asked tentatively.

    "Xiao Ma? Xiao Qiu? I don't know them. Why are you looking for them?" Qin Feng's eyes glinted with glee. He watched Wang Chao pretend and thought that the whole situation was really fun.

    "If you didn't see them then never mind. It's nothing much, so go do what you need to do."

    "Alright, sounds good. You just continue standing here as a guard dog then," Qin Feng said as he laughingly returned to his seat.

    Wang Chao stood at the door and didn't know if he should stay or leave. Neither seemed fitting. He was so frustrated that he almost gritted his teeth into oblivion. He couldn't understand the situation. It wasn't the first time he had Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu teach someone a lesson, and they always successfully completed their missions. Why did it seem as though something went wrong today?

    After waiting at the door for around ten more minutes, the two still didn't come back. Wang Chao's patience was spent, so he returned to his office with a stormy expression and internally cursed at Qin Feng several times.

    For the rest of the day, no one else bothered Qin Feng. Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu went straight to the hospital after they came to, and would have to stay there for a couple days.

    Qin Feng spent his day at work molesting Xu Ruo Rou. During this day of work, Xu Ruo Rou considered quitting her job hundreds of times. Qin Feng was too despicable.

    She felt like a lamb in a tiger's den!

    "Ruo Rou, it's time to get off from work. Let's go, I'll take you home on my bike!" Once work was over, Qin Feng pinched Xu Ruo Rou's face.

    Xu Ruo Rou had no more energy to resist Qin Feng's habits of taking liberties with her. She replied shyly, "I-I don't need you to take me home. I have something to do later. Y-you can leave first."

    Xu Ruo Rou really had something to do tonight. Her rent was originally due every three months, but last night her landlord told her that she would be paying every six months instead. Now she had to fork out the remaining three months of rent or else she would be evicted.

    She had just graduated and was a weak girl who had just begun working. She had nothing to rely on, so she had no extra money. She was forced to her wit's end when she remembered that the Qin Family was hiring a part-time housekeeper. After work today, she decided to go to the Qin's house for an interview.

    "What do you have to do? I'll go with you." Qin Feng smiled.

    "I-it's okay. I'm going to l-look for a part-time job. Bringing you along will be inconvenient."

    "You're a little rich madam with 300,000 yuan, what are you doing looking for a part-time job?"

    "T-that isn't my money. I-I won't spend it. I'll store that money for you. W-when you need it, I'll give it back," Xu Ruo Rou promised.

    Qin Feng felt a bit downcast.

    Xu Ruo Rou said nothing when he took advantage of her, but it seems that she still kept him at a distance. She still had a line that nothing would get her to cross.

    Though she had a weak personality, she still had her own principles. Maybe under Qin Feng's might, she couldn't say anything even when taken advantage of. But, she drew the line when it came to money. In Xu Ruo Rou's eyes, only a married couple could share money unreservedly.

    She clearly didn't have those kinds of romantic feelings toward Qin Feng.

    "Okay, then I'll leave first," Qin Feng said with disappointment.

    Xu Ruo Rou gritted her teeth when she saw Qin Feng's downcast expression. She felt bad. She knew Qin Feng was just like other men and desired her beauty, but Qin Feng was fundamentally different from other men because he didn't force her and didn't do anything too ridiculous.

    Xu Ruo Rou hesitated as she thought about the times Qin Feng helped her. She suddenly ran over and held Qin Feng's hand: "Qin Feng, I-I really have to go to an interview for a part-time job tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience, but i-if you don't mind, c-can you take me there on your bike?"
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