Chapter 97 - The Young Master Qin in My Eyes

    Chapter 97 - The Young Master Qin in My Eyes

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    Editor: Levs

    "Qin Feng, d-don't force me. I-I can't learn it." Xu Ruo Rou's face was completely red, and she wanted to bury herself.

    "Forget it, I knew right from the beginning that a quest worth 3000 Hedonist Points would be extremely difficult." Qin Feng shook his head and resolutely gave up.

    He went up to Li Dong's body and ruthlessly kicked him once more: "Stop pretending you're dead. Get up. If you want to lie on the ground for the rest of your life, I can grant your wish."

    Li Dong was playing dead the whole time and heard Qin Feng teaching Xu Ruo Rou to curse. He wanted to tell Qin Feng he was insane, but Qin Feng was too strong. Li Dong knew he couldn't beat Qin Feng in a fight, so he hurriedly pulled himself to his feet.

    "B-big brother, spare me. I didn't know she was your woman."

    "If I knew earlier, even if you gave me ten guts, I still wouldn't have enough to make a move on Miss Xu." Once he got up, he kneeled in front of Qin Feng and begged for mercy.

    Qin Feng's beating frightened him. Qin Feng left no room for any counterattacks, and beat Li Dong to a pulp.

    "Cut the crap and give Ruo Rou her rent and security deposit back. And, give her 3000 yuan in compensation for the mental damage you've done. If not, I'll break your dog legs." Qin Feng glared viciously at Li Dong.

    Qin Feng was so imposing that Li Dong didn't dare oppose him. Li Dong immediately ran to get the money. Not long later, he brought a small red cloth pouch.

    "Elder Brother, h-here's 6000 yuan. The extra is a token of my apologies to Miss Xu Ruo Rou. Elder Brother, forgive me."

    Qin Feng didn't get a chance to say anything when Xu Ruo Rou lightly tugged the corner of his shirt. She said softly: "Qin Feng, let's go. I don't want to be here anymore."

    They got their money and Li Dong was beaten a good amount, so Qin Feng took the luggage Xu Ruo Rou packed and brought her out of the compound. Once they exited, they saw the car from the moving company Uncle Fu called over.

    "Young Master Qin!"

    Once Uncle Fu saw Qin Feng holding two pieces of luggage with a high-end little beauty standing beside him, Uncle Fu knew Qin Feng was courting girls again.

    Qin Feng threw the luggage to the side and ran over to Uncle Fu. He whispered into Uncle Fu's ear: "Uncle Fu, from now on, I'm Young Master Qin's personal attendant. Don't slip up."

    Uncle Fu was completely unsurprised. He didn't have to ask any further questions, and nodded slightly.

    Clearly, Uncle Fu was used to Qin Feng changing his identity to pick up girls.

    "Young Master Qin...'s personal attendant and this beautiful Miss, please get into the car. Young Master Qin is already waiting for you at the villa of the Qin Manor." Uncle Fu quickly fell into his role and invited the two into the car.

    "F*ck... Big Brother Qiang, hurry and look. That chick is too hot!" Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou had just gotten onto the car when a crowd of good-for-nothings got excited.

    It was the first time they'd seen a pure beauty like Xu Ruo Rou, and they helplessly watched her get into a car and drive away.

    The man sitting in the middle of the group of squatting good-for-nothings had an earring and dyed yellow hair. He was the boss of the group. He threw his cigarette to the ground and replayed the previous scene in his mind. He stood: "What a pity, we saw the little lady move out of this place in someone else's big Mercedes Benz. I'm afraid she's gotten a sugar daddy. If we squatted in this area a couple of days ago, then we would've been able to taste her."

    "Big Brother Qiang, I remember the Benz's license plate, if we call around, we'll know who took her in. Then, we'll squat at their doorstep and grab her so we can all spend some time with her." All the good-for-nothing's beside Wang Qiang snickered with glee and their eyes gleamed.

    Wang Qiang slapped their heads and lectured: "F*ck, I brought you all here to do proper things. We still have three of our ten assignments to complete this month. You guys keep an eye out. If there's a chance to make a move, then don't hesitate."

    "If the month ends and the assignments are unfinished, we'll all be killed by the Li Family."

    Once they brought up the assignments, all of them became serious and nodded their heads: "Big Brother Qiang, don't worry, we came to Acropolis from Yun Hai City, and we even chose a poor district like this. If we catch the person here, no one would care. Tonight, we'll bring back 3 people."

    It was the first time Xu Ruo Rou sat in such a fancy sedan. After getting into the car, she gripped onto Qin Feng's arm. Her pretty eyes curiously examined the inside of the car.

    "Ruo Rou, don't be afraid. You're a member of the Qin Manor now, your social standing has risen." Qin Feng patted Xu Ruo Rou's lovely white thigh. It looked like he was comforting her, but he was actually feeling the smoothness of her leg.

    "Yes, thank you Qin Feng. I-I'm still a little scared!" From today onwards, Xu Ruo Rou couldn't return to the place she rented, so she really had nowhere to go. Her life was in Qin Feng's hands.

    She unknowingly scooted closer to Qin Feng and her grip tightened around his arm.

    "Haha, there's nothing to be afraid of, Young Master Qin is a great person." Qin Feng wrapped his arm around Xu Ruo Rou's fragrant shoulder, and the hand on her thigh slid a bit upwards.

    "B-but, I heard rumors that Young Master Qin was base and perverted. He relies on his rich father and spends his days idly. He doesn't have a real job and i-is the epitome of human trash." Xu Ruo Rou repeated the gossip she heard.

    After she finished saying all this, she was even more afraid. She suddenly felt as though she was walking into a wolf's den. She scooted closer to Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng jumped as if he was electrocuted. He protested with dissatisfaction: "Who said that? They're all baselessly making crap up. Once I catch them, I'll kill them."

    When Xu Ruo Rou saw how agitated Qin Feng suddenly became, she looked at him in astonishment: "Why are you so agitated? I'm not even talking about you. Was what I said wrong?"

    "Ahem, I'm Young Master Qin's personal attendant and I'm defending him from these unjust rumors." Qin Feng realized that he almost exposed his identity and hurriedly explained himself.

    "Then what kind of person is Young Master Qin actually?" Xu Ruo Rou looked at Qin Feng in anticipation.

    As Young Master Qin's housekeeper, he was going to be in charge of her life in the days ahead. Xu Ruo Rou had to get all this information in order first.

    Qin Feng cleared his throat, and suddenly sat up straight. He looked at Xu Ruo Rou with a serious expression: "Ruo Rou, as Young Master Qin's personal attendant, I grew up with him. I'm the one most qualified to speak in regards to Young Master Qin's personality and character."

    "The Young Master Qin in my eyes is as follows: when he was small, he was an excellent student, had excellent character, and loved to help people; in his teens, he was a multi-talented and well-read scholar who thrived on the Confucian classics; and the current Young Master Qin is kind and understanding, respects his elders, doesn't depend on his family's power and influence, and lives an independent youth in the outside world where he has to fend for himself... This is the Young Master Qin in my eyes!"

    Qin Feng's speech brimmed with passion and sincerity. Xu Ruo Rou was moved and began to rethink the misconceptions she had of Young Master Qin.

    Uncle Fu, who was driving the car, pressed his lips together. His hands shook and he almost flipped the car over.

    Uncle Fu was a man with a history. He experienced a lot, but Qin Feng's shameless words tore apart his unchanging calmness.

    He glanced at the enamored Xu Ruo Rou through his rearview mirror and couldn't help but sigh internally. Yet another innocent beauty falls into the abyss.

    "Qin Feng, is that true? So Young Master Qin is that kind of person!" Xu Ruo Rou was a little moved. She suddenly wasn't that afraid of Young Master Qin anymore.

    Qin Feng knitted his brows and shook his head in contemplation. He gazed forward absentmindedly and said: "You're wrong. Young Master Qin's depth cannot be measured; it's not something normal people like us can comprehend. All that I mentioned was only the tip of the iceberg that is Young Master Qin. He's mysterious and elusive... That's right, he could probably be described as a god! That would be more accurate!"

    "Wow, so Young Master Qin is a man of unknown depth." Xu Ruo Rou's eyes shined.

    A godlike man. That was something to look forward to.

    "Ahem..." Uncle Fu couldn't listen to another word. He was still driving, and for the safety of Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou, he had to interrupt Qin Feng: "Young Master Qin...'s personal attendant, we'll soon be arriving at the Qin Manor. Please don't deliberate this... godlike man. If he heard, he would not be happy."

    Even Uncle Fu was beginning to complain. Qin Feng awkwardly scratched his head: "Right, Young Master Qin is a god. He must be able to sense that we're talking about him behind his back."

    "I'll stop, I'll stop."

    For the rest of the way to the Qin Manor, Uncle Fu's expression was stormy. He drove the car to the villa and immediately got out of the car to help with the luggage. He had a lasting impression of Young Master Qin's bluffing abilities.

    "Wow... Qin Feng, t-this place is huge. Y-you live here?" Xu Ruo Rou couldn't close her mouth as she stared in awe at the castle-like Qin Manor.

    It was her first time seeing something like this in real life. Prior to this, she had only seen places like this on television. Now that she was here, it felt like she was in a dream.

    "Yup. And you'll also be living here every day from here on out. I just told Uncle Fu that you'll be living on the third floor of the largest villa. The room is spacious and open, I'm sure you'll like it."

    Whether or not Xu Ruo Rou liked it, Qin Feng would like it for sure.

    After all, he put Xu Ruo Rou in the room across from his. This room was great, but it didn't have its own restroom. If one wanted to shower, they would have to go to the communal bathroom on the third floor.

    Qin Feng thought about it and cackled evilly.

    "Qin Feng, I-I haven't even seen Young Master Qin. H-he won't blame you for acting on your own, will he?" Xu Ruo Rou was a little worried.
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