Chapter 98 - Time for a Raise

    Chapter 98 - Time for a Raise

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    Editor: Levs

    Since he knew that Qin Feng put on an act to trick a beauty, Uncle Fu returned to the road and organized things with Xiao Bai. At this time, a young man dressed in expensive clothing with an aura... that one could neglect... watched Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou and walked towards them.

    Once he got in front of Qin Feng, he quickly bowed: "Qin...Qin Feng, you're back." Xiao Bai was about to call him Young Master Qin, but he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be the young master, so he quickly changed what he was going to say.

    He felt as though they were acting in a play called "Real or Fake Young Master Qin."

    "Young Master Qin, let me introduce someone to you. This is Xu Ruo Rou, she's here to be hired as your housekeeper. Are you satisfied with her?" Qin Feng patted Xiao Bai's shoulder and put on the airs of an instructor.

    Xiao Bai immediately nodded: "Satisfied, I'm very satisfied."

    Xu Ruo Rou stood behind Qin Feng the whole time. She was a bit shy and stole a peek at Xiao Bai. She agreed that he wasn't the hedonistic young master he was portrayed to be by outsiders; he didn't even have the aura of a young master. Conversely, he seemed to be someone that depended on himself.

    "Hello Y-young Master Qin!" Xu Ruo Rou mustered the courage to greet him.

    Xiao Bai was shocked, but all of the people in the Qin Manor knew Qin Feng's personality well. From a glance, Xiao Bai could tell that Qin Feng was courting a woman, so he immediately responded: "Hello, you're great. Rest assured, y-you can stay in the Qin Manor from now on."

    "Okay." Xu Ruo Rou nodded lightly. She found that this Young Master Qin seemed to have had a weak and soft personality much like herself.

    Qin Feng felt that the act went on for long enough. If it continued, they'd surely expose the truth. He was about to send Xiao Bai away when two shadows walked towards them.

    Qin Feng's expression immediately changed: the people walking over were Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying.

    "Feng'er, what are you doing standing here by the door? Oh, this is...?"

    Qin Huang came beside Qin Feng and looked at Xu Ruo Rou. He thought she looked familiar, but he could not remember where he had seen her.

    Xu Ruo Rou was shocked; Qin Huang was the boss of Royal Group. Seeing him so suddenly made Xu Ruo Rou so flustered that she forgot to greet him.

    Xiao Bai turned as white as a sheet. Qin Feng forced him to pretend to be Young Master Qin, but Qin Huang did not know. Now that Chairman Qin was here, Xiao Bai wanted to beat the farewell drums.

    Seeing that Qin Feng was giving him looks, he couldn't pretend not to see them, so he gritted his teeth and said unwillingly: "Dad...this is Xu Ruo Rou!"

    Qin Huang took a step back when Xiao Bai called him "Dad." He thought he was hearing things so he looked at the group before him. He noticed that Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou appeared unfazed. He scratched his head in confusion and wondered if he had teleported to an alternate universe.

    When he saw Han Ying Ying's surprised expression, he asked: "Ying Ying, did I hear wrong?"

    Han Ying Ying was also confused. Why would Xiao Bai, the bodyguard of the Qin Manor, call Qin Huang "Dad"? When she saw how calm Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou were, she began to understand.

    "Dad...Xu Ruo Rou is here to be hired as my housekeeper." Xiao Bai didn't wait for Han Ying Ying's response and cut in.

    He already saw Qin Huang's expression darken and thought that if he said this, Boss Qin would understand.

    After hearing this, Qin Huang really did understand immediately!

    His face contorted and he looked as though he wanted to throttle Qin Feng to death. After suppressing his anger for a long time, he glared at Qin Feng, threw down a line, and walked away: "You're not looking to improve yourself at all!"

    Han Ying Ying's pretty light blue eyes flashed with a smile. She looked curiously at Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou before following Qin Huang away.

    Once he saw the two walk far away, Xiao Bai looked like he lost his soul. He sat down on the lawn and released the breath he was holding.

    "Qin Feng, w-why is Young Master Qin sitting on the ground?" Xu Ruo Rou looked at Xiao Bai and asked with confusion.

    "Oh, Young Master Qin likes to be close to nature and loves animals. He likes to spill his heart out to the grass and flowers." Qin Feng randomly made up an excuse.

    "No way." Xu Ruo Rou was shocked.

    Then, she really saw Young Master Qin lower his head towards the ground to whisper the things on his mind to the grass: "Little Greenie, I've been busy these past couple of days so I couldn't come play with you. You're not mad, right? You grew a lot in the few days that I haven't seen you! Mm, and you smell much fresher..."

    Seeing this, Xu Ruo Rou felt a chill sweep over her. Qin Feng thought to himself that it was time to give Xiao Bai a raise!

    This show was acted quite well. Next, Qin Feng brought Xu Ruo Rou to her room. Uncle Fu already brought her things inside the house. The room had all the daily necessities and she only needed to organize it a bit.

    After helping Xu Ruo Rou organize the room, the two were sweating from head to toe. Xu Ruo Rou shyly looked at Qin Feng: "Qin Feng, i-it seems that my room doesn't have a shower. Where would I take a bath?"

    Qin Feng laughed and pulled Xu Ruo Rou to the shared bathroom on the third floor: "You can shower here in the future. It's a big place, you can wash however you like. Two people can even wash in here."

    Qin Feng's words had a deeper meaning, and Xu Ruo Rou turned pink. She lowered her head and wouldn't look at Qin Feng: "Okay, t-then I'll go get some new clothes and I'll shower first."

    Xu Ruo Rou went back to her room and quickly found a change of clothes. She went into the bathroom and prepared to shower. There were two sides to the shared bathroom on the third floor. The middle was separated by a frosted glass. When he saw Xu Ruo Rou's shadow walk into one of the bathrooms, Qin Feng smiled and walked into the other.

    Soon, one could see a shadow removing its clothes on the other side of the frosted glass. Though one couldn't see very clearly through the glass, one could see the shape of a body. This one was a perfect one with curves in all the right places.

    Hua lala!

    The sound of water flowed out. Qin Feng knew Xu Ruo Rou was already showering when he took off his clothes and also turned on the showerhead. He laughingly said: "Ruo Rou, is it you showering there?"

    Xu Ruo Rou was washing happily when Qin Feng's voice came from next to her. She was so shocked she almost fell. After a while, she weakly replied: "Qin Feng, i-is that you?"

    "Yeah it's me. What a coincidence, I didn't think you'd also be showering."

    Hearing this, Xu Ruo Rou's expression became stormy. A coincidence? Qin Feng clearly did this on purpose.

    "Ruo Rou, you can't reach your back on your own. Want me to help you?" Since Xu Ruo Rou was not speaking, Qin Feng laughingly teased her.

    Xu Ruo Rou was so shocked that she wanted to put her clothes on. She said: "D-don't come over."

    "Okay, then you come here and scrub my back."

    The other side went quiet and he assumed Xu Ruo Rou was internally cursing at Qin Feng. After half a minute, Xu Ruo Rou screamed, opened the bathroom door, and ran into Qin Feng's side of the bathroom.
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