Chapter 99 - The Dong Fang Family

    Chapter 99 - The Dong Fang Family

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    Qin Feng had never thought that Xu Ruo Rou would have the guts to run over to his side of the bathroom, so he didn't even lock the door. Xu Ruo Rou only wore a white robe, and since the top of her body was wet from the shower, the robe stuck to her body. When Qin Feng saw this, his whole body went bad.

    Xu Ruo Rou didn't care about any of this. She was frightened by something. Once she came in, she threw herself into Qin Feng's embrace and hugged him tightly: "T-there's a monster."

    Qin Feng felt the soft fragrance in his arms and declared with an air of righteousness: "Where's this monster? How dare it scare my little sister Ruo Rou? I'll ki-"

    Qin Feng hadn't finished the word "kill," when he saw a large creature crawl in. He was so shocked that he almost fell over.  When he recognized it, something tugged at the corner of his mouth.

    Last night, Black Turtle was only as big as a basketball. Today, it was already as big as a washbasin. The many-banded krait opened its huge bloody mouth and greeted Qin Feng.

    It gave a belch, and a fishy smell wafted over. Qin Feng thought the stench would kill him. His expression darkened as he lectured: "Black Turtle, go back to the room, face the wall, and repent."

    Black Turtle immediately drooped its head and slithered out. Xu Ruo Rou carefully peeked at the door. When she was sure Black Turtle was gone, she exhaled in relief and patted her chest with her small hand.

    She didn't even pat herself twice when she realized something wasn't right. She stole a glance at Qin Feng's body, and her face and ears immediately turned scarlet. With a scream, she ran back to her room.

    Too big; it was too big!

    Some time after the shower incident, it was time for dinner. Qin Feng went to Xu Ruo Rou's room to fetch her. Xu Ruo Rou changed into a pale yellow dress and wore pigtails. She looked like a dancing butterfly as she exited the room.

    When she saw Qin Feng, she lowered her head. She had just gotten her face back to its normal color, but it now became completely red again.

    She followed behind Qin Feng the whole way to the dining area on the first floor. Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying were already sitting at the table.

    "Good morning Chairman Qin! Good morning Assistant Han!" Han Ying Ying had only been at the company for a day and someone already knew her.

    Xu Ruo Rou knew her because Han Ying Ying was too beautiful, so her name was immediately spread throughout Royal Group.

    "Good morning Chairman Qin! Good morning Assistant Han!" Qin Feng also smilingly greeted the two as he sat down. He pulled out the seat next to him for Xu Ruo Rou to sit in.

    Xu Ruo Rou never thought she'd ever sit and eat at the same table as Chairman Qin of Royal Group. She was so shocked that she couldn't lift her head. After hesitating a while, she weakly asked: "Qin Feng, w-why isn't Young Master Qin here?"

    Not understanding Qin Feng's response, Qin Huang said harshly: "That brat is dead, you don't have to care about him in the future."

    Qin Feng coughed and almost choked on his food. Xu Ruo Rou jumped. She thought to herself: "Isn't Young Master Qin Qin Huang's son? Why would a dad curse his own son to die?"

    "Uhm, as the chairman, he's a humorous guy, he was joking with us." Qin Feng immediately amended.

    Then he looked at Xu Ruo Rou seriously, "Young Master Qin called me earlier. He said for these couple of months, he has to go teach in a remote mountainous region. He's now a person of class. If I were a woman, I'd marry him."

    After hearing this, Xu Ruo Rou's eyes brightened. It seems that she misunderstood Young Master Qin. He was not the hedonistic young master that outsiders made him out to be.

    Qin Huang almost spit out his food after hearing his son's words. He glared at Qin Feng and suddenly lost his appetite.

    On the contrary, Qin Feng ate happily. He even kept getting food for Xu Ruo Rou. Halfway through eating, he noticed something was wrong. He said to Qin Huang: "Chairman Qin, our dinners used to always have fish soup, why didn't we make any today?"

    Qin Huang said nothing. Butler Wang, who standing to the side, immediately ran out. He had an apologetic expression: "Qin... Feng, tonight all of the fish that had arrived to the kitchen area went missing. I think we might have a thief in the Qin Manor. I've already reported this to Uncle Fu and he's investigating it now." Butler Wang wasn't used to Qin Feng's new identity and almost slipped and called him "Young Master."

    When Qin Feng wanted to act, over eighty staff members of the Qin Manor had to act with him. It was really hard on them.

    Qin Feng's mouth twitched. There was no need for Uncle Fu to investigate because he knew who the criminal was.

    Xu Ruo Rou spent the meal eating very carefully. After eating, everyone returned to their respective rooms.

    After Qin Feng entered his room, he saw Black Turtle wreaking havoc. The whole room was filled with the stench of fish, and Qin Feng was so angry that he wanted to toss Black Turtle out the window. He still believed that his initial idea of throwing Black Turtle into the ocean to fend for himself when he had the time was a good idea.

    He crawled into bed. Since he had nothing to do, he pulled out his phone and added Xu Ruo Rou's qq account as a friend again. Not long later, she accepted his request.

    "Young Master Qin, I'm sorry that I accidentally deleted you last time. I hope you aren't mad." This time, Xu Ruo Rou initiated the messaging.

    Qin Feng held his phone and smiled like a dummy: "That's alright, I have to leave for a while so you hang out with Qin Feng. If you don't know anything, you can ask him. He's a really straight-laced and proper guy."

    "Yes, I will. I heard you were going to teach in a remote mountainous village. I think your actions are very commendable!"

    "Don't worship this older brother. Eventually, I'll become a legend. It's late, go to sleep. Remember, if you have time, hang out with Qin Feng and you'll learn a lot," he shamelessly sent these words, signed out of qq, plopped his head down, and fell deeply asleep.

    In the room across from him, Xu Ruo Rou held her phone tightly and vigorously nodded: "Young Master Qin, I will."

    As the night deepened and the humans fell quiet, a sprinkle of rain appeared.

    A row of bodyguards wearing black sunglasses and a black suits stood outside the VIP walkway of the Capital's International Airport. They didn't wear the sunglasses to look cool; these sunglasses were actually high-tech, smart-glasses.

    They were one of a kind tools that had GPS, night vision, acted as binoculars, could be used to communicate, etc.

    An elderly man wearing an extravagant Tang suit stood before this row of large and muscular bodyguards. The elder needed assistance standing, but his body stood straight and tall, and he had an aura of power and prestige. He also had a pair of deep-set eyes that were so sharp, they could seemingly cut a hole through anything.

    If anyone from the upper society of the Capital saw him standing in the airport at night waiting for someone, they would definitely be so surprised that they'd rub their eyes. Because he is someone of such importance, there was no one that could make him wait at the airport in the middle of the night.

    This man is the elder of the Dong Fang Family of the Capital: Dong Fang Ming Wang.

    His darling granddaughter was Dong Fang Qing Xue who was coming back from America tonight.

    "Elder Wang, Big Miss is back!"

    Right when the bodyguard said this, a woman walked out of the VIP walkway. She was so beautiful she could topple cities and countries.

    Her face was as white as jade and the color of the morning sun. She was extraordinarily beautiful and bright like the Autumn moon. Her shoulder-length hair moved with the wind, her figure was tall and slim, and her legs were long and thin.

    She wore a white sweater and a light blue jean skirt. A silk cardigan draped across her shoulders. Her rounded long legs made one's heart beat, and her chest wasn't like an explosive wave, but it matched her figure.

    "Grandpa." Dong Fang Qing Xue's voice rang like a spring. During these wee hours of the night, the sound gave immediate energy to the tired people that heard her.

    "Qing Xue, you finally agreed to return. Were you well these three years in America?" Dong Fang Ming Wang wiped away the tears at the corners of his eyes. In his loving attitude, a bit of seriousness seeped through.

    "I'm doing very well. You don't need to worry about me Grandpa." Dong Fang Qing Xue naturally tugged her grandfather's arm: "Grandpa, how is your health?"

    Dong Fang Wang Ming laughed easily: "Take a look and tell me how Grandpa's health is. Let's go, we'll talk more at home." While speaking, an air of strength shot out of the Elder's body. Dong Fang Qing Xue's eyes brightened. It seems that in these three years, Grandpa's health had another breakthrough. She was really happy for her grandfather.

    With the group of bodyguards, the grandparent and grandchild exited the airport. There were six black Mercedes Benzes lined up. When the two boarded the third one, the cars moved forward.

    Once Dong Fang Qing Xue got in the car, she arched her attractive eyebrows and asked: "Grandpa, why did you call me back so urgently?"

    As the most talented young miss of the Capital, she depended on her own talent and abilities and developed two companies in America that were on the market. If her Grandpa didn't force her to return, she would have prepared to settle there.

    "Qing Xue, you're not that young anymore, you should get married." Dong Fang Ming Wang suddenly became serious.

    "To someone from the Qin Family?" Dong Fang Qing Xue heard about this marriage and originally thought it was an act. She didn't think that her grandpa would be earnest about it. Her expression sank.

    "That is correct."

    "Can't we cancel this marriage?" Dong Fang Qing Xue complained.

    "As long as Grandpa's alive, I'll insist on getting you and Qin Feng married."

    Dong Fang Qing Xue was quiet, and Dong Fang Wang Ming also fell silent. No one spoke for the rest of the ride.

    Xu Ruo Rou came to the Qin Manor to be Young Master Qin's housekeeper. Even though Young Master Qin went to the distant mountainous region to teach, she didn't slack off. She woke up early and helped Butler Wang organize breakfast.

    Han Ying Ying also woke up early. When she went to the living room, she noticed Xu Ruo Rou hard at work. She walked up to her: "Ruo Rou, you don't have to do this stuff in the future, let Butler Wang take care of it."

    Seeing that the Chairman's assistant came over, Xu Ruo Rou immediately lowered her head and said: "Good morning Assistant Han... I-I'm here at the Qin Manor to be a housekeeper. Even if Young Master Qin went to teach, I'll still fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability."

    Han Ying Ying's eyes glimmered with mirth. She gave Xu Ruo Rou a once-over and wondered how someone like Qin Feng could be so lucky to meet a girl of Xu Ruo Rou's quality on the first day of work.

    "Okay, then you do what you need to do. Since we all live in the Qin Manor, we're considered a family. If you ever have trouble at work, you can look for me!"

    Han Ying Ying and Xu Ruo Rou were people of two different worlds. They didn't have anything to speak about. Since Qin Feng and the rest had not yet arrived, Han Ying Ying returned to her room to prepare her documents for work.
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