Chapter 100 - Are You a Mouse?

    Chapter 100 - Are You a Mouse?

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng had a really nice sleep last night. At this time, he had just awoken and washed. When he went downstairs, he saw Xu Ruo Rou hard at work. He was about to convince her to stop, but she was hired to be Young Master Qin's housekeeper. He did not want to expose his identity, so he let Xu Ruo Rou be.

    He suddenly thought of how he promised to buy Li Yu Chen a new pair of stockings. Since that it was not time to eat yet, he went to Han Ying Ying's room and arrived at the third floor balcony. There hung a row of different colored stockings.

    Of course, there were also a variety of undergarments, and they were the thin and see-through kind. Qin Feng examined them for a while and after a lot of effort, he prevented himself from pocketing a couple.

    Thump thump thump!

    He chose a black fishnet one from the array of stockings. When he turned, he heard the click of high heels and a fragrant scent wafted over.

    "Qin Feng... What are you doing in my room?" Han Ying Ying was preparing her documents. She was about to choose a pair of stockings to wear to work when she saw Qin Feng standing there holding one of her favorite pairs of stockings that she only wore at home.

    Han Ying Ying's eyes flashed with a sliver of charming amusement: "Qin Feng, why are you holding my stockings? If you like them, I can wear them for you. There are a lot of different styles, I can wear every one for you."

    Qin Feng eyed Han Ying Ying's hot body and his eyes fell on her beautiful fair thighs. He imagined what she would look like if she wore the stockings, and thought it would certainly be really sexy.

    But, Qin Feng knew how dangerous this woman was, so he replied nonchalantly: "Oh, last night Butler Wang didn't have grilled fish soup, and I was afraid that he'd forget it again tonight, so I was going to borrow your stockings and go to the pond in the garden to catch some fish."

    The romantic mood Han Ying Ying created was immediately shattered and her expression froze. She stared at Qin Feng and stomped down the stairs: "Tch, didn't get the hint."

    Qin Feng watched Han Ying Ying's back and his eyes shone with mirth. He thought to himself that it was a pity this woman's background was so strong. If he played with her feelings, he would be annihilated.

    Not long after, four people gathered in the dining area. Xu Ruo Rou just arrived in the Qin Manor and felt that it was unnatural to be eating at the same table as Chairman Qin and Assistant Han.

    It took her a great effort to swallow down her breakfast. Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying left first in a Benz, and Qin Feng took Xu Ruo Rou on his humble 28" bicycle.

    Xu Ruo Rou was now used to sitting on the 28" bicycle and was less nervous. She even had a happy expression as she savored the feeling of the wind rushing past her ears.

    "Qin Feng, last night Young Master Qin spoke to me. He said I should hang out with you more and learn from you."

    "Uh huh, Young Master Qin has good insight, you should listen to him!"

    "I know!" Xu Ruo Rou shyly nodded. She felt Qin Feng's arm hugging her waist, but she didn't resist.

    Though Qin Feng left later, he arrived before Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying and parked his bike in the VIP parking area. After, the two sitting in the black commercial Mercedes-Benz also arrived.

    Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying slowly accepted this strange occurrence.

    The four went into the same elevator area. Qin Huang and Han Ying Ying took the elevator solely for the Chairman. After waiting for a while, Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou took the employee elevator to the Sales Department lobby on the 8th floor.

    Due to Qin Feng's beatings, Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu were sent to the hospital. The doctor advised them to rest for at least three days before returning to work. When Wang Chao saw Qin Feng smiling and talking with Xu Ruo Rou, his expression darkened.

    However, there was nothing he could do about Qin Feng at the moment since he didn't have his two lackeys. He told Xiao Ma and Xiao Qiu to take care of Qin Feng, but they had now gone missing for two days.

    Work time flew by because Qin Feng spent it feeling Xu Ruo Rou's thigh. Seeing her cold expression, Qin Feng felt that he had done enough thigh massaging for today.

    He was a hardworking person, and was even more so someone who was fair and unselfish. Since Xu Ruo Rou's thigh massage was done, he suddenly thought of Li Yu Chen in the managerial office.

    As the head of the Sales Department, she must have a lot of pressure from work. Qin Feng thought that he should give her a massage so she could let loose.

    Qin Feng suddenly thought that if he became the company's chairman, he would be one that was very thoughtful of his employees... especially the pretty female ones.

    "Come in!" Qin Feng knocked on the office door and a strong voice came from within.

    He pushed the door open and entered.

    Upon entering, Qin Feng's eyes fell onto Li Yu Chen's beautiful legs. She wasn't wearing stockings today, and her thighs were shiny and white. There was a slight scar on the spot where she got hurt.

    It seemed that the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine was indeed mysterious. Qin Feng made a mental note to plan and open up a medicine company when he had time. He would sell the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine and the sales would definitely be prolific.

    Qin Feng's gaze was always brazen. Even when he was pretending to be lazy, Li Yu Chen could immediately see the evil glint in his eye.

    "What do you want?" She looked coldly at Qin Feng as she retracted her legs that she previously extended under the table.

    "Nothing important. But besides work, seeing Manager Li so earnest, I'm not sure if you need me to give you a leg massage?" Qin Feng said with seriousness.

    Li Yu Chen was so angry that her mind went blank for a bit. She couldn't understand where Qin Feng got his courage and thick skin to say these kinds of things.

    "If there's nothing, then you can leave!" Li Yu Chen's coldness made it seem as if her body had a layer of ice. Nowadays, once she saw Qin Feng, her head would hurt.

    "Manager Li, actually, I was here to ask if the wound on your leg was better. If it hasn't completely healed, I'll give you some medicine to apply to it."

    Once she heard him mention the wound, Li Yu Chen's iciness thawed. Though she hated Qin Feng, she had to admit that the medicine he applied on her leg was really mysterious. She just went to sleep and the scar completely disappeared the following day. It was as if she never got hurt.

    "That's my problem, you don't have to worry about it." Her tone was neutral.

    "Manager Li, don't be so polite, we're all co-workers, we should interact. Hurry and let me see your leg more closely. If the scar hasn't completely disappeared, I'll help you put on some medicinal powder... Of course, this powder has to be paired with my saliva to work!"

    Seeing Li Yu Chen weaken, Qin Feng immediately added the latter comment with a smile.

    "Qin Feng, are you a mouse? Why are you going under my desk? Get out of there!" Li Yu Chen was shy and frustrated. She was so angry that she immediately stood up.
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