Chapter 101 - Here to Talk About Business

    Chapter 101 - Here to Talk About Business

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    "Manager Li, don't be nervous, I'm only checking to see if the wound on your leg is better." Li Yu Chen was so scared that she backed away, and Qin Feng came out from under the table.

    Li Yu Chen looked at Qin Feng like he was a monster. She was so frustrated that she was going to go crazy. When she was about to yell at Qin Feng to get the hell out of her office, the office door opened.

    A man and a woman walked in.

    The man was dressed in a western suit and leather shoes. He was handsome and stood straight and tall. The woman was dressed provocatively in revealing clothes.

    Once the two walked into the office, the provocatively-dressed woman's gaze swept through the office and fell onto Li Yu Chen. Her eyes revealed a bit of a playful smile.

    "Yu Chen, are you working?" the woman asked with a strange tone.

    When Li Yu Chen saw Wang Ying, her expression shifted subtly and her eyebrows furrowed slightly. This woman was her childhood playmate who grew up in the same compound as her. The two of them had extremely different personalities.

    Wang Ying lived by chasing after a life of fortune. After graduating, she plotted to be the mistress of a rich household. Maybe she earnestly practiced outstanding moves in bed and tricked a bunch of men, but she moved out of the poor compound she used to live at and moved into a mansion.

    The people in the compound only saw Wang Ying's current glory and didn't know about the dirty exchanges that were in her past-they even saw her as a role model. They taught their kids to look up to Wang Ying in hopes that their kids would leave their poor compound one day to live in a skyscraper for the rich.

    It's a good thing they taught their sons these things. Otherwise, these parents would have made a great contribution to Acropolis City's entertainment industry.

    Naturally, Li Yu Chen's mother was among these jealous parents. She asked around and had a deep understanding of the situation so she knew Wang Ying pounced onto a rich family. She wanted her own daughter to do the same. Plus, Li Yu Chen was a recognized beauty in the compound, so Mother Li's aspirations for her were high.

    She wanted Li Yu Chen to hook up with Young Master Qin and become the Number One Rich Madam of Acropolis.

    "Oh Yu Chen, you're too rude. My honey and I have been standing here for half a day and you don't even know enough to pour us some tea and pull out some chairs. You really have no sense, no wonder you're still living in that old broken compound."

    Seeing Li Yu Chen rooted to the spot, Wang Ying's sharp tongue began to nag. When they were in the compound, Li Yu Chen was called a flower so Wang Ying was always extremely dissatisfied about that.

    Now that she had a higher social standing than Li Yu Chen, she was naturally eager to show off and feed her vanity.

    "Want some water? Pour it yourself. Want to sit? Sorry, there's only one seat for every person in the sales department so there aren't any extra chairs for you two to sit in." Li Yu Chen didn't open her mouth, and it was Qin Feng's voice that lazily drifted out.

    After Wang Ying and her boyfriend Sun Ye came through the door, their gazes were on Li Yu Chen. If Qin Feng didn't speak, none of them would have seen him.

    "Who are you? How dare you speak to us like that?" Wang Ying's face fell as she viciously glared at Qin Feng.

    "I'm a sales representative in the Sales Department." Qin Feng said arrogantly as he raised his head and puffed up his chest.

    "Haha, so you're just a little sales representative. Why aren't you working? What are you doing in Li Yu Chen's office?" Wang Ying acted like a haughty rich woman as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and smiled coldly at Qin Feng.

    Her gaze shifted between Li Yu Chen and Qin Feng several times. Her eyes then flashed with mirth: "Haha, Li Yu Chen, you're kidding right? Has it come to the stage where you're having a little office romance with a sales representative? You should at least choose someone with a higher position."

    Though she knew this guess was incorrect, Wang Ying bit onto the accusation that Li Yu Chen and Qin Feng were playing office romance games.

    Qin Feng suddenly saw Wang Ying in a better light and praised: "Your eyes aren't bad, we are having an office romance. Now please leave and don't ruin the mood."

    "Haha, Li Yu Chen, I don't know what to say to you, but this young little handsome man you found is kind of cute."

    Wang Ying laughed uncontrollably. Li Yu Chen's expression fell and she looked coldly at Qin Feng: "If there's nothing else, leave now."

    "Manager Li, I do have something. Something really important." Qin Feng became serious.

    Seeing his serious expression, Li Yu Chen wanted to kill someone: "You better not bring up the thing about female workers' uniforms again or I'll fire you right now."

    Qin Feng felt wronged because he wasn't going to bring up the female employees' uniforms. At this time, he had already reached into his pocket and was about to show Li Yu Chen his important matter.

    All three people in the room watched Qin Feng curiously as he pulled out something black from his pocket and slowly unfolded it... it turned out to be a pair of silk fishnet stockings.

    As they wondered why Qin Feng had such a thing in his pocket, they saw him stand before Li Yu Chen and extend the stockings to her. He smiled brightly: " Manager Li, yesterday I pulled too hard and ripped your stockings. I said I would give you a new pair. After choosing carefully, I thought the fishnet-style of stockings would look good on you."

    Li Yu Chen was so mad she forgot to breathe. Wang Ying laughed: "Li Yu Chen, so you're doing it for real. Crap, you always pretend to be all proper but you do these kinds of things behind the scenes. Aren't you afraid your employees will find out?"

    Wang Ying's boyfriend Sun Ye didn't speak the whole time. He had a gentlemanly smile the whole time, but after hearing Qin Feng's words, his eyes flashed with an almost imperceptible fierceness.

    As his mistress, Wang Ying visited Li Yu Chen every month to show off. Sun Ye was happy to come along because the first time he saw Li Yu Chen, he was attracted by her beauty and her flaming body.

    Many times had he hinted at Li Yu Chen that he wanted to get rid of Wang Ying and have her as his mistress instead. But, he met no success.

    Hearing today that Li Yu Chen had a secret romance with Qin Feng, Sun Ye was extremely angry. He was even more dissatisfied after knowing Qin Feng was a mere sales representative.

    He was rich and handsome; how was he lacking compared to Qin Feng? ...Unless this kid lasts really long?

    "Ahem, Wang Ying and I are here to talk business. You and I are on completely different levels Sales Rep, so I think you should leave." Sun Ye finally spoke, and once he opened his mouth, his words were directed at Qin Feng.

    Since he knew Li Yu Chen was not a "good" woman, Sun Ye decided he wanted to capture this exquisite item.

    "You're right, my level is much higher than yours. You aren't good enough to talk to me about business. But, I'm in a good mood today so I'll make an exception and listen to you. What business do you wish to speak of?" Qin Feng didn't leave and even sat on Li Yu Chen's desk instead.

    Sun Ye coughed. He was so angry that he choked. He stared at Qin Feng in dissatisfaction: "I really don't know where your confidence comes from. I meant that your level is too low and you don't have the right to speak to me about business."

    Li Yu Chen's spirit seemed to have returned. She looked at the sexy and revealing stockings in her hand and was about to throw them in the trash, but she thought of how a good amount of people came in and out of the office every day for business matters and reports. If they saw them, it would be too embarrassing. In the end, she stuffed them into her drawer with a huff.

    She actually did not want to be alone with Wang Ying and Sun Ye. Seeing that Qin Feng wouldn't leave, she thought she might as well let Qin Feng handle these two annoying people: "Why does level matter when talking business? Qin Feng is an outstanding sales representative in our company. If you have business, go right ahead. If not, you can leave."

    "Oh Manager Li, you really give a lot of face. You even want to rush us out? Do you know why we came today? We're here to buy a house, and it's from Royal Group's newest 'Cloud City Hua Manor.' Still want to make us leave? I'm afraid you won't be able to keep your job."

    "Cloud City Hua Manor" is a building that Royal Group just opened. Any suite in it was worth a couple million yuan or tens of millions of yuan. It was a prosperous community that represented status in Cloud City.

    Usually, even Li Yu Chen, the General Sales Manager, didn't have the ability to talk about this large case. Instead, a superior in Royal Group would have to talk about it. If Wang Ying wanted to buy a mansion today and looked directly for Li Yu Chen, she clearly did so just to show off.

    "My apologies, please wait, I'll call the internal offices and find a superior to speak with you." Li Yu Chen could resign from this job, but she wouldn't be able to explain it to her old mother.

    Plus, if she was fired by Royal Group, she would lose her sliver of a chance to meet Young Master Qin. In the end, all she could do was compromise. Her attitude toward Wang Ying and her boyfriend softened visibly.

    "Manager Li, what is the 'Cloud City Hua Manor'?" Qin Feng never cared about his dad's work matters so he didn't know about this new mansion.

    Li Yu Chen thought she embarrassed herself enough, but she was successfully slapped by Wang Ying once again. She just glared at Qin Feng and was in no mood to speak with him.

    Wang Ying's mood was extremely good once she saw Li Yu Chen catering to her. When she learned that Qin Feng never heard of "Cloud City Hua Manor," she burst into brazen laughter.

    "You don't know Cloud City Hua Manor? That's normal. After all, that's where those with money and status in Acropolis City gather. You're just a little sales rep, how would you know? With your background, you'll never be able to afford those houses. You don't even need to know about them, it might shock your weak little heart to death."

    When he heard Wang Ying's words, Qin Feng wanted to laugh. Where in Acropolis would one find a mansion that Qin Feng couldn't buy?

    At this time, the office door opened again and a mature middle-aged man wearing a white dress shirt and black slacks walked in. This was Wang Jun, the superior Li Yu Chen had just called over.
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