Chapter 102 - The Ass-Kissery Backfires

    Chapter 102 - The Ass-Kissery Backfires

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    "General Manager Li, are these the two that want to see the Cloud City Hua Manor mansions?" Upon entering, Wang Jun got straight to the point. To General Manager Li, the Cloud City Hua Manor was a large project, but to Wang Jun, the Deputy Manager of the Administrative Department, it was just another project.

    He still had a lot to do, and didn't want to waste too much time on this project.

    After Wang Jun's glance swept over Wang Ying and Sun Ye, he noticed that there was another man in the office. When his gaze fell on Qin Feng's face, he was so shocked that he almost shouted aloud. Due to his position in the company, he knew Qin Feng: this was Chairman Qin's only child.

    "Haha, how do you do?" Wang Jun knew that Qin Feng came to the company to gain some experience. He also knew that Qin Feng was gaining this experience as a sales representative. But, after seeing him, he felt that it would be bad not to greet him.

    Wang Ying and Sun Ye were shocked. Wang Jun didn't give Sun Ye any face and wanted to get right to the point after walking in, yet he suddenly cheerily greeted Qin Feng.

    They stood stupidly to the side and didn't know what to do. At the same time, they wondered if Li Yu Chen called over one of the company's porters from their warehouse.

    "Ahem... Hello, I'm Sun Ye. Sun Da Ming, Chairman of Big Land Real Estate Agency is my father."

    Wang Jun came back to his senses. He saw Qin Feng smile at him, so he released the breath he was holding. He then turned to shake Sun Ye's hand: "Hello, I'm the Deputy Manager of Royal Group's Administrative Department, Wang Jun."

    Sun Ye confirmed Wang Jun's identity with his nametag. Deputy Manager of the Administrative Department was a pretty high position, so Sun Ye's attitude toward Wang Jun improved.

    "Manager Wang, I'm here to buy a house. I was not aware I would make you come all the way here. It's my pleasure." Sun Ye wasn't just here to buy houses.

    His dad was Sun Da Ming, the founder of Big Land Real Estate. The business was performing decently, and they were purposefully coming to Royal Group under the guise of buying a mansion to see if they could join Acropolis's Number One real estate company.

    Once they joined them, they could just take some of Royal Group's real estate projects, make money without consequences, and have enough to buy and sell to feed themselves for the rest of their lives.

    "Cut the pleasantries and get straight to the point," Wang Jun said solemnly.

    Seeing that his ass-kissing backfired, Sun Ye gave a pleasant smile. He was about to speak when he remembered Qin Feng was still standing to the side. He said coldly: "Hey Sales Rep, I have important things to discuss with Manager Wang. If you have nothing to do here, go back to work. This office isn't big, and by standing there you're blocking off Manager Wang's ventilation."

    When one ass-kissing attempt didn't work, Sun Ye decided to do it thousands and tens of thousands of times more. He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to make at least one of them stick.

    This time, Sun Ye really missed the mark. After Wang Jun heard this, his heart ached and wanted to slap Sun Ye soundly in the mouth.

    Wang Jun hadn't even said anything, and Sun Ye wasn't even a damn superior of Royal Group yet he was grumbling. Wang Jun didn't dare sit anymore, and immediately stood.

    "Qin Feng, I almost forgot, this office only has two chairs. You sales reps have it the hardest, you're always assisting customers all day and you can't even take a sip of water before you have to go call customers as well.

    "If we didn't have you worker bees, Royal Group wouldn't reign over as large of a land as it currently does. I sit until my bottom hurts in the office every day... You can sit here instead Qin Feng."

    "Oh Manager Wang, how can I sit when you're here? You're cutting my life short." Qin Feng immediately pushed back. Wang Jun thought to himself: Qin Feng is currently hiding his identity to learn in the company, so by doing this, Wang Jun was being too obvious. He was about to go sit back down when Qin Feng sat on the chair first.

    "Okay Manager Wang, then I'll really sit."

    Wang Jun jumped back to where he stood previously as if he was electrocuted. He said smilingly: "You sit, you sit."

    These two acted out a two man show and Sun Ye and Wang Ying were shocked. Even Li Yu Chen, who stood to the side, had a flicker of surprise flash through her luminous and beautiful face.

    Last time, Wang Jun personally made a call in regards to Qin Feng's three day absence from work. And today, he treated Qin Feng with such regard. Li Yu Chen realized that Qin Feng had some sort of huge backing in Royal Group.

    Why else would Wang Jun, Deputy Manager of the Administrative Department tip-toe around him?

    Wang Jun was already standing, so Sun Ye definitely couldn't sit. He hurriedly stood and glared coldly at Qin Feng. Sun Ye smiled at Wang Jun: "Manager Wang, the low-leveled employees in this company have no sense of propriety. You were polite to him and he really thought he was a big-shot and shamelessly sat down. I don't know how he got into a big company like Royal Group."

    This ass-kissery filled Wang Jun's stomach with fire.

    Qin Feng jumped and looked worriedly at Wang Jun: "Oh, Manager Wang, so you were just being polite. You should have told me. Look at me, I thought you meant it. Manager Wang, you sit, you sit."

    Wang Jun's heart was currently leaking blood, and he gritted his teeth while looking at Sun Ye: "Sun Ye right? Are you here to talk business or to teach me how to treat my employees? If it's the latter, then sorry, I'm really busy, I'll take my leave."

    Wang Jun was about to leave with a huff. He didn't dare stay because he was afraid of offending Qin Feng and subsequently losing his job. Qin Feng was known as the Hedonistic Young Master, and Wang Jun felt that he did not have the capability to wait on this kind of young master.

    "Manager Wang, don't get mad. I-I'm here to talk business, talk business." Sun Ye immediately tried to convince Wang Jun. He really slapped himself in the face this time.

    Sun Ye still didn't realize that Qin Feng's identity wasn't simple. Sun Ye thought he made Wang Jun mad because Wang Jun would lose face when Sun Ye pointed out the workplace's hidden, unspoken rules.

    "If you want to talk business then do it properly, don't change the topic." Wang Jun let out the breath he was holding. He stood to the side and didn't dare sit on the chair.

    Both seats were empty so Qin Feng sat. He even waved to Li Yu Chen: "General Manager Li, aren't these people silly? There are chairs and they don't sit, they're even making up all sorts of excuses. You sit too, let's arm-wrestle."

    Qin Feng's words were shocking. Sun Ye and Wang Ying looked at him with even more contempt. They were sure that there was definitely something wrong with his head.

    Li Yu Chen guessed at his identity and sat down with a laugh. She was always teased by Wang Ying, so this was considered a little victory for her today.

    Once he saw that Qin Feng was taken care of, Wang Jun was then able to talk business: "Mr. Sun, Royal Group's Cloud City Hua Manor has six units. These are the six units' renderings. There's also a model of it in the sales lobby. You can go look and see which one you'd like to purchase."

    Wang Jun extended a rendering toward Sun Ye. Sun Ye took a careless look and quickly shut the renderings. He didn't care about the unit configurations. He was here to build a relationship with Royal Group.
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