Chapter 103 - I Wont Give You a Penny Less

    Chapter 103 - I Won't Give You a Penny Less

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    "Manager Wang, I don't need to look at the model. I trust Royal Group's mansions 100%. Just so I don't waste your precious time, I think you should just choose one for me. If you recommend it, I'll surely be satisfied."

    This ass-kissery was originally spot-on, but since Qin Feng was there, this ass-kissing was ill-timed.

    Wang Jun was afraid that Qin Feng would think he was susceptible to bribery. If Qin Feng told the Chairman, there'd be trouble. He now suspected that Chairman Qin placed Qin Feng in the company (and as a sales representative no less!) without worry because there must be some sort of surveillance planted to keep an eye on Royal Group's management.

    How could Wang Jun dare get friendly with customers in front of Qin Feng? Thus, he immediately shook his head solemnly: "No, you choose yourself. I'm much older and my taste is different from yours."

    Sun Ye realized that it would be hard to kiss Manager Wang's ass, but he persisted: "Manager Wang is too humble. If you didn't say that, I would have thought you were younger than me. You don't look a day over 20! I trust that your taste is better than mine."

    "That's right, that's right, Manager Wang. You're so handsome and talented. In this society, few are as outstanding as you." Wang Ying added, contributing to Sun Ye's ass-kissery.

    As the saying goes, other things may fail, but ass-kissing never does!

    But, everything depends on timing. For example, if you try and flatter a horse by patting its buttocks when the horse is tired, it will surely kick you. [TLN: The Chinese phrase for kissing ass literally translates to "patting a horse's bottom."]

    At this time, Manager Wang wanted to kick Sun Ye to death. He clearly expressed that he didn't want to deal with the guy, but Sun Ye kept kissing his ass. Wang Jun was frustrated. Then, when his eyes fell on Qin Feng, they brightened.

    He saw that right from the beginning, Sun Ye was giving Qin Feng a hard time. This guy that doesn't know his place should just be handled by Young Master Qin directly: "Qin Feng, as a new sales representative, you don't have achievements on your belt yet. But, I see that you're always hard-working, so I'll give you this project. What do you think?"

    After this was said, three pairs of eyes fell on Qin Feng.

    He was currently holding Li Yu Chen's jade hand and arm wrestling with her. But, this clearly wasn't an actual arm wrestling match because both of Qin Feng's hands held Li Yu Chen's jade hand, and he also placed his nose on her hand as well. He looked intoxicated by its fragrance.

    "Qin Feng, Manager Wang is asking you something." The gazes all assembled at the same place. Li Yu Chen was so embarrassed that her whole face turned red. She immediately tugged her hand away from Qin Feng and pushed him lightly.

    Qin Feng regained his senses.

    "Manager Wang, you had something to ask me?" Qin Feng asked without a hint of embarrassment.

    Wang Jun was so shocked that he broke into a cold sweat. He had always heard that Young Master Qin was dissolute, uninhibitedly hedonistic, and loved beauties. Seeing that he interfered with his courting of a woman, Wang Jun was afraid that Qin Feng would flip out right then and there.

    "Qin Feng, Manger Wang has a big heart and cherishes his subordinates, so he willingly allowed you to handle the business talks for this project. You have such a good leader, you must have luck cultivated by eight lives." Wang Jun didn't even say he was going to back out of the talks yet when Sun Ye's ass-kissery made a comeback.

    This time, Qin Feng heard everything clearly and said with a laugh: "Since Manager Wang looks so kindly upon me, then I must live up to the expectations.

    "Tell me, which house model of the Cloud City Hua Manor caught your eye? Our new mansions are all quite expensive. If you can't afford it, then don't waste my arm wrestling time."

    "Psh... I can't afford it? I'm laughing so hard that I'll laugh my front teeth out. Dearest, let's buy the most expensive model so this brat can grow some eyes!" Wang Ying said as she glared hatefully at Qin Feng.

    Even if Wang Ying didn't say anything, Sun Ye was already prepared to buy the most expensive model. After buying this villa, the salesperson would have hundreds of thousands in commission. After getting this money, it would naturally be easy to form a closer relationship with Wang Jun, which would subsequently allow for a chance to work closely with Royal Group.

    "Alright, we'll choose the most expensive model. It doesn't matter which building or which district it's in," Sun Ye waved his hand dismissively. When he spoke, he purposefully eyed Li Yu Chen.

    "Okay, the two of you truly are rich. Let me see... Model A, the most expensive one. Alright, then Building 4 in District 4 by the parking lot is a good choice. Four is a really auspicious number. What do you think?" Qin Feng looked at the two with a jolly smile. [TLN: The number four sounds like "death" in Chinese, so it is a really inauspicious number.]

    Sun Ye suppressed his anger with all his might. Though he was really unhappy with the number, he had just said none of it mattered. If he made a fuss about it now, he might give Wang Jun a bad impression of him. Thus, he gritted his teeth and said: "Alright, we'll take it."

    "Mr. Sun really has great taste. The Building 4 District 4 villa is the most unique house of the Cloud City Hua Manor. Because it's close to the parking lot, the garden area in front of the villa was eliminated to become a main road. The backyard has also been sectioned off to become the trash area. Also, the villa is in the best location: the entrance of the West Side Door. Whether it's night or day, it's always bustling. The two of you will never be lonely when living there. In the morning, you won't need to set an alarm because you'll certainly be awoken by the noise outside.

    "Due to this villa's many specialties, it's the ideal mansion that countless customers are fighting over. Thus, it's twice as expensive as the other villas. But, seeing how sincere the two of you are in coming personally to request Building 4 of District 4, I'll give you a discount. The calculations come up to 15,059,922 silver yuan. But, our Royal Group was never a petty company. So, how about this? I'll get rid of the small change and charge you 15,059,920 silver yuan."

    Once Qin Feng started talking, he couldn't stop. He fired out his words like a string of pearls. Even the usually cold and strong Li Yu Chen couldn't help but cover her mouth and laugh. Wang Jun stood at the back and also wanted to laugh, but he didn't dare to do so. He could only use his strength to keep his face in check to preserve a cold and serious expression.

    Sun Ye and Wang Ying were dumbfounded for a good while before they regained their senses. Wang Ying was so angry that her face was black. She clenched her teeth and said: "Let's not talk about getting rid of a mere 2 yuan, okay? Also, I've already inquired about the price of the villa, it's around 8 million. You're giving us a faulty villa that doesn't even have a front or backyard and you'd dare charge us over 15 million? You're clearly a poor thing that thinks so much about money that you've gone crazy!"

    Qin Feng didn't get mad. On the contrary, he had a look of seriousness: "Alright, since you don't want to get rid of the 2 yuan, then I'll give it to you at the original price of 15,059,922 yuan. I don't get it, how are you rich people so generous? As for the price of the villa, it's non-negotiable. You just said that our Royal Group is selling faulty villas? Well, then you can go look for better ones elsewhere."

    Sun Ye's expression already grew cold, but he still couldn't drop his facade. On the other hand, he glared at Wang Ying and lectured: "How can you say that? Royal Group selling faulty villas? If you're going to talk nonsense, then get the hell out of here."

    After yelling at Wang Ying, Sun Ye put on a smile and looked at Wang Jun: "Manager Wang, I like this villa, but you can also see that this new sales representative clearly isn't making an effort to discuss business. He's making extremely unreasonable demands.

    "If all of the sales representatives in Royal Group acted like him, then this company would have been shut down long ago." Right from the beginning, Sun Ye thought Qin Feng was an eyesore. With these words, he vented out all of the anger he was suppressing.

    In an instant, he felt much better, and the air became fresh again.

    However, the anger Wang Jun was suppressing in his body already exploded.

    He took a deep breath and walked up to Sun Ye. He glared imposingly at Sun Ye and said seriously: "Mr. Sun, I actually think that an employee like Qin Feng is a rare talent in our company.

    "He really knows how to talk about prices, and he can clearly understand the hearts of his clientele. Every point of his analysis is extremely apt, he has great speaking skills, and he's quick-witted. I'm proud that our company has a sales representative like him.

    "And he's right. Building 4 of District 4's villa is really unique, so it's price is twice as high. If you two accept, then sign the contract. If you can't accept it, our Royal Group has plenty of customers. We aren't worried that we can't sell our houses. If there's nothing else, please leave. We still have a lot of important things to do; we don't have time to continue wasting with you."

    Wang Jun's words placed Wang Ying and Sun Ye in a trance. They felt as though they had either forgotten or missed out on something. Here was a villa without a front or backyard, and they were confidently requesting double the price for it. What's more, they were acting like doubling the price wasn't enough and would make Royal Group suffer losses?

    Sun Ye felt that the world had gone crazy, so he felt that he had to be even crazier to adapt to society. He gritted his teeth and yelled: "Deal, 15,059,922 yuan!"

    Then, he exuberantly walked up to Wang Jun and shook his hand firmly. His eyes brimmed with tears as he said: "Manager Wang, I really am too grateful to you for saving me such a great house model. When you have time, I must treat you to a meal. When the time comes, you must do me the favor of accepting."

    Wang Jun felt embarrassed seeing Sun Ye thank him when he was conned 8 million yuan. He cleared his throat: "Ahem, you should thank Qin Feng, he was the one that recommended this house model."

    Sun Ye's eyes flashed with annoyance, but quickly became peaceful again. He looked at Qin Feng with a smile: "Qin Feng, I need to thank you as well. I'll look for you the next time I buy a house as well!"

    "Okay, Royal Group invites people like you spendthrifts with too much money to visit often!" Qin Feng said casually.

    The contract was signed and the down payment was paid.

    Even after Wang Ying and Sun Ye were sent out of her office, Li Yu Chen still hadn't regained her senses. Qin Feng had just sold Cloud City Hua Manor's most problematic and difficult-to-sell villa for double the price.
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