Chapter 107 - Its Almost Up to My Neck

    Chapter 107 - It's Almost Up to My Neck

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    Editor: Levs

    Yun Xiao was strolling on the sports field when she thought she heard Lin Bei Bei calling for help. Thus, she tried calling her. This time, she was certain she heard Lin Bei Bei calling for help and knew that something happened to her.

    Yun Xiao didn't dare think too much and immediately ran towards the small forest: "Lin Bei Bei, I'm Teacher Yun Xiao. I'm coming, don't be afraid!"

    Yu Wen Xiang, who was about to tear Lin Bei Bei's clothes, suddenly stopped. Since he knew that the person heading over was Teacher Yun Xiao, he gave up on his actions, glared at Lin Bei Bei, turned, and ran: "Tramp, at this time tomorrow, I'll still be waiting for you here. If you dare to not show up, don't think you can attend Acropolis University peacefully."

    Not too long after Yu Wen Xiang ran away, Yun Xiao saw Lin Bei Bei. She had a distracted expression, her hair was a mess, she sat on the floor, and there were five clear red marks in the shape of fingers on her face. Anyone who saw her pitiful expression would want to give her a hug.

    Yun Xiao promptly ran over.

    "Bei Bei, are you alright? What happened? Who did this to you?" An air of coldness shot out of Yun Xiao. She looked around but there was no one else in the small forest.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao....wahhh!" Lin Bei Bei went headfirst into Yun Xiao's embrace. She cried like a little kid. Yun Xiao's heart went out to Lin Bei Bei. She hugged her and lightly patted her back.

    After a good while of comforting and caring, Lin Bei Bei's emotions slowly stabilized."Bei Bei, tell your teacher who did this. I'll definitely help you get out of this predicament."

    As the painting teacher of the Arts Department, Yun Xiao had a good impression of Lin Bei Bei. She was a smart, good, and hard working kid. Yun Xiao's heart filled with raging fire when she discovered that Lin Bei Bei was bullied. Whoever could make a move on such a soft and weak girl should be met with the wrath of the heavens. "It's fine, I-I don't want to bring up the incident." Lin Bei Bei was quiet for a while and then shook her head.

    "Then... Did he do anything to you?" The answer to this question was what Yun Xiao was the most worried about. Lin Bei Bei shook her head: "Good thing you came in time Teacher Yun Xiao, thank you!"

    Hearing Lin Bei Bei say this, Yun Xiao was mostly relieved. She patted Lin Bei Bei's head affectionately: "Silly child, I'm your teacher. She who spends a day as your teacher is your mother for a life. You don't need to say any courteous words." [TLN: The actual saying is "He who spends a day as your teacher is your teacher for life.]

    "Okay Teacher Yun Xiao, let's go." Lin Bei Bei stood and led Yun Xiao out of the forest.

    They arrived at the sports field again. She inhaled the fresh air and her mood improved slightly.

    "That's right Bei Bei, do you know why Qin Feng hasn't been in class recently?" Yun Xiao suddenly asked while they were walking.

    Lin Bei Bei pouted her lips and shook her head. She began to feel wronged again.

    "Didn't Qin Feng... announce in class that he was going to court you? I thought you two were together already. So you don't know either."

    Lin Bei Bei said nothing and missed Qin Feng more and more. After this most recent incident, she really wanted to call Qin Feng immediately.

    But, after hesitating for a while, she gave up on that desire. She was worried that Qin Feng was doing something important and that she would bother him.

    "Bei Bei, are you still unwilling to say who that bad person was earlier?" After the two walked out of the entrance of the sports field, Yun Xiao asked her again. She wanted to help Lin Bei Bei find justice; she would never easily spare a jerk like that.

    Lin Bei Bei knew how influential Yu Wen Xiang's family was. Even if she told Teacher Yun Xiao, Yun Xiao would not be able to resolve the issue. Plus, this situation would affect her reputation. She clenched her teeth and continued to wordlessly shake her head.

    They walked out of the campus. Lin Bei Bei bent her head and did not speak. Yun Xiao continuously uttered words of comfort. When they exited the school's entrance, the two parted ways. Lin Bei Bei sat on the bus and returned to the Royal Clubhouse.

    She sat in Royal Clubhouse's luxurious Suite 888. Lin Bei Bei felt that the entire room was empty and cold. Ever since Qin Feng arranged for her to stay in this room, he never returned to it.

    In the beginning, Lin Bei Bei was very used to living there. But as time passed, she felt increasingly lonely; she even had trouble sleeping at night. She longed for the night that Qin Feng would come see her. Even if he lived here at night and slept with her, Lin Bei Bei would be willing.

    The more she thought about it, the more upset she became. In addition, after almost getting molested by Yu Wen Xiang today, the feelings she held back for so long came bubbling forth. She suddenly mustered up the courage to pick up the phone and call Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng was awoken by the ringing of his phone. He answered with annoyance: "Who is it? Why are you calling so early? Do you still want to be able to hang around Acropolis City?"

    After hearing Qin Feng's familiar voice, Lin Bei Bei's heart flooded with warmth. He was still just as strong and tyrannical as before. This was exactly why Lin Bei Bei used to hate him.

    Now, a surge of sweetness flowed through her heart... But he's Acropolis City's Number One Hedonistic Young Master, she shouldn't be like this!

    Lin Bei Bei looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 11:30. The corner of her mouth lifted into a curve. She said quietly: "Qin Feng, it's me."

    The voice was clear and ethereal like a tinkling spring that flowed past and melted the snow on the mountains. It swept away all of Qin Feng's fatigue. He abruptly sat up and said smilingly: "Bei Bei, I haven't seen you in so long. Your voice is still as sweet and lovely as ever."

    When Lin Bei Bei realized that Qin Feng could immediately recognize her voice, silent tears sprung from her eyes. She wasn't sure if they were tears of sadness or joy.

    "Bei Bei, say something," Qin Feng scratched his head.

    "Qin Feng, I'll be waiting for you at the Royal Clubhouse. Why don't you come over?" Lin Bei Bei said after a while.

    After ending the call, Qin Feng was in an impossibly good mood. Beauty Lin initiated a meeting, so how could he not go? While thinking about how he hadn't gone to school to visit the beauties these days, he promptly finished washing his face and rinsing his mouth. Then, he rode his 28" bicycle to the Royal Clubhouse.

    "Hey, Young Master Qin!" Right when Qin Feng walked through the door, the fat-headed and large-eared Manager Liu ran over. His eyes shined with happiness. It was too long since he had last seen Qin Feng at the Royal Clubhouse: "You haven't been here in a long time, all of us employees miss you to death."

    As a rich young master, Qin Feng actually didn't have a haughty attitude. He often associated himself with the employees of lower positions, and these people also enjoyed kissing Qin Feng's ass.

    "Why were you thinking of me? I have no interest in your fatty meat-filled body," Qin Feng jokingly punched Manager Liu.

    "Th-that's because I've followed you for so long, there's no way I wouldn't know your taste." Suddenly, Manager Liu leaned towards Qin Feng's ear and whispered: "Young Master Qin, last night, a French gal arrived in the Clubhouse and wow! She's a pretty blonde with skin as white as milk and big dark blue eyes with long lashes. Her body isn't overly attractive, she has a perfect S-shaped body, and those legs of hers practically go up to my neck."

    Manager Liu made exaggerated movements and expressions as he spoke.
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