Chapter 109 - A Fairy That Walked Out of A Painting

    Chapter 109 - A Fairy That Walked Out of A Painting

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    The two stood in front of the door. They didn't walk in or come out, so they happened to block the man and woman behind them. The face of the woman who wore heavy makeup immediately dropped. Her voice was filled with disdain.

    "Oh my. Say, are you two going in or not? As a youngling, if you want to pick up girls, take them to the movie theater, eat some spicy soup at night, and get a room to do what you need to do. What are you doing pretending and running to this kind of international brand name?"

    Wang Ying currently held Sun Ye's arm and put on an air of importance. When she spoke, her eyes looked to the skies, and she looked like she was itching to fly.

    Only after this mockery and ridicule did Wang Ying's gaze fall onto Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei. When she recognized Qin Feng, her expression greatly changed multiple times before resulting in an unrestrained sneer: "Haha, I was wondering which country bumpkin this was. Isn't this Royal Group's Sales Representative?"

    "Oh my my, you're a heartless brat. You've kept Li Yu Chen, and now you're keeping a little female student... The little female students are so easy to fool these days. All you have to do is buy them some things and say some nice things and they'll be tricked into bed. What has the world come to?"

    Qin Feng thought he was pretty brazen, but he had found someone even more so.

    She stood there complaining about how messy the world was when she was someone else's mistress. Qin Feng was too lazy to even look at a frivolous woman like her.

    Sun Ye saw Qin Feng and couldn't contain the raging flames in his eyes. Yesterday, Qin Feng cheated him of 8 million yuan, so Sun Ye wanted to bite him to death. However, when he saw Lin Bei Bei standing next to Qin Feng, the fire in his eyes receded and was replaced by a glowing green. He stood there silently and didn't know what to say.

    "Qin Feng, the things here are really expensive. We should just leave... I just wanted to take a walk with you, I wasn't preparing to buy anything." Lin Bei Bei was a bit mad. She tugged at Qin Feng and prepared to leave.

    Wang Ying immediately blocked their way. She smiled coldly: "Oh, so it seems that I've underestimated your courting techniques. This girlie looks pretty fresh and tender, but her brain is no good. She isn't spending your money and she's letting you get in bed with her? What a loose woman!"

    "How can you talk like that? Do I know you? Please don't use that kind of language to insult me." Lin Bei Bei could stand other things, but she couldn't stand it if someone said she was a loose woman in front of Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng's eyes flashed with an almost imperceptible coldness. She hugged Lin Bei Bei's shoulder and suddenly laughed: "Bei Bei, let's go. We'll go in and choose clothes."

    "Hmph, you're a poor kid and you're running to an international brand name store to pretend? I want to see if you can even afford a belt inside."

    Just yesterday Sun Ye was cheated 8 million yuan at the Royal Group, and today, they coincidentally met Qin Feng again. It wasn't just Wang Ying that wanted to take this chance to humiliate Qin Feng, Sun Ye couldn't let the opportunity slip by either. His eyes almost fell out of his skull when he saw Lin Bei Bei standing beside Qin Feng.

    He couldn't understand how these high quality beauties would like a poor brat like Qin Feng.

    The two followed Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei into the Chanel store. They ignored the warm reception of the sales staff and walked in the direction Qin Feng did.

    Qin Feng brought Lin Bei Bei to the new product section. There were a range of styles ranging from mature and sexy to pure and pretty.

    "Bei Bei, look around. If you like something, go try it out."

    Lin Bei Bei nodded. She was clearly unhappy. She wasn't angry at Wang Ying's insults, but she was a bit surprised that Qin Feng didn't stand up for her.

    Based on Qin Feng's former temper, he would have brutally struck the two in the face. But, Lin Bei Bei glanced at Qin Feng and noticed that he still had a calm expression. He clearly didn't take what had happened to heart.

    When you like a person, you'll care about their every move in addition to personal gains and losses. Every detail made Lin Bei Bei muse and feel a sense of loss for a good while.

    She looked around for a long time, but Lin Bei Bei's heart wasn't on the clothes so she didn't try on any of them.

    "Look at you pretending. We've been here for half a day and you still haven't chosen any clothes to try. And don't make up crap about being above these clothes. From what I see, if you don't have the money, hurry up and scram. Don't be a disgrace. This store was originally high class, but seeing these houseflies makes me want to vomit." Wang Ying observed them from the side for half a day and grasped the opportunity to taunt them.

    Qin Feng didn't answer Wang Ying and sat on a seat in the rest area. He sent a text message on his phone.

    His card was currently frozen by his Old Dad and he had no money on him. However, Wan Cheng Square is Royal Group's property, so Qin Feng knew the property manager Xiao Cheng. At this time, he was sending him a text to come over immediately.

    Lin Bei Bei clenched her teeth and stood shyly in front of a pile of beautiful clothes. When she looked at the prices of the clothes, her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. She was ridiculed by Wang Ying, but had no way of rebutting her because she really was a poor child. She should never have come to such a luxurious store.

    Her pretty and refined face slowly became completely and impossibly red. Her entire body heated and she was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. Her shyness was extremely charming. When Sun Ye saw it, he lost his senses. He really wanted to pull Lin Bei Bei into a fitting room and ravish her.

    A pair of large hands suddenly fell on Lin Bei Bei's shoulders. A fresh and familiar scent wafted into her nose, calming her wildly beating heart. Qin Feng hugged Lin Bei Bei and looked calmly at Wang Ying and Sun Ye. He gave a slight smile: "What you said was right. In my eyes, the clothes here aren't good enough for Bei Bei. She's delicate, pretty, refined, innocent, and kind-hearted. Any clothing material and style won't be able to compare to her innate persona... I think Bei Bei is the most beautiful without clothes."

    Qin Feng wasn't joking, he was serious. This was an honest thought from the bottom of his heart. When he went to Room 888 of the Royal Clubhouse today, he saw Lin Bei Bei's body and continued to feel this way.

    "Hahaha, I'm dying of laughter. You're clearly a country bumpkin if you can say such vulgar things in this crowded hall. And you're even pretending to be a literary person? You're really shameless... I actually want to see how good this silly girl looks without clothes, why don't you take her clothes off now?" Qin Feng had Wang Ying tickled with laughter.

    Even the quiet Sun Ye's eyes flashed with a sinister smile: "I'm also curious. Even Chanel's clothes aren't good enough for this beauty. I wonder how good she'll look without any clothes on."

    While speaking, Sun Ye's gaze fell on Lin Bei Bei's body. His gaze brimmed with the desire to see through Lin Bei Bei's clothes.

    Qin Feng's grip on Lin Bei Bei tightened. He casually pulled a light pink qipao with embroidered lilies off the display rack. It wasn't really a classical Chinese qipao. After some changes from the designer, it became a modern and sexy outfit that still retained its refined and dignified elegance. Qin Feng really liked it.

    "Bei Bei, I'll go inside with you. Let's try this one." He didn't wait for Lin Bei Bei's response and pulled her into the fitting room. He stopped by the door and turned his head to look at Wang Ying and Sun Ye: "Don't be deluded you two. Only I can enjoy Bei Bei's body."

    The fitting room wasn't very big. Now that two people stood inside, Lin Bei Bei was clearly a bit uneasy."Bei Bei, don't worry and try on the clothes. I'll turn around and won't peek." Qin Feng said with his back facing Lin Bei Bei.Lin Bei Bei nodded with a tender and beautiful blush. She took off her clothes, trying her best to make as little noise as possible. Not long after, Lin Bei Bei finished changing and gave Qin Feng a light pat.

    Qin Feng turned and his eyes shined.

    He always thought Lin Bei Bei innately had Lin Dai Yu's sickly and weak kind of beauty. There were a couple of times where he wondered what Lin Bei Bei would look like in a qipao.

    She now stood before him wearing a light pink qipao adorned with lilies.

    The qipao was a style that revealed half the shoulder. It left Lin Bei Bei's fragrant shoulder and back exposed. Her long arms were like budding lotus roots: perfectly white and clear. The tight qipao made her curves more defined. She wasn't fiery hot, but had a fresh pleasantness instead.

    She looked like a fairy maiden from the ancient paintings. She was delicate, pure, refined, and extremely exquisite. Within this image of classical peacefulness, she also expressed a sliver of charming sexiness.

    Since Qin Feng hadn't said anything, Lin Bei Bei shyly raised her head. She saw that Qin Feng's gaze was fixed upon her body, but didn't feel any distaste. Instead, she was a bit excited.

    "Qin Feng, does it look good?" Lin Bei Bei couldn't help but ask.

    Qin Feng nodded and said nothing. He had no words to express how beautiful Lin Bei Bei currently was. It was clearly not enough to just say she looked good.

    "Bei Bei, go choose a couple of outfits that you like. And some shoes and accessories. Buy some of everything and don't care about the price. You know me, I'm the only son of the richest man, I have this kind of money."

    Qin Feng's words made Lin Bei Bei's mood extremely good. She didn't really want Qin Feng to buy her stuff, she just wanted this kind of treatment.

    "Okay, then I'll really go choose," Lin Bei Bei finally set down her reservations. She thought these reservations were necessary in front of other people, but they were unnecessary in front of Qin Feng.The two walked out of the fitting room. Once they got out, all of the surrounding people's gazes fell on Lin Bei Bei's body. They were all deeply enchanted by this fairy that walked out of a painting.

    "Oh, what a beautiful Chinese girl!" There's no need to talk about compliments in Chinese. After a couple of foreigners in the crowd saw Lin Bei Bei, they couldn't help but compliment her.

    Once Lin Bei Bei came out, she realized that she became the audience's focal point. Practically all of the customers in the Chanel store stared fixedly at her. Flustered, she carefully hid behind Qin Feng and held his hand.

    Lin Bei Bei's beauty was recognized by all. Though from the outside Wang Ying pursed her lips in disdain, internally, she was shocked by Lin Bei Bei's beauty. And there's need to mention what Sun Ye beside her thought; his eyes glowed green and he couldn't take his eyes off Lin Bei Bei's body.
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