Chapter 110 - Cover Model

    Chapter 110 - Cover Model

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    Sun Ye was jealous of Qin Feng. This brat had no money or status. How was it that every gal he picked up was a luxury item among luxury items? He looked at Wang Ying who stood beside him once more. She could only depend on heavy makeup to have even a bit of charm. Sun Ye felt like a failure.

    Though he wasn't considered someone from an extremely rich and powerful family, his old man was still a real estate developer of some consequence. Though his family didn't have over a hundred million, they didn't have any less than tens of millions.

    As someone from a rich family, a sense of despair filled his heart when he thought of how he had to spend money just to keep an average-looking woman like Wang Ying.

    Sun Ye didn't deliberate too long before walking towards Lin Bei Bei. He was so mesmerized by her that he almost lost his soul. This time, he decided to rely on his background to take Lin Bei Bei. As for Wang Ying, she could go play wherever she liked.

    If he had a goddess-tiered woman like Lin Bei Bei, even if Wang Ying was a free home delivery, Sun Ye still wouldn't give her another glance.

    "Beauty, this kind of qipao worn on your body forms a heavenly combination. It's like green leaves paired with red flowers, and highlights the brilliance of your classical elegance."

    Sun Ye's eyes shined with praise for Lin Bei Bei. He was smiling so hard that his face almost turned crooked: "I just have to walk a street and I can see such a delightfully beautiful woman. I've decided that I'll buy this qipao for you. If you like anything else in the store, I'm willing to buy it for you as well. I just want this beauty to have a meal with me so we can get to know each other."

    Before courting a woman, men love to pretend to be gentlemanly. After getting her into his hands, they all become beasts.

    In today's society, this kind of move is outdated. According to Qin Feng's courting tactics, you're a beast before courting a woman. After getting her, you act like a gentleman.

    The phrase: "If men aren't bad, women don't love them" makes a lot of sense.

    "There's no need." Lin Bei Bei resolutely rejected Sun Ye. She thought this man was despicable. His girlfriend was next to him and he was still coming onto her? He was a really disgusting man: "Having Qin Feng to pay for me is enough."

    At this time, Lin Bei Bei held tightly onto Qin Feng. She lifted her head and gazed tenderly at him. She felt an incomparable sense of happiness.

    After he was rejected in front of an audience, Sun Ye couldn't contain his expression and his face fell. He looked at Qin Feng and said in contemplation: "Him? Does he look like he has money? I forgot to tell you, I saw this guy yesterday. He's just a little sales representative. Don't be fooled by his flowery words, you won't have a future if you date this kind of person."

    "That's my problem, it's none of your business." Lin Bei Bei was really unhappy with Sun Ye's attempt to belittle Qin Feng. She coldly glared at him.

    Wang Ying already saw through Sun Ye's intentions. She was afraid he wanted to pick up that tramp. She would never let Lin Bei Bei get her way. She chose a revealing and sexy outfit off the clothes rack and ran to the fitting room to change. She was ready to use her body to attract the gazes onto herself and ruthlessly push Lin Bei Bei down in comparison.

    No one cared about what Wang Ying did. Sun Ye didn't give up. He continued: "Beauty, maybe you don't know who I am. My dad is the CEO of Acropolis City's Big Land Real Estate. He doesn't make that much in a year, but he makes at least ten or twenty million."

    Sun Ye held his head high and puffed up his chest. He was filled with arrogance as he looked at Qin Feng with contempt: "I'm not like some people who only know how to use flowery speech but can't buy anything."

    Those who could buy things from Chanel were people who had some sort of family background. Some of the people nodded when they heard "Big Land Real Estate" like they had heard of it before, while some others had no impression of it.

    Lin Bei Bei thought Sun Ye was hilarious. He was talking about a small real estate company that only had ten or twenty million a year in income and still dared to be ostentatious in front of Qin Feng. She stood behind Qin Feng and couldn't help but laugh aloud.

    "Beauty, do you think I'm bullsh*tting?" Sun Ye's expression became serious. He clearly misunderstood Lin Bei Bei's reason for laughing. He grandly waved his hands: "I, Sun Ye, never lie. I said ten or twenty million at first, but that's just a conservative estimate... A lot of people in Acropolis City know me. I'm even good friends with the Four Princes of Acropolis. An income of twenty million actually isn't much. Beauty, if you want to be friends, in the future, I naturally won't treat you shabbily."

    Sun Ye's meaning was quite clear: he wanted to keep Lin Bei Bei as a mistress. Lin Bei Bei smiled even more. She wanted to ask Qin Feng right in front of Sun Ye's face whether or not Qin Feng knew this crazy dude.

    A lot of people never heard of Big Land Real Estate, but Acropolis City's Four Princes were quite famous. Practically all of Acropolis City's locals heard of them. Thus, when Sun Ye said he knew Acropolis City's Four Princes, the people in the crowd began to quietly deliberate. They even looked at Sun Ye differently.

    Sun Ye felt the gazes of reverence from the crowd and basked in them. He puffed his chest even more and looked like a large rooster that wanted to go into battle: "Beauty, this is my namecard. You can think about it."

    Lin Bei Bei didn't take the namecard Sun Ye extended to her. She didn't even care enough to look at him. A large-bellied middle-aged man made his way into the crowd. He had a fawning smile and came up to Lin Bei Bei.

    "How do you do Beautiful Girl? I'm Zhao Chuan, the general agent for Chanel in Acropolis City. The light pink qipao you're wearing is a new design Chanel made to expand into the Chinese market. I've recently been looking for a cover model for the qipao series. It's definitely destiny that I saw a beauty like you wearing this qipao today. I don't know if you're willing to accept this invitation to become the cover model?

    "Don't worry, in terms of compensation, you'll be receiving allocations from the headquarters. They only care about the result, and they don't care about spending money."

    Zhao Chuan's sudden appearance gave Lin Bei Bei a bit of a shock. She didn't think casually wearing a qipao would attract so much attention. She blushed and lifted her head to look towards Qin Feng. Of course she would need Qin Feng's help to decide on an important matter like this.

    "Beauty, are you suspicious of my identity? Don't worry, the store manager and all of the sales staff here know and can vouch for me. Also, Chanel is a large and reputable company, there won't be any sort dishonest things such as unspoken rules." The first time Zhao Chuan saw Lin Bei Bei, he knew that if he hired her to be the cover model for the qipao, this series would definitely sell extremely well.

    Too bad Zhao Chuan was a man. If he was a woman and saw how beautiful Lin Bei Bei was while wearing the qipao, he'd definitely want to buy one to wear himself.

    "Beauty, I can attest that if you're the cover model for the qipao products, you'll receive all of the joint promotions between Chanel and China. You'll also be on the big advertisement in the store-the largest and most eye-catching poster. Also, your reward definitely won't be less than seven figures."
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