Chapter 112 - A Dreamlike and Fantastical Day

    Chapter 112 - A Dreamlike and Fantastical Day

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    Editor: Levs

    "You tramp, you're just pretending to be pure. I'll tear off your clothes and show everyone your dirty body. I wonder how many times you've been done, and by how many despicable men. You're both a pair of dogs."

    This sudden outburst scared Lin Bei Bei and she screamed in fright. Wang Ying's hair was disheveled, and the corner of her mouth had traces of blood. It was extremely frightening, like seeing Sadako in broad daylight.

    Qin Feng's expression remained unchanged. He didn't wait for Wang Ying's claws to reach Lin Bei Bei before he kicked this vicious woman out the door: "'Even pitiful people must have hateful traits,' this saying isn't false."

    After kicking her, Qin Feng acted like nothing happened and muttered this line to himself. He tugged at Lin Bei Bei and led her to sit on the sofa to the side.

    At this time, an impeccably-dressed man walked into the Chanel store. He had an unordinary aura and an air of capability. His expression revealed a sliver of anxiousness, and when he walked into the store, his eyes began to scan the premises.

    When he saw Qin Feng sitting on the sofa, he immediately ran towards him: "Young Master Qin, I didn't think you'd come to Wan Cheng Square. I have been lacking in my accommodations, I hope Young Master Qin can forgive me."

    It was clear that the customers in the store didn't know Xiao Cheng, but they all stared at him in utter shock. After all, when he came into the store, he could clearly see Wang Ying lying at the doorstep, but he didn't care and just barged past her.

    Once he got into the store, he reverently arrived before Qin Feng. The bystanders began to guess at Qin Feng's identity.

    "Oh, I remember now! I was wondering why this young man looked so familiar. He's Acropolis City's Number One Hedonistic Young Master Qin Feng." An elderly man in his fifties suddenly exclaimed.

    He had only come to this realization when he heard Xiao Cheng address Qin Feng as 'Young Master Qin.' No one thought that Acropolis City's Number One Young Master would wander around Wan Cheng Square in his free time. It was said that his old man developed the whole street, so it seemed meaningless for him to wander about in his own home.

    After this old man's exclamation, a couple more people recognized Qin Feng. Most of these people were those that attended banquets for the rich and powerful and had seen Qin Feng before. They didn't have much of an impression of him from then, and Qin Feng was dressed quite casually right now, so it wasn't strange that these people hadn't recognized Qin Feng immediately.

    "The Young Master Qin you're speaking of... Is that Young Master Qin of Acropolis City's Four Princes?"

    "That's him. Wait... that man said he was really familiar with Acropolis City's Four Princes earlier. He unknowingly sold himself."

    "That's right! He clearly slapped himself in the face!"

    After discovering Qin Feng's identity, these people got excited. If you were walking in the street and saw the richest son in the city-no, county-you would also have a discussion about him as well.

    Sun Ye stood dumbly in the crowd as if he were struck by lightning. His face was one of someone who had just eaten sh*t. He shook his head like his life depended on it, and attempted to struggle one last time. He suddenly shouted: "That's impossible, that's impossible... I know this guy, he's just a sales representative in Royal Group. You idiots, I already said I'm very familiar with Acropolis City's Four Princes. How would I not know Young Master Qin?"

    Someone in the crowd immediately refuted him with mockery: "You're the f*cking idiot. Young Master Qin was clearly organized to gain some experience in his family's company. Stop making a fool of yourself. You even dared to say that you know Young Master Qin? Don't you know that if you want to act pretentious, you need to at least put in some effort?"

    Xiao Cheng watched everyone debate about whether or not Qin Feng was Young Master Qin and thought they were really boring. He flashed his name tag and playfully looked at Sun Ye: "Hello, I'm Wan Cheng Square's General Property Manager Cheng Xiang. Young Master Qin is this commercial street's Diamond VIP. A store that he enters is no longer open to any other customers. Please leave."

    Sun Ye saw Cheng Xiang's shiny name tag and knew that his identity was not fake. Only the Number One Hedonistic Young Master Qin Feng could have the luxury of being personally attended to by Wan Cheng Square's General Property Manager and have every store that he walked into be shut from the rest of the public.

    This time, something was stuck in Sun Ye's throat and he couldn't speak.

    After discovering Qin Feng's identity, Wang Ying, who was still lying on the ground at the doorstep of the store, was filled with regret. How was she so blind as to not even recognize Young Master Qin? If she knew about his identity earlier, she would have done all she could to seduce him.

    "Wait!" Qin Feng called on Sun Ye before he could escape.

    Sun Ye now knew Qin Feng's identity, so he didn't dare act rashly. When he heard Qin Feng call him, he obediently stood still.

    Qin Feng walked up to Sun Ye and slapped him in the face: "This slap is for Li Yu Chen."

    Sun Ye hadn't even gotten the chance to react when a second slap flew over: "This slap is for Bei Bei."

    After the two slaps, Qin Feng stared coldly at Sun Ye: "These two slaps are to tell you that some women are off limits. For human trash like you, you match with Wang Ying very well. I wholeheartedly wish the two of you happiness and that you'll stay together until you're old and gray."

    "You can scram!" Qin Feng suddenly exploded. Sun Ye was so frightened that he broke into a run, leaving Wang Ying on the ground at the doorstep. He didn't care whether she was dead or alive.

    What happened next was simple. With Cheng Xiang's appearance, the customers in the Chanel store were quickly sent outside. In the end, Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei were the only customers left in the luxurious place.

    Every girl has dreams of being a princess, and Lin Bei Bei always daydreamed about becoming one as well. At this time, this dream became a reality.

    Lin Bei Bei felt like a princess; a grand and beautiful princess that Qin Feng doted on.

    All of the emotions pent up in her heart dispersed. She came to the realization that Qin Feng didn't get angry before because he had a punishment prepared for Sun Ye and Wang Ying right from the beginning. It wasn't that he didn't care about her. Plus, these slaps were a hundred times more effective than brutally beating them up.

    "Qin Feng, thank you!" While wearing the beautiful qipao, Lin Bei Bei suddenly tip-toed and kissed Qin Feng on the cheek.

    Qin Feng laughingly patted Lin Bei Bei's smooth and soft black hair: "Why are you thanking me? You don't need to be polite with me... Now, this whole Chanel store is yours. Choose whatever you like."

    Qin Feng tapped the tip of Lin Bei Bei's nose. Lin Bei Bei shyly nodded. Then, she was like a happy little butterfly freely dancing in the gleaming Chanel store.

    Lin Bei Bei's existence was previously composed of going to school, going home, and working. She never had time to walk around, and she didn't enjoy walking around either. Though she was like other girls and liked new clothes and dressing up, her life situation wasn't as good as these other girls.

    She had so few clothes that it was pitiable. At school, she always wore her uniform while other college females would wear some pretty clothes to exhibit their youthfulness. Now that she finally had the opportunity to stroll and shop with the person she liked, Lin Bei Bei was addicted. After half an hour, she tried on over ten outfits, five pairs of high heels, and two purses.

    Every time Qin Feng saw Lin Bei Bei walk out of the fitting room wearing different styles of clothes, his eyes shined. He realized that this girl was innately beautiful. No matter what she wore, it matched her extremely well.

    "Qin Feng, I think that's enough, I'm exhausted." Lin Bei Bei plopped down beside Qin Feng and casually leaned on his shoulder. She didn't call Qin Feng Young Master Qin anymore because it didn't feel intimate enough.

    Qin Feng brushed away the small beads of sweat on Lin Bei Bei's forehead and smiled: "Then let's pack up all of these clothes and I'll take you to dinner."

    Lin Bei Bei was so shocked that she sat up straight and stared incredulously at Qin Feng: "Qin Feng, I was just trying them, I wasn't planning on buying them. How much would all of these clothes, shoes, and bags cost?"

    Lin Bei Bei didn't dare think about it because she had looked at the prices of everything she tried on. No piece of clothing was below five figures.

    If they bought everything, it would cost more than a couple hundred thousand!

    "You've already tried them, why wouldn't you buy them? They look really good on you." Qin Feng naturally understood Lin Bei Bei's mindset and did not heed her words. He already told the pretty sales staff-member to pack up all the clothes that Lin Bei Bei tried on.

    Lin Bei Bei was about to refuse, but after a moment of hesitation, she said nothing, and her heart was filled with sweetness.

    "Xiao Cheng, I forgot to bring my card. Put the tab on my old man," Qin Feng said while looking at Cheng Xiang.

    "Young Master Qin, of course I don't need you to pay. Just treat this as my gift to Miss Lin because it's the first time I've met her." Cheng Xiang thought it was extremely cost-effective to spend around 500,000 to establish a good relationship with Qin Feng.

    Qin Feng waved his hand: "There's no need for that. Bei Bei won't accept gifts from other people, she only wants gifts from me." "Alright, next time Young Master Qin and Miss Lin have time, I'll treat the both of you out to a meal."

    Qin Feng held two hands full of shopping bags and Lin Bei Bei held his arm. The two intimately walked out of the Chanel store. After getting out, they ate a Western meal and even saw a fun movie.

    Lin Bei Bei felt that this day passed by strangely fast. It was like a dream or illusion. She was still stuck in her blissful state when the sun slowly set.

    "Bei Bei, we've walked for the whole day, you must be exhausted. I'll take you back," Qin Feng said as he lifted his head to look at the darkened sky.

    Lin Bei Bei's lips twitched. Although she was unwilling to part with Qin Feng, she had already occupied his entire day and couldn't ask him to keep walking with her. What if Qin Feng felt disgusted with her?

    The two returned to the Royal Clubhouse. Qin Feng tossed the shopping bags in hand onto the carpet and exhaled in relief. Today he wore the 300 kilogram Flying Dragon Armour, held two hands full of heavy shopping bags, and walked around with Lin Bei Bei for the whole day. He was indeed a bit tired.

    Now that he was lying on the large and soft bed, he felt extremely relaxed and comfortable. When she saw Qin Feng lying on the bed she had slept on before, Lin Bei Bei's face reddened. She didn't know where her courage came from, but she suddenly came up and stuck herself next to Qin Feng's body.
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