Chapter 118 - Car Flying in Midair

    Chapter 118 - Car Flying in Midair

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    Editor: Levs

    "I'll use the Porsche to race with you. We can start now." When Qin Feng got the keys, he immediately stepped into Su Qiu Yue's car. The inside of the car smelled fresh and fragrant like its owner.

    He started the engine, tested out the necessary functions of the car, opened the window, and then smilingly shouted at Xu Ruo Rou: "Ruo Rou, get in."

    Xu Ruo Rou stood on the dark mountaintop and felt quite afraid. She hurriedly boarded the car.

    There were many reasons why Qin Feng agreed to this competition. For one thing, he had gotten Intermediate Racing Skills from the System a while ago, but never got to use them. Now, he could try them out. At the same time, Qin Feng also wanted to bring Xu Ruo Rou along and use this competition to give her a taste of excitement and craziness. Maybe it would help her fix her weak and gentle personality.

    Of course, what was most important was that Qin Feng wanted to see what Wei Xiao Lei and Williams were up to. He didn't mind causing an accident during the race to kill that Williams.

    The race was about to begin. Qin Feng and Williams got into position and stopped their cars at the start line.

    This race was just for a short distance: it started at the mountaintop and ended after the first curve on the path down the mountain. Williams' mouth curved into a disdainful smile when he saw that Qin Feng even put a passenger in his car.

    As a professional racer, he completely understood the importance of a car's weight in relation to speed and control. Thus, racecar drivers strictly controlled their weight for fear that if they got too much fatter or thinner, this might affect the weight of the car and create some mistakes.

    Today, when he saw how Qin Feng so casually put someone in his car, Williams already understood his skill level. He only treated Qin Feng as an amateur racer and had the expression of someone who already had the win in his grasp.

    "3, 2, 1... GO!"

    When Wei Xiao Lei's voice fell, the two racecars set off at the same time. The low rumbling sounded like a flood beast hiding in the valley.

    Williams didn't have the title of a professional racer for nothing. Once he set off, he kept shifting gears. Within the span of a few breaths, the speed of the car hit its maximum and left Qin Feng in the dust.

    At this time, Qin Feng's face was filled with shock. His shock was not due to Williams's speed, but because of his suddenly nature-defying driving skills. Right when the car set off, a series of memories flashed through his head. His body seemed to have a mind of its own as it performed a series of extremely complicated moves.

    He sped up, stepped on the clutch, shifted gears, and drifted. Though he tried some racing before, his prior racing skills were nothing compared to the mastery of skills he currently possessed. He already felt like he had become one with the car; like he was the one flying on the road.

    "AHH... Qin Feng, s-slow down. AHH, we're going to fall off the cliff! Qin Feng, i-it's really scary!" Xu Ruo Rou's screams kept passing through Qin Feng's ears. She was so scared that she burst into tears. She wasn't used to this kind of speed, and the constantly shifting road made her eyes spin.

    Then, under this speed, Qin Feng reacted precisely. He held control over the direction and moved stably forward. Xu Ruo Rou was so scared that she didn't dare open her eyes. Time and time again, she saw the edge of the car line up with the edge of the cliff and her heart stopped.

    Qin Feng smiled. The more Xu Ruo Rou screamed, the more excited he became. He could feel his extraordinary racing skills that allowed him to do as he please. He drifted beautifully and turned the car around. Then, he drove in reverse and raced with Williams that way.

    Xu Ruo Rou peeked through her fingers and saw that the scene before her eyes changed. Her screams were enough to shatter the sky, and she watched the winding mountainous paths quickly zoom away. She finally realized... Qin Feng was driving backwards.

    After reversing, Qin Feng fell serious. He used his full abilities and his previously acquired Stage 2 External Techniques and Stage 1 Internal Techniques. His reaction speed and agility surpassed that of normal people. His continuous, lightning-fast stick-shifting movements became a mirage. Under these manipulations, the black Porsche 911 was extremely fast but still very stable. It was like a speeding cheetah. Very quickly, he caught up to Williams.

    "Sh*t!" When he saw Qin Feng catch up, Williams jumped in shock. This guy was playing and driving backwards.

    His ego suffered a colossal blow. With his eyes ablaze, he looked at the last curve before the finish line. Williams's body brimmed with murderous intent.

    "Stinking brat, who told you to show off? Wait until you fall off the cliff and shatter your bones."

    Williams cursed and suddenly turned his steering wheel. His turned his car into the inner part of the road. Qin Feng and Williams were already right next to one another, so his car shifted closer to the cliff. Both cars sped towards the curve and drifted simultaneously.

    Williams kept his car close to the inner portion of the road and drew a beautiful arc. On the outer portion if the road, Qin Feng also drifted. He drifted backwards so it felt even more thrilling and strange.

    The two cars were neck to neck like before. It was almost as if they were staging a racing performance. But then, the distance between the cars slightly broadened. While reversing and drifting, the back of Qin Feng's car slowly surpassed the front of Williams's car. Suddenly, Williams switched directions and crashed his car into Qin Feng's.


    Due to the vicious crash, both cars lost a bit of control. Williams was prepared so he quickly stabilized his car. The Porsche was pushed near the edge of the cliff and the whole car was lifted off the ground. Xu Ruo Rou screamed nonstop the whole time while Qin Feng's expression was completely calm and composed. His hands continued to move quickly.

    Then, Williams saw something that stunned him. Qin Feng controlled the Porsche 911 so that even though only two of the tires were on the mountain path and the other two were soaring off the edge of the cliff, he was still speeding forwards.

    The mountain path was not straight, but all the way to the curve, Qin Feng seemed to be driving on flat land. He continued to rush on using two tires. Suddenly, he furrowed his brows, removed his Flying Dragon Armour, shouted, jumped, and slammed his fist at the roof of the car. With 6 times the strength of a normal person-a total of 600 kilograms-falling onto the roof, the car flew towards the inner portion of the mountain path.

    Xu Ruo Rou already forgot how to scream. The instant the car flew upwards, she thought she was going to die. She looked at Qin Feng with some regret: "Qin Feng, I'm sorry, this was all my fault."

    Qin Feng merely smiled at Xu Ruo Rou and punched at the roof a second time. When the second fist fell, the Porsche spun 360 degrees in midair. Williams gaped. He watched the car fly over him, and with a rumble, Qin Feng's Porsche smashed a dent into the roof of his car.
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