Chapter 119 - An Individual With Special Abilities

    Chapter 119 - An Individual With Special Abilities

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    Editor: Levs

    Swish, swish!

    The two cars zoomed forward like before, but Qin Feng's car sat atop Williams'. The tail of his car extended past the front of Williams' Ferrari a bit. Williams quickly braked and the cars came to a complete stop.

    Since Williams' car carried Qin Feng's, when he got to the finish line, he was not the winner.

    This was an explosively exciting race. Su Qiu Yue and Wei Xiao Lei were dumbstruck. Xu Ruo Rou, who was sitting in the car, stuck her head out the window and fell into a vomiting spell.

    Qin Feng leisurely opened the door and jumped onto Williams's Ferrari before hopping onto the ground. He arrived beside Xu Ruo Rou and carried her off the car.

    "Ruo Rou, how do you feel? Did you feel the thrill?" Qin Feng smiled and then shook his head: "No, no, that's not right. You've felt it before. I wonder what that's like."

    Xu Ruo Rou's face turned completely red. She didn't know what to say to Qin Feng. She still felt dizzy and her world was still spinning. She was like a drunkard and needed Qin Feng's support to walk.

    "Qin Feng, what happened?" Wei Xiao Lei hurriedly drove over with Su Qiu Yue in the Reventon. He saw Williams' flattened Ferrari and suddenly felt a bad premonition.

    "Is Williams... still in the car?"

    "Probably, I didn't see him come out," Qin Feng said nonchalantly.

    Right from the get-go, he knew Wei Xiao Lei teamed up with this American dude to harm him. Thus, Qin Feng decided to make the first move. In the competition earlier, he intentionally drove his car so that it spun in the air and smashed on top of Williams's Ferrari.

    Qin Feng shook his head at the Ferrari with its roof smashed in.

    Wei Xiao Lei's entire face twisted. He had originally planned to kill Qin Feng, but Qin Feng didn't die. Instead, Williams died first. Wei Xiao Lei was left as a general without an army. He acknowledged that he could not beat Qin Feng and looked at the scene before him with despair.


    Suddenly, the flattened Ferrari began to move. With an enormous bang, the Porsche 911 on top of it began to sway.


    The banging became increasingly louder, and bits of rock fell from the side of the cliff. The Porsche sitting on top of the Ferrari swayed even more. With a rumble, it fell onto the road, rolled a couple of times, and fell off the cliff.


    Seconds later, an explosion resounded in the valley. In an instant, this over two million yuan racecar became waste.

    But, no one paid attention to the falling Porsche, their eyes were all glued to the red Ferrari. After another loud noise, the Ferrari's roof was lifted, a blonde-haired blue-eyed, tall-nosed man leapt onto the top of the car. He smiled evilly at Qin Feng. This was the Williams that the spectators thought was smashed to death.

    "Qin Feng... I'm going to crush you!"

    This yell was like an enraged beast, and it shook the whole valley.

    With a casual wave, the ceiling he supported flew over at full speed. He did this with the ease of tossing a pebble.

    Qin Feng's eyes narrowed. He lightly tapped the tip of his foot on the ground, sent his whole body flying, and avoided the colossal car roof.


    The roof fell onto the mountain path and stood vertically. It dug half a meter into the floor.

    "Williams, kill him!" Wei Xiao Lei's blood boiled when he saw this scene.

    He could tell that Williams was infuriated by Qin Feng. Originally, the two planned to covertly eliminate Qin Feng, but they both lost their patience. Now, they wanted to just openly kill this brat.

    As the privileged son of the William Family, Williams was someone with innately extraordinary strength. When he was three years old, he could lift a rock over fifty kilograms. The currently 23 year-old Williams could break out in a strength of close to 500 kilograms.

    What does this mean?

    Based on Williams' strength alone, he was comparable to a Stage 8 External Expert.

    He didn't need Wei Xiao Lei to remind him what to do. Since Williams was already bloodthirsty, once he saw that his move didn't make impact, he suddenly jumped off the car roof and charged towards Qin Feng while brandishing his fists.

    This sudden and unforeseen event caught Qin Feng off guard. When he saw that Williams was as imposing as a tiger, he didn't initiate any moves. Instead, he observed his strength.


    A fist fell and Qin Feng quickly dodged it. Williams' fist smashed into the cliff behind him, leaving a fist mark.

    At this point, Qin Feng could tell that Williams wasn't unarmed. He wore a full set of gloves containing flickering winter light on his fists. When it swished past his ear, he could feel a bone-piercing coldness.

    Judging by Williams' punch, there was at least 400 or 450 kilograms of power, so he was at least a Stage 7 External Techniques Expert. This was Qin Feng's first time meeting such a strong opponent.

    Last time, he fought Uncle Feng at the Amethyst Dragon Palace, but he was only a Stage 4 External Expert.

    At this day, after winning over the Stage 4 Internal Expert Liang Zhen Wei, Qin Feng had the confidence to win over people with Stage 4 or 5 External Techniques. However, he felt a bit of despair when he saw Williams' sudden explosiveness.

    A Stage 7 Expert was not someone Qin Feng could battle at this time.

    "What he practices isn't External Techniques or Inner Qi either. He has special abilities... abilities relating to strength."

    Qin Feng jumped when he heard Su Qiu Yue's pleasant and gentle voice drift over. One with special abilities. This was the first time he heard of this. He wondered how different these people were from those who practiced martial arts in China.

    "Miss Qiu Yue, what is someone with 'special abilities'?" Qin Feng asked while dodging Williams's ferocious attacks.

    "There are two types of special abilities: one is innate, while the other is acquired... Every person with special abilities has either one or a couple of special abilities. For example, there are those with Strength Powers that are born with superior strength; those with Fire Powers can release fire..."

    Su Qiu Yue's shapely eyebrows furrowed. She said urgently: "But, other than their special abilities, their other functions are no different from normal people."

    "Stinking whore, shut your freaking mouth." Since he had already decided to kill Qin Feng in front of Su Qiu Yue, Wei Xiao Lei dropped his facade in front of her as well.

    With a sinister expression, he pounced at her: "B*tch, I'm going to kill you."

    Wei Xiao Lei thought to himself that he was glad he was a man. He should have no problems going against a weak and gentle woman like Su Qiu Yue. However, he hadn't even touched Su Qiu Yue's body when she leapt into the air. Her body was as light as water and her moves were as gentle and beautiful as a flower. The tip of her toes kicked Wei Xiao Lei in the face. The kick was so powerful that it sent Wei Xiao Lei flying.

    She gracefully dropped back onto the ground with an expression as calm as water. She didn't look at the fallen Wei Xiao Lei. The soft moonlight shined onto her beautiful face, and she looked like an extraordinary fairy.

    Due to Su Qiu Yue's explanation, Qin Feng came to a sudden realization. No wonder he thought Williams' attacks were problematic. He was extremely strong and every time he attacked rocks would be sent flying with explosive noises.

    But, from start to finish, he hadn't hit Qin Feng once; he hadn't even touched Qin Feng's body. Because he only had Strength Powers, he was only strong and couldn't compare to Qin Feng in regards to speed.

    During these constant attacks, Williams' patience had worn thin and his moves became messy. Before, there was a method to his madness, but now, he had become a crazy cow that just relied on his strength to punch recklessly.

    "Qin Feng, besides freaking running, what else can you do? If you have the guts, stay still and let me punch you," Williams shouted angrily.

    Qin Feng looked at him with disdain: "Why don't you stand still and let me kick you?"

    Though he said this, Qin Feng already found the pattern in Williams' movements through his prior observations. He suddenly stopped evading and viciously pounced at his opponent. At the same time, he removed the weight of his Flying Dragon Armour and used his Inner Qi to move faster.

    The current Qin Feng was so fast, he looked like a flash of lightning.

    Williams was dumbstruck. Once he saw that Qin Feng didn't run away and ran towards him instead, he slowly became excited and thought he could finally beat up this brat.

    But, in the blink of an eye, he realized that Qin Feng disappeared. With another blink, oh my god, Qin Feng appeared above his head holding a sharp and glowing sword that popped out of nowhere.

    "Blondie, don't move and let this young master slice you!" Qin Feng smiled. At the same time, the sword in his hand fell.

    This slice was a flash of cold steel shaped like a rainbow with enough strength to slice through mountains and rivers.

    Williams's light blue eyes were extremely fast. He instinctively punched upwards.


    Fist and sword collided, and a rumble echoed through the valley like thunder.

    An enormous strength struck the Truesteel Sword and sent Qin Feng flying with blood spraying from his mouth. On the other hand, Williams was largely unaffected. All he did was retreat a couple of steps.

    "Haha, stinking brat. Who cares if you're fast? With your meager strength, you clearly haven't eaten yet. There's no way you can harm me," Williams cackled arrogantly.

    Qin Feng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Williams' gloves containing flickering winter light. His Truesteel Sword could not cut through it.

    Liang Zhen Wei had an ox tendon whip made of a rare wild ox's tendon as the main ingredient which he sewed together with leather, yet it was still sliced in two by the Truesteel Sword. These gloves with the flickering winter light seemed to be a pretty good tool.

    "Qin Feng, I'll help you!" A fragrant scent wafted into his nose. Qin Feng saw Su Qiu Yue standing beside him, but he had no idea when she got there.

    As usual, she was calm and composed, but her body became turbulent and a red fan appeared in her hand. The fan was made of a special material that was neither wood nor gold.

    Since she was holding it, it was clear that she intended to use it as a weapon.
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