Chapter 121 - Under the Heavens, No Banquets Last Forever

    Chapter 121 - Under the Heavens, No Banquets Last Forever

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    Editor: Levs

    Qin Feng looked at the Winter Iron Gloves in his hands. This thing was a pretty good treasure. Its equipment grade was a level higher than the Flying Dragon Armour but a bit lower than the Truesteel Sword. Qin Feng thought of his Intermediate Thunder Tiger Fist Technique. Now that he had this pair of Winter Iron Gloves, he was sure his abilities would increase significantly.

    As of today, Qin Feng had dual internal and external cultivations and could fight in both long and short distances!

    "Master, you can store this pair of Winter Iron Gloves in the System," Little Pig's voice rang out.

    Qin Feng was a bit startled: "I thought the System could only store items from it?" After asking, he felt that something was wrong. Last time when he was in the North District's Sub-Bureau prison, Code Name Y gave him a mysterious black box that was also placed into the System.

    "Master, the System can store all items with Spiritual Qi. This pair of Winter Iron Gloves clearly possesses Spiritual Qi, so it can be stored."

    This time, Qin Feng understood. With a slight thought, the Winter Iron Gloves in his hands went into the System. After taking what he wanted, Qin Feng had to deal with the bodies.


    Qin Feng was about to toss the bodies into the valley when Black Turtle in the System excitedly stuck out his scarlet tongue.

    "Little Pig, what is this thing saying?" Qin Feng had an expression of helplessness.

    Little Pig was even more helpless than Qin Feng: "Black Turtle said he hasn't had any meat for two days already. He wants Master to let him out... He wants to eat humans!"

    "F*ck!" Qin Feng bellowed internally. This Black Turtle was... too cute.

    He was just in the middle of worrying about how to handle the corpses. If he tossed them into the valley, it was very likely someone would discover them and find some clues. There was nothing better than having them disappear completely.

    With a thought from Qin Feng, Black Turtle arrived beside his feet. When he looked down, Qin Feng was scared stiff.

    He had not paid attention to Black Turtle for two days and he had doubled in size again. Before, he was as big as a washbasin. Now, he was as big as half a bathtub.

    Qin Feng did not need to give any instructions. Black Turtle shifted his big fat body and slowly crawled up to Williams. The vicious Many-Banded Krait suddenly opened its large bloody mouth and swallowed Williams whole.

    The body of the Many-Banded Krait expanded. One person was clearly not enough to satiate his hunger. Without waiting to digest Williams, he crawled before Wei Xiao Lei and opened his large bloody mouth again. Not even five minutes later, both people disappeared.


    After eating two people in succession, Black Turtle belched with a full stomach. He happily crawled around Qin Feng. Qin Feng's eyes widened and his jaw dropped in shock. He realized that after eating two people, Black Turtle grew again.

    Qin Feng suddenly felt that he couldn't bring Black Turtle around anymore. This guy could eat too well... Most importantly, Qin Feng wasn't able to let him grow freely. According to his growth speed, if he stayed in the Qin Manor, he would scare away all members of the Qin household.

    "Master, Black Turtle was originally an Aquatic Battle Pet. I advise Master to raise him in the ocean to bring out his abilities," Little Pig recommended.

    This recommendation matched what he had thought before. Long ago, he had wanted to throw Black Turtle into the ocean to fend for himself, but he had no time and hadn't found a good place to release him.

    At this time, Qin Feng's eyes brightened as he stood on Coiled Snake Mountain and looked down at the unceasing river water below the cliff. Song River seemed like a pretty good place to raise Black Turtle. Its water ran into the Yangtze River, and the Yangtze River ran into the ocean.

    This way, Black Turtle could slowly grow in the Song River. After growing a bit, he could go to the Yangtze River. Then, after he becomes uninhibitedly powerful, he can advance to the ocean. Unlike on land, there are thousands and tens of thousands of living things, so danger lurked from all sides.

    By the time Xu Ruo Rou brought the 28" bicycle down, Qin Feng already returned Black Turtle to the System. This guy gave Xu Ruo Rou quite a fright last time. If he scared her again, she would be scared silly.

    With Xu Ruo Rou in tow, Qin Feng rode the bike and sped across the roads. There was a slight night breeze in the valley. When he saw Xu Ruo Rou shiver slightly, he hugged her tighter.

    "Ruo Rou, wait for me here. I also have to go relieve myself." They soon arrived at the foot of the mountain, so Qin Feng found a random excuse to go to the shore of Song River.

    He took Black Turtle out of the System. When he looked at the violent waves of the river and then looked at Black Turtle obediently crouched at his feet, he felt a bit reluctant to part with him.

    Though he'd only interacted with Black Turtle for no more than a week, Black Turtle was still a battle pet that he created. Thus, he could be considered his own flesh and blood... Wait, damn, if his own flesh and blood really looked like Black Turtle, Qin Feng swore that he would jump into the river and drown himself.

    "Black Turtle, you have to be careful. Many-Banded Krait and Sea Turtle, you two have to help each other and make up for what the other lacks. I hope that when I see you again, you will have become the overlord of the ocean." He patted the sea turtle's shell and said his farewell.


    The Many-Banded Krait kept hissing at Qin Feng. Even the sea turtle that couldn't keep his eyes open and always looked sleepy swayed his head while looking at Qin Feng.

    "Master, they said not to worry. They'll miss you," Little Pig translated without needing to be prompted.

    No banquet under the heavens lasts forever. I hope that when we meet again, we'll both find our own places.

    Qin Feng lifted Black Turtle and used his strength to throw him into the river. Black Turtle suddenly got excited and scuttled freely, frolicking down the stream.

    "Master, you don't have to worry, things of the Hedonist Sovereign System have a special aura that only you, Master, can feel. As long as that aura is still there, that means that we're still alive," Little Pig said.

    Qin Feng used his senses and was able to clearly detect Black Turtle's familiar aura. Qin Feng felt reassured by this. No matter where Black Turtle was, he would be able to find him.

    When he returned to the road, Xu Ruo Rou had a strange look on her face. She curiously thought to herself that Qin Feng could really hold in his urine. He took so long that he probably drowned the flowers and grass on the roadside.

    Qin Feng lifted Xu Ruo Rou onto the bicycle. He didn't ride very quickly. Instead, he basked in the tranquility at the base of Coiled Snake Mountain.

    This tranquility was quickly shattered by a police siren. Flashing red and blue lights appeared not too far away, and they soon stopped in front of Qin Feng.

    A valiant, formidable, icy, and beautiful policewoman stepped from the car. The instant she saw Qin Feng, her eyes went ablaze.

    The first time Liu Bing Bing saw Qin Feng, this brat publicly totaled a Maserati. From then on, she had a bad impression of Qin Feng and saw him as a hedonistic young master.

    The second time, Qin Feng participated in an illegal boxing match, killed someone, and got away scot-free.

    The third time, Hao Nan tried to run over him, but Hao Nan ended up dead instead. From the outside, it looked like he died from a car accident. After, the forensic scientist determined that the cause of death was a sharp object that cut through his head. The prime suspect was Qin Feng. However, due to the Qin Family's power, he was discharged and awarded a good samaritan award.

    This was the fourth time Liu Bing Bing encountered Qin Feng. She noticed that every time she saw this brat, nothing good happened. Once she had received the call reporting a crowd of racers at Coiled Snake Mountain, she hurried over. Then, she saw Qin Feng.
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