Chapter 123 - About to Have a Breakdown

    Chapter 123 - About to Have a Breakdown

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    Once Qin Feng asked, Liu Bing Bing found that her body felt strange. Her stomach indeed began to hurt, and the pain kept getting stronger and fiercer.

    In an instant, Liu Bing Bing realized what had happened. A stifling coldness shot out of her body and she glared at Qin Feng: "You... switched our cups, didn't you?"

    "Chief Liu, what do you mean? Why would I switch the cups?" Qin Feng feigned ignorance.

    Liu Bing Bing gritted her teeth angrily. She already understood what happened: she was played by Qin Feng. Thinking back, Qin Feng probably switched the cups when she bent down to pick up the documents.

    When she thought about how Qin Feng pushed the documents off the desk, Liu Bing Bing realized that the brat played her in circles. And to think she even felt guilty earlier. Now, Liu Bing Bing thought she was too naive.

    "Qin Feng, you're very good. You wait, just you wait."

    Liu Bing Bing's stomach hurt more and more; she felt the urge to set everything free. She resisted the urge to beat up Qin Feng that instant, and immediately ran towards the door of the interrogation room. After she finishes releasing everything, then she could come back and clean up Qin Feng.

    "Wait," Liu Bing Bing hadn't even touched the handle of the door when Qin Feng leaned on it: "Chief Liu, you have to clarify what you mean. How did I offend you? Why are you making me wait?"

    When she saw Qin Feng feigning ignorance, Liu Bing Bing eyes went ablaze. She snarled: "Qin Feng, f*ck off. You clearly know what you've done."

    "Chief Liu, I didn't do anything. You're tarnishing my righteous reputation and hurting my noble spirit. If I've done something wrong, just tell me and I'll change. But, I can't stand it when people slander me so casually-that's a no-no. So, Chief Liu, you have to explain or I won't let you out." Qin Feng put his hands on his hips and said this with an air of righteousness.

    Liu Bing Bing's face darkened. She felt that Qin Feng was really despicable. He shamelessly talked about fallacies as if they were true. But, Liu Bing Bing couldn't bring up Qin Feng switching the cups because she was the one who put laxatives in it. If she brought it up, she would be the one to get embarrassed.

    "Move!" Liu Bing Bing's stomach felt unbearable, and she had no more strength to get mad.

    "In the name of my virtuous soul and lofty reputation, I'm not moving. Unless you want to step over my dead body today," Qin Feng said with a frown.

    "Qin Feng, why don't you go die?" Liu Bing Bing couldn't stand it anymore. At this time, she crouched onto the floor and covered her stomach. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

    "Chief Liu, you don't look so good. Are you sick?" Qin Feng also squatted down and helped Liu Bing Bing wipe her sweat with an expression of concern.

    "Get your grubby paws away from me, I don't need your concern." Liu Bing Bing slapped Qin Feng's hand away and glared at him: "Tell me, what can I do to get you to f*ck off?"

    "I don't understand, why would Chief Liu have such a rude request of making me leave? As an upstanding man, how could I leave?" Qin Feng's serious expression suddenly changed and revealed a slight smile. His eyes were glued to Liu Bing Bing's chest: "Chief Liu, will you really agree to do anything?"

    Liu Bing Bing rolled her eyes. If her stomach didn't hurt so much that she felt completely strengthless, even if she couldn't beat Qin Feng in a fight, she would still duke it out: "Retract your dog eyes. If you dare let your gaze wander again, I'll pull your eyes out and step on them until they explode."

    "Alright, then Chief Liu can only step over my dead body today." Qin Feng reinstated an air of righteousness. He stood at the door and began to whistle.

    Liu Bing Bing desperately had to answer the call of nature, so when she heard Qin Feng's extremely loud whistling, she wanted to go crazy. The color of her face continued to worsen as the laxative came to the stage of peak effectiveness. She felt as though the inside of her body began to boil. She feared that if she didn't get out now, she would embarrass herself.

    "Qin Feng... I can't do it anymore. Hurry up." Not long later, Liu Bing Bing put down her front and looked at Qin Feng tenderly.

    Qin Feng almost stumbled and fell onto the ground. Liu Bing Bing's words were too easy to misinterpret: "Chief Liu, how do you want me to be faster?"

    "Hurry and tell me what you want; hurry and let me out of here." Liu Bing Bing's words were concise and straightforward. She wasn't going to make it soon.

    "Chief Liu, you know that I'm not a petty person that takes advantage of people. If I suggest something improper, will you look down on me and internally laugh at me?"

    Liu Bing Bing clenched her teeth and said word by word: "I. Won't."

    "Since Chief Liu already said this, then I'll trouble you and really bring out the improper suggestions... Chief Liu, let's kiss."

    "No way!" Even if Liu Bing Bing almost couldn't hold it anymore, she flatly rejected this improper request.

    Qin Feng thought for a bit and said with seriousness: "How about this? Hug me and let me feel your sincerity. Then, I'll let you out."

    Kissing was too much for Liu Bing Bing, and even hugging made her feel conflicted. But, due to the circumstances, she was forced to her wit's end. Liu Bing Bing clenched her teeth and hugged Qin Feng.

    The two both squatted in the ground and hugged. A natural and fresh perfume-free fragrance drifted into Qin Feng's nose. He stuck his nose onto Liu Bing Bing's beautiful hair and inhaled deeply twice. An unnamed comfort arose in his heart.

    After hugging Qin Feng, she smelled the unique manly smell on his body. It was a bit fragrant and a bit enchanting. Liu Bing Bing was surprised to find that she didn't hate the smell.

    Although she'd been hugged by this beast Qin Feng before, this situation was different from the previous one. That was a coincidental hug that took place while she was unprepared. This time, Liu Bing Bing initiated the hug with Qin Feng. It felt really strange. Besides the feeling of resistance and disgust, there was also a sliver of wonder in her heart. Liu Bing Bing was shocked to find that her heartbeat actually increased!

    "Qin Feng, that's enough." After hugging for 10 seconds, Liu Bing Bing hurriedly pushed Qin Feng away.

    "Chief Liu, I think you've misunderstood. We can be considered good friends so I wanted a simple friendly hug. I didn't have any impure thoughts or bad intentions. This kind of hug doesn't even need to last two seconds, but seeing how engrossed Chief Liu was, I felt bad disturbing you."


    They already hugged and liberties were taken, so Qin Feng moved out of the way. Liu Bing Bing shot out of the interrogation room like a rocket and bolted toward the restroom.

    Liu Bing Bing hadn't left for very long when Uncle Fu and Chief Zhang hurriedly rushed over. After seeing Qin Feng, Uncle Fu took the initiative and rushed over.
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