Chapter 124 - Hundred Year Blood Lotus

    Chapter 124 - Hundred Year Blood Lotus

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    "Young Master Qin, are you alright? Ruo Rou went back to the Qin Manor and said you were arrested."

    "I'm fine. There's no need to worry, Uncle Fu." Qin Feng waved his hand and smiled.

    Chief Zhang also greeted Qin Feng with a smile: "Young Master Qin, I just looked into it, and this was a misunderstanding. You were only riding your bike to admire the scenery at Coiled Snake Mountain, how could you possibly have participated in a street race? Chief Liu was careless. I hope Young Master Qin forgives us."

    While saying this, Chief Zhang even extended a pennant: "Young Master Qin, last time at the Western-Styled Restaurant a hoodlum wanted to hit you. You must have been traumatized... This is also considered a mistake on the part of the police since they didn't successfully carry out their duty to protect the safety and harmony of the citizens. This is a Brave Citizen Pennant, please accept it."

    Qin Feng came to the Northern District Sub-Bureau three times, and got two pennants. He suddenly fell in love with this place, he thought about how warm and considerate this family was. He had to come often in the future.

    "Then thank you Chief Zhang." Qin Feng took the pennant and said: "That's right, last time's Western Restaurant accident. Luckily Chief Liu got there in time. If not for her continuous care and comfort for me, I don't know how I'd escape the shadow of the accident. This pennant should belong to the both of us. When you see Chief Liu later, I'll trouble you to tell her about the pennant.'

    "Okay, I'll certainly pass the message along."

    After exchanging polite words, Qin Feng and Uncle Fu left the Police Station. Qin Feng wondered what Liu Bing Bing's expression would be like once she heard that he brought another pennant home.

    He couldn't help but laugh aloud.


    When they got back to the Qin Manor, Qin Huang and everyone else in the manor were waiting for Qin Feng at the villa lounge. Once they saw that he returned safe and sound, they all sighed in relief.

    "Qin Feng, are you alright?" Since Xu Ruo Rou was also there, Qin Huang kept up Qin Feng's act. He wasn't able to express too much concern, so he glared at Qin Feng with some dissatisfaction.

    "Chairman Qin, I'm fine. Didn't I tell Ruo Rou that I know Chief Liu? We're good friends that can talk about anything. She invited me for tea and a heart-to-heart conversation," Qin Feng said merrily.

    Qin Feng and Han Ying Ying stared at Qin Feng with disdain. Liu Bing Bing invited him for tea? Good friends that could talk about anything? More like Liu Bing Bing couldn't wait to kill him.

    "Alright, since you're fine, everyone go sleep. You brat, you kept Ying Ying and Ruo Rou up until now. Go apologize to them," Qin Huang reprimanded before taking the lead to head up the stairs.

    Xu Ruo Rou immediately looked at Qin Feng and waved: "Qin Feng, I'm fine, you don't have to apologize to me."

    "Ying Ying, I'm guilty of worrying you. I'll walk you back to your villa to rest."

    "There's no need for that." Once the image of Qin Feng sneaking around and sniffing Xu Ruo Rou's underwear appeared in her head, she immediately stopped him: "I'll go back myself. I'm afraid that if you come with me, I'll lose undergarments."

    Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou were the only two left in the large living room. After hearing what Han Ying Ying said, Xu Ruo Rou looked at Qin Feng differently. Her gaze now became guarded.

    "Ruo Rou, then I'll take you back to your room," Qin Feng looked smilingly at Xu Ruo Rou.

    "I-I can go back myself." Xu Rou Rou was like a frightened deer and immediately ran up the stairs.

    She didn't have that many undergarments to begin with, so she was even more afraid they'd be stolen.

    "Women these days... Why are they so polite? We're all tenants anyway," Qin Feng muttered while returning to his room.

    Once he got in bed, his attitude suddenly became serious. He stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small wooden box.

    The small wooden box was rectangular, narrow, dark red, and was about the length of a palm of a hand. This was not Qin Feng's own box, but was provided to him on Coiled Snake Mountain tonight. When Su Qiu Yue initiated the hug with Qin Feng before she left, she shoved it into his arms.

    Though Su Qiu Yue's movements were quick, Qin Feng still felt it but didn't stop or expose her. The two had just met, and Qin Feng wasn't so self-absorbed that he thought Su Qiu Yue fell in love with him at first sight.

    He slowly opened the red wooden box. A fresh, herbal smell wafted into his nose. The image of a dark red pill that was a shape similar to the Snow Lotus Herb flower appeared before his eyes. As a young master from a wealthy family, he had seen the Tianshan Snow Lotus Herb before. It was extremely rare, and his old man always made medicinal liquor with it to drink.

    But the Tianshan Show Lotus special to Xinjiang was a pale yellow, while the herb in this wooden box was red. Though the shape was similar to the Snow Lotus, the color was a dark red, so it clearly wasn't Tianshan Snow Lotus.

    "Master, this is a comparatively precious and rare Hundred Year Blood Lotus Pill. Every hundred years when the flower blooms, it absorbs the essence of heaven, earth, sun, and moon. It contains a large quantity of spiritual energy and is the most important medicinal ingredient in concocting pills of immortality." Little Pig always appeared at key times. Qin Feng suddenly deeply understood the true meaning of a "very close same-sex friend."

    "Hundred Year Blood Lotus. Sounds pretty amazing," Qin Feng mumbled to himself.

    "Master, do you know what the selling price of this Hundred Year Blood Lotus Pill is in the Hedonist Sovereign System?" Little Pig didn't wait for Qin Feng to guess and said with an exaggerated expression: "10000 Hedonist Points."

    Qin Feng jumped in shock and said excitedly: "Little Pig, hurry, I'll sell this Hundred Year Blood Lotus pill and buy Windblade Skills."

    "This Hundred Year Blood Lotus isn't an item of the System, so it can only be stored but not sold." Little Pig had a look of disdain.

    "Master, do you know the uses of the Hundred Year Blood Lotus? I can't believe you wanted to sell it. This is the most vital medicinal ingredient for learning to make Blood Qi Pills. Do you know what the Blood Qi Pill can be used for? If normal people eat one, they can immediately break through the first internal stage and step onto the path of becoming a martial cultivator. When low-leveled martial cultivators use it, there's a possibility of breaking through the fourth internal level or the fourth external stage."

    "Wow, it's that great?" This time, Qin Feng understood how precious this Hundred Year Blood Lotus Pill was.

    "Little Pig, then how could I concoct pills of immortality?"

    "The Hedonist Sovereign System's medicinal interface was already unlocked when the Host bought the Elementary Gold Sore Medicine, the lowest leveled medicine. But the host can only unlock the basic requirements for concocting pills of immortality after breaking through the fourth internal level. At the moment, master has no way of doing so," Little Pig said.

    Qin Feng suddenly felt that something was off: "So you're saying that I need to break through the fourth internal stage before I can concoct pills and create the Blood Qi Pill, but the most the pill can do is help the user quickly break through to Stage Four Internal Abilities... So what the heck is the use of me concocting this Blood Qi Pill?"

    Little Pig twitched his lips and began to play dead.

    But in the end, this Blood Qi Pill was pretty great. If he couldn't use it, he could give it to someone else. It's pretty incredible for a single pill to be able to create a Stage One Internal Expert.

    With a thought from Qin Feng, he stored the Hundred Year Blood Lotus Pill in the System. At this time, he still couldn't use this toy.
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