Chapter 127 - Ive Been Using My Legs the Whole Time

    Chapter 127 - I've Been Using My Legs the Whole Time

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    Editor: Levs

    "Little Sister Ruo Rou, don't be so shy! Sit next to Big Sister, you don't need to be so polite with me."

    Xu Ruo Rou nodded and obediently sat beside Han Ying Ying.

    "Young Master Qin...'s close attendant. I'm not as comfortable and at ease as you say. What do you two want to eat? I'll order it for you." After Xu Ruo Rou sat down, Han Ying Ying casually looped her arm through Xu Ruo Rou's. They looked to be as close as best friends that could talk about anything.

    Her charming eyes seemed to have the ability to speak. Her gaze fell on Qin Feng and she looked at him with some coldness.

    "No no no, Ruo Rou and I are the little workers at the bottom of the food chain, we can't enjoy Assistant Han's benefits. We just heard that the food on this side was really good, so we wanted to come over and take a look," Qin Feng smiled.

    Han Ying Ying glared at Qin Feng and suddenly couldn't help but laugh delicately: "Qin Feng, you're even being peculiar with me? Be careful, or I might spill everything about you in front of Little Sister Ruo Rou."

    Qin Feng became agitated and grabbed Han Ying Ying's hands. He said with a smile of one trying to gain favor: "Assistant Han, I was just joking, don't take it as the truth."

    After Qin Feng grabbed her hands so suddenly, Han Ying Ying looked like she was electrocuted.

    In private, though she always appeared very forward and even tried to seduce Qin Feng a couple of times, this was only for the sake of a business partnership. Besides, she knew that Qin Feng was on guard against her. Thus, though the two both lived in the Qin Manor and seemed really close and loving, nothing actually happened between them.

    Even when their hands were merely joined like they were currently, Han Ying Ying's heart surged with a peculiar feeling. A slight blush tinted her fair and charming face. She promptly tugged her hands away and continued to look at flirtatiously at Qin Feng: "Alright, I'm not going to chat idly with you anymore. I'll order a steak set meal for each of you."

    Han Ying Ying stood up to leave. Her elegant figure and movements made it so that wherever she went, the audience's gaze would follow.

    This scene stunned its audience right from the get-go.

    Whether it be the managers in the high class area or the employees in the ordinary employee section, all of them had their mouths wide open as they stared dumbstruck at this scene.

    One of these girls was the pure jade beauty Xu Ruo Rou of the ordinary employees, and the other was the fiery hot queen Han Ying Ying. One was of water and one was fire. These people would be unable to contain their happiness if they could get even one of these two high-quality, extraordinarily beautiful women.

    However, they now saw a man from the ordinary employee section sitting and eating with both of these beauties at the same time. They even talked and laughed. The audience felt as though they were shot by ten thousand arrows. They could not comprehend what women looked for in a mate these days.

    "Group... Leader Wang. I-I'm not seeing things am I? That brat Qin Feng actually went over to eat in the upper management area. And who is that flaming hot beauty?" Xiao Zhang asked in astonishment.

    He and Wang Chao were able to see Han Ying Ying's private room from where they were sitting. They could generally see the situation inside the room through the faintly discernible wooden carvings.

    Wang Chao's expression was even more stunned. Since Xiao Zhang's position in the company was too low, it was normal for him not to know Han Ying Ying. However, Wang Chao clearly knew that this Han Ying Ying had just arrived into the company and was extremely popular. She was reportedly Chairman Qin's newly hired assistant.

    Wang Chao's eyes were ablaze when he saw Qin Feng talking and smiling with a beauty of this status: "Hmph, that's impossible. How could that brat Qin Feng know Assistant Han? I think there's an eighty percent chance that his conduct of bursting into the high class dining area affected Assistant Han's mealtime, so she's going to look for a security guard to deal with him."

    "Let's wait to see a good show. In a bit, Qin Feng will be treated like a diseased dog and he'll be driven out of there." Once Wang Chao came up with this reasoning, his gloomy expression changed to a smile as he rejoiced in Qin Feng's misfortune.

    "Right, right. That beauty was originally eating on her own and that idiot Qin Feng went and disturbed her. She must have gone to look for the security guard. Haha, this idiot. He clearly has the life of a sales representative, but he insists on pretending to be someone of consequence. This time, he's going to lose face spectacularly. Let's see if Xu Ruo Rou will still be with him after this."

    "From what I see, in the whole Royal Group, only Group Leader Wang Chao has the ability to take Xu Ruo Rou. As for the others, they can only stand to the side and watch." In truth, Xiao Zhang also eyed Xu Ruo Rou's beauty all along. His heart was restless, but he knew his place. At this time, he decisively gave up on this goddess and used her to kiss Wang Chao's ass.

    Wang Chao was so happy that his face bloomed. He began to like this Xiao Zhang more and more: "Xiao Zhang, you seem quite good at talking, you definitely have the qualities of a salesperson. In the future, follow me and I guarantee that you won't be treated unfairly."

    "Group Leader Wang, don't worry. In the future, Xiao Zhang will be at your beck and call. I pledge a life in your service Group Leader Wang." Xiao Zhang was so elated that he almost jumped up in happiness.

    "Haha, you don't need to be at my beck and call. As long as you do your work well, it'll all be yours." Wang Chao said artificially.

    Xiao Zhang was well aware that these words couldn't be said too freely. His gaze shifted and he saw Han Ying Ying walking back holding two large trays. He immediately called Wang Chao: "Group Leader Wang, hurry and look, that beauty came back. The show's about to begin."

    Wang Chao immediately gained vitality and looked in Qin Feng's direction. He saw that there was no security guard behind Han Ying Ying and she carried two trays back into the private room. A bad premonition suddenly arose in his heart.

    "Assistant Han, you're a person of such high status, and you're personally bringing food over to us. You're really shortening our lives." Qin Feng said this smilingly while looking at Han Ying Ying's fiery body under her work clothes.

    Han Ying Ying brought the trays in front of Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou. She rolled her eyes at Qin Feng: "Hurry and eat. Even good food can't stop your mouth."

    "That depends on what kind of good food it is. If it's Assistant Han's fragrant lips, I'm sure it could definitely stop it." Qin Feng smiled.

    Han Ying Ying's lovely body shook, and her charming face immediately became scarlet. In the past, she was the one that used words and her body to seduce Qin Feng. Now that Qin Feng initiated the seducing, it felt completely different; it even made her heartbeat quicken.

    Xu Ruo Rou was used to Qin Feng taking liberties with her, so her expression was beyond normal when she heard his words. However, she thought of how Han Ying Ying was Chairman Qin's assistant. If Qin Feng even came onto her, Older Sister Ying Ying would definitely bear a grudge towards him.

    Xu Ruo Rou immediately explained for Qin Feng: "Older Sister Ying Ying, thank you for getting food for us. Qin Feng has a careless mouth, but he doesn't have a bad heart. Don't be mad."

    Han Ying Ying looked at Xu Ruo Rou and Qin Feng with a strange expression. A complicated feeling arose in her heart. However, she smiled outwardly and said: "Little Sister Ruo Rou, no need to be polite. I didn't realize that you and Qin Feng became so close. You're beginning to seem like a little wife in that you're helping him talk."

    Xu Ruo Rou's face became completely red. She shyly ate her steak and didn't know what to say.

    Qin Feng didn't touch the utensils on the dining table. He looked at the steak, juice, and fruit salad before him and thought about the communal food in the ordinary employee section. He suddenly stood.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Han Ying Ying immediately asked this once she saw Qin Feng's expression change.

    "Breaking some traditions." Qin Feng looked back and smiled. He was already standing before a row of French windows.

    This row of French windows separated the ordinary employee section from the high class section of the cafeteria. Qin Feng stood before the French windows and could see several hundred employees eating in the ordinary employee section. He could also be seen by the tens of managers and supervisors in the upper management section.

    His lips quirked into a relaxed smile. He suddenly lifted his leg and kicked through the French windows.


    An enormous sound made all of the people in the third floor cafeteria jump in shock. One after another, they all looked over.

    A tall and slender man was crazily kicking and shattering the row of French windows. He looked thin and weak, but his explosive strength was very frightening. With each kick, a piece of glass from the French windows fell and shattered onto the ground.

    From behind, he suddenly appeared larger and taller. The gazes of the several hundred people in the ordinary employee section became heated. They stared attentively at Qin Feng's every move. Not long ago, this wall was the chasm in their hearts that separated them from the upper class.

    It was coldly erected as a constant reminder that they were all ordinary employees; that they had the lowest wages; that they did the hardest work. Must they eat from a tasteless communal rice pot?

    They were dissatisfied; deeply dissatisfied. However, they didn't dare suggest criticism because pretty much every large company had this kind of cafeteria that separated the classes. They knew to be satisfied that they were even able to work at Royal Group and that they could support their families. How could they risk losing their jobs to contemplate these kinds of unrealistic ideas?

    But, now they saw someone who dared to stand out. This was an ordinary employee that did what they had always imagined. He was crazy, tyrannical, and reckless... Their previously suppressed emotions came bubbling forth. One by one, they produced earth-trembling rallying cries from the bottoms of their hearts.

    Bang bang bang!

    Qin Feng already kicked over the glass in the row of French Windows on one side. Now, he ran over to the left side and commenced another bout of wild kicking.

    He was like a wild beast that had gone crazy. He was unrestrained and did what he wished. Since he thought this wall couldn't exist, it didn't.

    "Hey, what are you doing? Hurry and stop right now." Suddenly, a voice reprimanded behind Qin Feng. A large, tall, and handsome young man that exuded an air of success walked over.

    This was a new addition to Royal Group's Finance Department: Lin Shuai. [TLN: "Lin Shuai" translates to "Handsome Lin."] He was a student that had just returned from studying abroad in Australia. Not long after joining the company, he went from being a little assistant financial analyst to the position of a gold medal financial analyst.

    Because he was only 25, young, handsome, and rich, he was the resident celebrity that all of the single females in Royal Group chased after and crushed on.

    Lin Shuai's sudden appearance didn't stop Qin Feng. Qin Feng was still happily sending out flying kicks. This simple and base disregard immediately froze Lin Shuai's face. He neared Qin Feng and bellowed deeply: "I told you to stop. Are you trying to start a revolt?"

    Qin Feng continued to kick down the remaining glass wall. He said innocently: "Are you blind, I didn't move my arms, I was using my legs the whole time." [TLN: The phrase "to stop" translates literally to "stop your hands," so Qin Feng pretended to take the phrase literally.]
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