Chapter 128 - I Like Calling You Cricket

    Chapter 128 - I Like Calling You Cricket

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    Lin Shuai's mouth twitched. He felt like he was shot through the heart by an arrow. Though he was brimming with talent, since he had only been at Royal Group for less than two months, he was still considered new. Originally, even if he saw these kinds of things, he wouldn't care. It clearly wasn't Lin Shuai's style to meddle in other people's business.

    But, he saw Han Ying Ying: the Goddess that the entire upper management of Royal Group crushed on and debated about. Lin Shuai was not an exception. After all, he saw himself as the person with the most strength and capability to win over Han Ying Ying. He took the initiative to run over and stop Qin Feng because he wanted to show off in front of her.

    "Then stop your feet," Lin Shuai bellowed coldly.

    Qin Feng stopped. He looked at Lin Shuai with mirth: "Friend, are you thinking that I must be tired from all this kicking and you want to help me? Then I'll trouble you to kick down these last three pieces of the glass wall."

    "You're crazy. I'm here to stop you, there's no way I'd help you do such an idiotic thing. Which department are you in? I'm going to take down your information and report this to upper management. Your vile behavior is affecting the way all of the employees in Royal Group work," Lin Shuai said haughtily as he looked at Qin Feng with disdain.

    "Haha, Manager Lin, how do you do?" Before Qin Feng could speak, Wang Chao suddenly ran over and greeted him with a smile. He shook Lin Shuai's hand firmly and shook it with the enthusiasm he would put into shaking his own father's hand: "I'm the group leader of Royal Group's Sales Department Wang Chao. I'm really sorry, this is my subordinate Qin Feng. He's a normal sales representative in the Sales Department. As his Group Leader, I didn't teach him properly and let him cause trouble... I approve of Manager Lin's punishment suggestion from earlier. Even if he is my subordinate, if he did something wrong, I absolutely cannot shield him. I have to handle him impartially and punish him severely.

    "That's right, that's right. Someone like Qin Feng makes our entire Sales Department lose face. We have to punish him severely," Xiao Zhang echoed Wang Chao.

    With a bit of effort, Qin Feng was surrounded by people. The crowd was split in two: the ordinary dining area group and the high class dining area group.

    The two groups each had their own skills. Now that they were all together, their gazes were covetous. One side loudly criticized Qin Feng's vileness and behavior while the other side said nothing and only dared to use unhappy expressions to scare the other side... It was clear that they were unable to scare them.

    "So it's an ordinary sales representative of the Sales Department. I was thinking that no one in our high class area would have this kind of unruly behavior; it was clearly the work of a heckler... I'll make sure to realistically report this kind of person to upper management and have him fired directly." After discovering his identity, Lin Shuai became more confident. He acted like he was too lazy to give Qin Feng another glance.

    "It wouldn't even be enough to fire him for such vile behavior," Wang Chao also nodded angrily.

    "That's right, fire him, fire him." Xiao Zhang kept kissing Lin Shuai and Wang Chao's asses. He was extremely happy. If Royal Group presented a quarterly ass-kissing award, it would undoubtedly be his.

    This situation became increasingly dangerous, and the crowd of spectators grew increasingly as well.

    At this time, Li Yu Chen rushed over anxiously as if there was a fire. Originally, she hadn't paid attention to what was happening here. She only rushed over when a subordinate from the Sales Department told her Qin Feng was causing trouble.

    Qin Feng was in the Sales Department and Li Yu Chen was the General Manager of it. Since she managed all of the people in the department and there was now someone from the Sales Department causing trouble, she held a large portion of the responsibility.

    While rushing over, Li Yu Chen thought of over a hundred ways Qin Feng could be causing trouble. Maybe there was a cockroach in his food and he started an argument with the cafeteria staff? Maybe he was picking up girls during lunch and she ignored him so they started up a fuss? Or maybe Qin Feng didn't pay for his food and got into a tussle with the security guard.

    Once Li Yu Chen saw the messy scene and broken glass all over the ground, she realized she underestimated Qin Feng's ability to cause trouble.

    "Qin Feng, what are you doing?" Li Yu Chen ran to Qin Feng's side with an icy expression. She was extremely angry and began to bellow at him.

    For the sake of her mother's wishes of marrying her into the Qin Family, it wasn't easy for her to squeeze into Royal Group, the company of five hundred strong. However, she still hadn't formed a relationship with Young Master Qin. Now, Qin Feng went around smashing things in the cafeteria. This matter could be big or small: if it got big, she could forget about keeping her position as General Manager of the Sales Department; she could just pack up and leave.

    If this really had to happen, Li Yu Chen would definitely chew Qin Feng's head off.

    "General Manager Li, perfect timing. I did a great thing for our company. In a bit, upper management should be here. Just stand here and don't leave. I'll split the credit with you."

    In this precarious scene, Qin Feng's words stunned the entire audience...

    Wang Chao, Lin Shuai, and Xiao Zhang laughed so hard that tears came out of their eyes. Those several hundred ordinary employees were moved to tears by Qin Feng's indomitable energy.

    Clack clack clack!

    The crisp rhythm of high heels drifted over. Each step seemed to trample on its audience's little hearts. The heartbeats of the males increased, and their gazes followed this pair of high heels.

    What they saw was black stockings; slender, smooth and round calves; perky and impressive buttocks; a full willowy waist; a swelling and full chest; a white and beautiful jade neck; and charming and beautiful features.

    No matter what position they held, the spectators couldn't take their eyes off her. Everywhere, everyone's blood heated. Han Ying Ying walked unhurriedly into the crowd. She passed Lin Shuai and Wang Chao, walked past Li Yu Chen, and lastly stood beside Qin Feng.

    "Qin Feng, tell everyone why you did this." Han Ying Ying's elegant and slightly cold voice passed through the cafeteria. It didn't seem like she was talking to Qin Feng, it seemed as though she addressed all of the people in the cafeteria.

    She looked around and smiled charmingly.

    All of the people were drunk on the sight. They forgot about Qin Feng angrily smashing the French windows. Instead, all of them were daydreaming about whether or not they would defy expectation and be fancied by Han Ying Ying.

    "Assistant Han is right, you have to give everyone an explanation." Lin Shuai was enchanted by Han Ying Ying as well, but he used all of his might to check himself. He immediately catered to Han Ying Ying's words and sternly commanded Qin Feng.

    He clearly misunderstood Han Ying Ying's words. By talking to Qin Feng so maliciously and arrogantly, he already offended the two beauties at the scene. Han Ying Ying and Xu Ruo Rou both eyed him with dissatisfaction.

    "That... Cricket right?" Qin Feng looked at Lin Shuai and asked earnestly.

    "It's Lin Shuai," Lin Shuai cut him off furiously.

    "I know, but I like calling you Cricket" [TLN: Cricket is pronounced "xi shuai."]

    Lin Shuai's mouth gave a violent twitch. He felt as though his heart was ruthlessly hammered. He asked with a gloomy expression: "Why were you calling me?"

    "Go pour me a cup of water. I'm thirsty from smashing so many glass walls." Qin Feng spoke like he was addressing a subordinate. The audience was stunned.
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