Chapter 130 - You Shower First, Ill Be There Right Away

    Chapter 130 - You Shower First, I'll Be There Right Away

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    Editor: Levs

    The whole afternoon, everyone ranging from the executives and senior management to the ordinary employees discussed Qin Feng. After discovering that he was just a minor sales representative from the Sales Department without any background or influence, they had varying opinions of his conduct during lunch.

    During this afternoon, Qin Feng became a well-known celebrity in Royal Group.

    As the main character of this incident, Qin Feng did not care at all. At this time, he got off work and told Xu Ruo Rou crude jokes while watching her shy blushing face and walking towards the exit.

    After exiting the building, Qin Feng's cell phone suddenly rang. He pulled it out and looked to see that it was Teacher Yun Xiao's number.

    Qin Feng's expression changed. He said solemnly: "How do you do Teacher Yun Xiao?"

    The Yun Xiao in the phone sounded a bit urgent: "Qin Feng, where are you, can you come over to my neighborhood?"

    Qin Feng's heart rippled. He promptly said: "Okay Teacher Yun Xiao, go shower first and I'll be there right away."

    Yun Xiao's face darkened when she heard the two beeps pass through the phone. She thought to herself that Qin Feng still hadn't changed.

    "Ruo Rou, I have to see an old friend. Wait here for Ying Ying and follow her and Chairman Qin home," Qin Feng said to Xu Ruo Rou after hanging up.

    "T-that's not a good idea. I-I can just go home on my own." Xu Ruo Rou was clearly a bit nervous. It was too much pressure to take Chairman Qin's car back.

    "Don't dilly-dally, just do as I say. Otherwise, if you get abducted, I'm not going to rescue you." Qin Feng gave Xu Ruo Rou's face a pinch.

    Xu Ruo Rou shuddered as she thought about the last time she was abducted. She was just buying her daily necessities when she was abducted by Wei Xiao Lei. She nodded vigorously: "Okay, then I'll wait for Older Sister Ying Ying... No, Assistant Han and the rest."

    With this, Qin Feng finally felt reassured. Last time he raced with Wei Xiao Lei, he went to the district Yun Xiao lived in. At this time, he rode his 28" bicycle and flew across the road... He wondered if Teacher Yun Xiao finished showering.

    Xu Ruo Rou was really obedient. She waited at the entrance to the company and watched Qin Feng's slowly receding back. Not long later, Han Ying Ying and Qin Huang came out together. Xu Ruo Rou walked up to them and explained the plan. Han Ying Ying linked her arm with Xu Ruo Rou's and they stepped into the Benz together.

    Li Yu Chen caught this scene. Her lovely eyes flashed with shock. Why... would Xu Ruo Rou leave in Assistant Han and Chairman Qin's car?

    This afternoon, she once again received a call from her mother pushing her to get married. She wasn't young anymore so she decided that from today onwards, she would wander around the Qin Manor everyday after work. She didn't believe she wouldn't be able to bump into Young Master Qin.

    Li Yu Chen believed that if she could bump into Young Master Qin, she would be able to form a relationship with him if she relied on her beauty and was a bit more forward. With this mindset, Li Yu Chen ran out of the office after work and saw such a shocking scene. Suddenly, a possible scenario flashed through her mind.

    Could it be that Xu Ruo Rou and Qin Huang knew one another? Then she'd definitely know Young Master Qin. If this was the case, it would be better if she tested the waters when Xu Ruo Rou came to work tomorrow.

    Li Yu Chen couldn't help but sigh. So Royal Group really was concealing identities.

    Based on their appearances, Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou looked like ordinary sales representatives. However, one knew the assistant manager of the Administrative Department and the other directly got into Chairman Qin's car.

    Not twenty minutes later, Qin Feng arrived in Teacher Yun Xiao's little district: "Teacher Yun Xiao, which building and unit do you live in? I'm already here."

    "That fast? ...I-I'm in 1102 in Building 3, come up." Yun Xiao was a bit shocked. She wondered if Qin Feng just so happened to be in the area.

    This was the first time she let a male in her home. For some strange reason, her heartbeat quickened after she stated her address.

    After receiving the address, Qin Feng immediately ran up. When he arrived at 1102, the front door was already open. Yun Xiao stood at the doorway waiting for Qin Feng: "Qin Feng, d-did you run up the stairs?"

    "Yeah, the elevator's too slow. I was thinking that Teacher Yun Xiao just finished showering and was worried that you'd be anxiously waiting so I sped all the way over... Huh? Teacher Yun Xiao, you haven't showered yet?"

    Qin Feng was a bit disappointed to see Yun Xiao wearing the black uniform and stockings she wore to work.

    Yun Xiao knew Qin Feng's personality too well. She glared at him with feigned anger: "Qin Feng, I'm your teacher. Be proper and don't give me any crooked thoughts... Alright, hurry and come in."

    Qin Feng followed Yun Xiao into the room while admiring the perky behind that was wrapped in the short black skirt.

    Yun Xiao rented a one bathroom, two bedroom, and two living room apartment with all of the necessary electrical appliances. She lived on her own and it was just right. It had a bit of a cosy feel to it. Since it was her first time bringing a man into her house, she felt a bit awkward. When they arrived in the living room, she allowed Qin Feng to sit on the sofa.

    The two sat on the sofa side-by-side. Yun Xiao's heart tingled. She scooted a bit further from Qin Feng. Right when she settled into her new position, Qin Feng slid right next to her. She scooted again and Qin Feng followed.

    "Qin Feng... D-don't sit so close to me, it's kind of warm," Yun Xiao said bashfully. Her face flushed slightly.

    "Haha, Teacher Yun Xiao's body is too fragrant. I can't help but want to get close and smell it." Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiao with a smile. This time, he didn't scoot closer to her again. His expression shifted sharply and he said with seriousness: "Teacher Yun Xiao, why were you looking for me at this time?"

    Qin Feng knew that Yun Xiao wouldn't take the initiative contact him for no reason. Something must have happened.

    Qin Feng changed too abruptly, so Yun Xiao was not really able to adjust in time. She calmed herself and then said with seriousness: "Qin Feng, why haven't you been going to school lately?"

    "Something happened at home that interfered with my studies... I should have found some time to tell Teacher Yun Xiao this personally, but I was busy all the way until now. I'm really sorry," Qin Feng said.

    Yun Xiao shook her head and smiled: "Since something happened at home, then I can't blame you. I trust that your father should have notified the school. But at your age, your primary job is still to study. If your family matter wraps up, it would still be best to go to school."

    Yun Xiao resumed her role Qin Feng's teacher and taught him closely. She knew that with Qin Feng's family background, he did not care about attending school. After this hedonistic young master was done living a carefree youth, he would directly succeed the family business and continue to squander the youths of others.

    When she thought about the possibility of Qin Feng never coming to class anymore, Yun Xiao felt an unnamed sense of disappointment surge through her heart.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, don't be too sad. Once there's time, I will go to school and pay a visit. I know that without me there, you probably miss me a lot. Actually, when Teacher Yun Xiao misses me, you can do what you did this time and call me over to your house to sit... Of course, I'm usually only free at night, so it would be better for Teacher Yun Xiao to invite me at night."
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