Chapter 131 - None of You Understand Me

    Chapter 131 - None of You Understand Me

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    Editor: Levs

    When she saw Qin Feng's perverted smile, Yun Xiao's expression fell. She glared at him: "Qin Feng, I called you here for another reason as well."

    Qin Feng immediately became serious. He knew that this next matter was probably the important thing Yun Xiao called him over about: "Go ahead."

    "Qin Feng, ever since I was kidnapped, y-you killed people to save me, so I became afraid to interact with other people," Yun Xiao said earnestly.

    Qin Feng suddenly thought about the System's quest to rid Yun Xiao of her fear and social anxiety.

    "And since then, every time I see blood or any sort of red liquid, I become extremely nervous and afraid. When I see people arguing or fighting in the streets, I become so afraid that I lose all of the strength in my body... Recently, I don't even talk to coworkers at school. Whether it's a man or a woman, I feel this constant sense of vigilance and resistance."

    "Every day I just go to class, leave class, and go home. I don't talk to anyone. I live a life of constant repetition... Qin Feng, I think that if this goes on, I'll retreat from society and lose my mind." When she talked about this, she became agitated. She was nothing like the dignified and calm teacher at the lectern. She seemed like a little lion venting its grievances.

    Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiao with a gentle expression. He empathized with her current mood. Almost a month passed since the time he rescued her. In that month, she didn't talk to anyone. Every day, she lived a lonely life. She wanted to change her current situation but was powerless to do so. Too many depressed thoughts were pent up in her heart.

    Qin Feng leaned slightly and wrapped Yun Xiao tightly in his embrace. He pressed his chin to Yun Xiao's beautiful hair and inhaled her faint unique fragrance while lightly patting her back: "Teacher Yun Xiao, cry out loud, let it all out. That way, you'll feel better."

    Yun Xiao really needed to vent. She already forgot her identity and forgot Qin Feng's as well. She obediently sprawled in Qin Feng's warm embrace and cried like a little girl.

    She wailed and freely released the pressure in her heart. She felt that her burden slowly lightened, and her mood slowly stabilized. When she became completely tranquil, the crying noises also stopped.

    Then, she suddenly came to her senses. She extricated herself from Qin Feng's embrace as if she were electrocuted. She looked stupidly at Qin Feng: "W-what did we do at first?"

    "We hugged." Qin Feng said truthfully.

    "And?" Yun Xiao felt a gust of anxiety. She was Qin Feng's teacher, yet she hugged him.

    "And... When Teacher Yun Xiao cries, your chest shakes incredibly."


    Ten minutes later, Yun Xiao came out of the restroom. She calmed down completely. Her body was once again cold and dignified as usual. If her eyes weren't still slightly puffy, Qin Feng would have thought that his hug with Yun Xiao earlier was merely a figment of his imagination.

    "Qin Feng, I'm a bit tired. You head back first." Though she seemed to have resumed to a sense of tranquility, when she thought about how she hugged Qin Feng and cried so noisily in front of him, she felt embarrassed to face him.

    Qin Feng stood but didn't leave. Instead, he walked up to Yun Xiao: "Teacher Yun Xiao, there's no need for shyness between us. After all, your current predicament was of my creation. I handled those people too violently and that left a mark on you."

    Qin Feng suddenly put on a profound and lofty expression: "Actually, I learned psychology with an expert when I was abroad. Your current symptoms are those of social trauma. This is a psychological ailment and the harm varies. If the shadow in your heart isn't eliminated, then you might end up completely closing yourself in. Then, you won't interact with anyone anymore and you'll become a serious victim of social trauma."

    Qin Feng's words were well-presented, but Yun Xiao still eyed him suspiciously: "Did you really learn psychology?"

    Qin Feng nodded earnestly.

    "Then according to my current situation, what stage am I in?" Yun Xiao asked anxiously.

    "Since Teacher Yun Xiao contracted the psychological ailment for less than a month, you're currently in the beginning stage where you close yourself off. You just need to go through continuous psychological treatment. It's still considerably simple to return to normal."

    "Then, you have a way to treat me?"

    Yun Xiao now entrusted herself to Qin Feng. She had no other choice because she realized that she began to hate and reject interacting and speaking with others. But, she didn't have those kinds of feelings with Qin Feng. Or maybe her conflicted feelings were really weak and could be disregarded.

    "Of course I do," Qin Feng said resoultely.

    "What method is this?"

    "Massage therapy."

    Yun Xiao's expression fell. Once she heard the name of the method, she felt that it was not dependable.

    What kind of massage would cure a psychological ailment? She looked at Qin Feng coldly: "Qin Feng, you're trying to mess with your teacher again, aren't you?"

    Qin Feng's expression was serious the whole time. He shook his head and said: "Teacher Yun Xiao, you've misunderstood me. This massage therapy was carefully studied. First of all, once you undergo qi flow massage, it'll scatter the knotted depressed energy and allow your internal qi to flow properly. Secondly, when massaging, I'll come into close contact with you. I'll agitate you and let you slowly acclimate to interacting with others. Lastly, you'll achieve a stage where you won't reject interaction or contact with anyone.

    When she heard that close contact was required, Yun Xiao's heartbeat immediately increased. Once again, she felt suspicious of Qin Feng's intentions. But, when she saw how serious and dignified her looked, it didn't seem like he was lying.

    At that instant, Yun Xiao didn't know what was best to do.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I know you don't trust me-I know no one trusts me... You all listen to rumors and believe that I'm an accomplished hedonistic rich young master. You don't have heart-to-hearts with me, you constantly put up your guard against me, and you lump me in with the beasts and perverts."

    Qin Feng gave a long sigh: "Forget it, who told me to be born to a rich family? I deserve it. I have such a hard life. When I was young, I was brimming with talent and so handsome I had no friends. Those that interacted with me either took a fancy to my family's business or our reputation. I was treated as an object and was used time and time again. As a result, I even acquired these bad names."

    "I originally thought that Teacher Yun Xiao was different from those base people and would know and understand me. I thought you could treat me earnestly and wouldn't put up your guard against me like you'd guard yourself from a thief... Alright, since this is the case, then I'll leave first. No matter what, I sincerely wish that you get well soon Teacher Yun Xiao."

    Qin Feng's head drooped and he showed Yun Xiao the view of his extremely sad and dejected back. His steps were small and it seemed like it took a lifetime to walk a distance less than ten meters... He wanted to give Yun Xiao time to urge him to stay.

    "Qin Feng..." When Qin Feng already got to the door, Yun Xiao's soft voice suddenly drifted over: "Can you stay and help treat me?"

    Qin Feng's back faced Yun Xiao so she didn't see the evil smile of someone who got away with his plan that graced Qin Feng's face. Qin Feng turned and resumed an expression of loneliness. He looked at Yun Xiao: "Teacher Yun Xiao, you don't have to force yourself because you pity me. I think it'd be better if I went home."

    "Qin Feng, don't leave." Yun Xiao suddenly rushed forward and hugged Qin Feng from behind: "Teacher was wrong at first. You were kind enough to offer me therapy and I put up my guard against you. It's nothing more than close contact, nothing more than a massage... We even hugged already, so what's there to be afraid of?"

    "I'll stop talking, you're the doctor and I'm the patient. In the doctor's eyes there's no such thing as gender. I hope that we could also toss away these worldly concepts and our identities. What do you say?"

    Qin Feng suddenly turned and pulled Yun Xiao tightly into his embrace. He concentrated on feeling the softness and bounciness of her chest and nodded vigorously: "Teacher Yun Xiao, you're right!"

    In Yun Xiao's fragrant bedroom, she already changed into a purple silk nightgown and lay on the bed. Qin Feng sat on her back and admired the jade back she exposed.

    "Qin Feng, can we start now?" Yun Xiao couldn't help but ask this after Qin Feng sat on her completely motionless for five minutes.

    "Ahem... Teached Yun Xiao, I have to give you a qi-conducting massage so I'm in the middle of gathering the qi in my body. Don't be anxious," Qin Feng said awkwardly.

    "Okay, then concentrate on what you need to, I'm in no hurry."

    Qin Feng retracted his appreciative gaze. All in all, he still had a quest to achieve and really did need to help cure Yun Xiao's social trauma. He wasn't completely talking nonsense when he mentioned the qi-conducting massage earlier. These things were in medical records.

    Since he was the son of a prominent family, Qin Feng was forced by Qin Huang to memorize Tang and Song poems since he was young. He read the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon so he had an impression of how to cure certain ailments." [TLN: The Yellow Emperor is one of China's mythical emperors that reportedly ruled China beginning from 2697 BC. The Internal Canon is a medical classic attributed to him.]

    He squinted and felt the qi flow from his dantian. As a Level One Internal Expert, it was not difficult to draw out his qi. [TLN: The "dantian" is a central flow center for one's qi.]

    His palms fell lightly onto Yun Xiao's jade back. Her body tensed and a peculiar sensation passed through it. Gusts of cold qi flow suddenly entered her body and flowed through her vital energy passage. It felt like little earthworms were crawling on her body. Her whole body felt limp and numb and she also felt a bit comfortable.

    This feeling was too strange. Yun Xiao's delicate body began to twist uncontrollably: "Qin Feng, a-are you done?"

    "Ah... I just started."

    Yun Xiao struggled: "I-I can't take it anymore. I still can't accept such close contact with you. H-hurry and get off me."

    Yun Xiao started to become agitated. Her social trauma began to break out. She wouldn't be able to stand it even if a normal person stayed in the same room as her.

    Yun Xiao already reached her limit in allowing Qin Feng to sit on her and give her a qi-conducting massage.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, I can't come down. You must rid yourself of those feelings of fear and resistance," Qin Feng said insistently.

    Yun Xiao began to twist more wildly. She already began to smack Qin Feng with a book sitting at the head of her bed. She seemed to have lost her senses: her eyes were red and her hair was askew: "F*ck off. Hurry and get away!"
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