Chapter 132 - Who the Hell Has Those Kind of Guts?

    Chapter 132 - Who the Hell Has Those Kind of Guts?

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    Qin Feng grabbed onto Yun Xiao's arms and persevered. He was prepared to pass this rut with perseverance. Maybe it might help rid Yun Xiao of her social trauma once and for all.

    Qin Feng anchored her arms and legs. Yun Xiao struggled with all her might but couldn't escape. At this time, she began to scream. She suddenly lost all the strength in her body and extended her neck to slam her head into the corner of her bedside cabinet: "I can't do this anymore, I'm going to die!"

    Qin Feng had sharp eyes and lithe hands. He immediately grasped Yun Xiao's willowy waist and pulled her back. When he saw Yun Xiao fall into hysterics, Qin Feng did not dare to continue. If this went on, he was afraid he'd forced her into insanity before curing her of her social anxiety.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, don't be afraid, I'm Qin Feng. I'm getting down. I'm not touching you anymore... Teacher Yun Xiao, wake up!"

    Qin Feng crawled off Yun Xiao's body, cupped her face, and shook it. Yun Xiao slowly calmed down and stopped yelling. After another couple of minutes, the red veins in her eyes slowly receded, and the coldness that shot out of her body retracted. Then, she fell limply onto the bed and stared at the ceiling in a daze.

    "Qin Feng. W-what happened to me at first?" Yun Xiao suddenly asked after a while.

    "Nothing much, Teacher Yun Xiao was extremely cooperative for the therapy. Now the therapy is over, so rest well Teacher Yun Xiao," Qin Feng said with a smile.

    Yun Xiao nodded. She knew for certain that she lost her senses earlier, but good thing an incident didn't occur. She watched Qin Feng's receding back and suddenly thought of something: "Qin Feng, do you know where Lin Bei Bei went?"

    Qin Feng halted in his steps. He turned and asked while standing at the door: "What happened to Lin Bei Bei?"

    "She hasn't come to school for the past two days. Do you know where she is?"

    Qin Feng's eyebrows immediately furrowed: "Teacher Yun Xiao, when did she stop going to school?"

    Qin Feng and Yun Xiao both knew that Lin Bei Bei was a good, studious student. She never cut class for no reason, much less miss class for a couple of days.

    Yun Xiao thought about it then said: "Three days ago."

    Qin Feng did an internal calculation and realized that Lin Bei Bei didn't go to school starting from the day after he went shopping with her.

    "Qin Feng, there's something that I don't know whether or not I should tell you about." Yun Xiao's long, shapely eyebrows furrowed slightly. She thought about the time she saved Lin Bei Bei by the sports field. She hesitated and didn't know whether or not she wanted to mention it.

    "Teacher Yun Xiao, if there's something to say, then say it." Qin Feng became serious and felt a bad premonition.

    "Four days ago, I saw Lin Bei Bei get pulled into the little forest while I was on the sports field. She was almost molested by that person." Yun Xiao ended up mentioning it: "Good thing I got there in time and saved her."

    "Who was it? Who the hell had those kinds of guts?" Qin Feng suddenly growled. His eyes turned red and he looked like a vicious wild beast.

    Yun Xiao jumped in shock. She shook her head: "I don't know. When I got there, that person already ran away. I asked Lin Bei Bei after but she refused to say who it was."

    Qin Feng fell quiet. His brain whirred as he calculated the timing. No wonder Lin Bei Bei suddenly called and asked him to find her at the Royal Clubhouse; no wonder she was a bit different than before and was extremely dependent on him; no wonder her face was a bit red and swollen. She even found an excuse and said she was allergic to a makeup product... She didn't even need to put on makeup.

    That must have been because she was hit when she resisted.

    Qin Feng cracked his knuckles, turned around sharply, and disappeared through the room door.

    Before Yun Xiao came to, Qin Feng was gone. She hurriedly shouted: "Qin Feng, if you find Lin Bei Bei, call me and let me know she's okay!"


    Acropolis City's First Hospital, Intensive Care Ward Room

    Lin Bei Bei sat at her mother's bedside. She peeled an apple with an empty expression.


    She suddenly yelped in pain. She furrowed her attractive, long and shapely eyebrows and lowered her head to suck on her cut finger.

    "Bei Bei, are you alright? Why were you so careless? Hurry and let your mom see." Mother Lin's heart ached. After all, her daughter cut her finger because she was peeling an apple for her.

    "Mom, I'm fine. Lie down and rest." Lin Bei Bei found a bandage in the room and stuck it on her wound: "Mom, have some apples."

    Mother Lin took the apples, but how could she possibly have an appetite? Her daughter stayed with her in the hospital room for a full three days. She didn't even go to school. During these three days, she looked like she lost her soul. She sat by the window and spaced out every day. There were a couple of times when Mother Lin called her but she didn't hear.

    "Bei Bei, is there something you'd like to tell your mother?" Mother Lin pulled Lin Bei Bei to her bedside and lightly stroked her head.

    Lin Bei Bei suddenly threw herself into her mother's embrace and burst into tears.

    She held it in for three days. There was no one to spill her heart out to, and she didn't dare bring these matters up with her mother. She already took the initiative to move out of the Royal Clubhouse. Now she was homeless, so she could only spend her nights in this hospital room.

    Due to Yu Wen Xiang's threat, she was even more afraid to go to school. If she bumped into Yun Wen Xiang at school, he would definitely stop her or maybe even abduct her. Lin Bei Bei was like a lost little lamb; she really didn't know what to do.

    "Let it all out and it'll be okay." Mother Lin saw how sadly her daughter was crying and her heart ached. She didn't give her daughter a wealthy life or carefree happiness. Instead, she made her bear more suffering.

    Hiding in her mother's embrace was like lying in Qin Feng's, both felt extremely safe and secure. Lin Bei Bei cried for a good while. Her mood slowly stabilized and she sat up to move out of her mother's embrace.

    "Bei Bei, is this because of that Qin Feng?" Mother Lin suddenly asked.

    Lin Bei Bei's delicate body trembled. She bit her head and nodded.

    "You fell for him?" Though she could tell, Mother Lin still wanted to hear her daughter's response.

    "Mom, don't ask anymore." Lin Bei Bei blushed slightly, lowered her head, and tugged at the corner of her shirt.

    Mother Lin smiled: "Then how does he feel about you?"

    Lin Bei Bei hesitated for a while. She couldn't quite tell how Qin Feng felt about her, and that was why she was in so much pain. He cared a lot about her and protected her, but he didn't clearly break through that layer of gauze. And three days ago, he even rejected her.

    "Bei Bei, you're now an adult. There are some things your mother can no longer protect you from, but I still worry about you. It's very normal for you to like someone, but you have to clearly understand their character and other aspects of them so you know whether or not they're worth liking. Don't be careless and don't get tricked."

    "Mom, I know, don't worry... I'm going to go out and get some fresh air." Lin Bei Bei knew her mother was worried about her, but she couldn't explain the relationship between her and Qin Feng so she found an excuse to run out of the hospital room.

    "Bei Bei, the sky will be dark soon. Don't go too far, just walk around in the hospital and come back."
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